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Playing Poker : How to Play Strip Poker With Your Partner

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Slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette amp; more.. Bourbon Street Hotel and Casino was a small hotel and casino near the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada.. world because they give players the opportunity to earn poker moker money ...

Current Contests and Promotions for Suburban Diva Subscribers - Suburban Diva
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RacyRivals Strip Poker, Becky

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Play Strip BlackJack against Playboy models and other stunnging girls. This is a strip version of classic casino game of Blackjack.

Full text of "Computer Gaming World Issue 137"
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Fess Parker Winery
Swim Underwater to Find Secrets and Even Shoot into or Out of the Water.
Unlimited Freedom of Movement: Jump, Crawl, Duck, Fly, Walk on the Moon or Ride on Subway Cars, Space Shuttles, Transports, Escalators, and More!
« Amazing Fully Interactive 3D Environments.
You Can Destroy Everything from Buildings, Lights, Monitors, Security Cameras, Windows, Air Ducts, Bridges, Walls, Ceilings, and More!
The Future of 3D Gaming Will Never Be the Same.
RemoteRidicule Allows Players to Send Digitized Voice Messages to Other Players During Multiplayer Games.
Developed by 3D Realms Entertainment.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Black Knight gives you the most realistic cockpit avionics you're allowed to own!
You get a full array of weapons systems, including today's most advanced television-guided missiles and smart bombs as seen in Desert Storm.
Immerse yourself in the latest advances in simulator technology for your PC.
World Forum Ace R Everything You Aspire To.
Acer ond the Acer logo ore registered trodemorks and Aspire is a trademark ol Acer America Corporation ond Acer Inc.
The Intel Inside logo and Pentium are registered trademarks ol Intel Corporation.
All other brands and product names are trademarks i registered trademarks of their respective companies.
© 1995 Acer America Corporation.
Specifications sub ed to change without notice.
See your local retailer for more Information.
Acen term aasi My Acer Aspire Desktop helps me stay active — I use it to keep Aspire.
For instance, 1 can get into online chat groups using its powerful 28.
Teleconference with its integrated speal phone.
Aspire is as easy to Use voice commands to open programs.
And, Stay in touch with my grandchildren.
ACE, Write electronic checks.
And with Keep my independence.
Windows'" 95, an Intel Pentium" processor', and 16MB of And flame my congressman via e-mail.
With Aspire, 1 get around better now than I ever did.
WING COMMANDER IV With triple the budget of Wing Commander III.
Chris Roberts and Origin set out to conquer the gaming galaxy.
Mark Hamill, Malcolm MacDowell, John-Rhys Davies and Tom Wilson return to save the Confederation from a Border Worlds rebellion.
Colonel Terry Coleman climbs into the cockpit to get a piece of the action.
CGW editors chose the top 10 products in 10 categories to help you identify the good stuff.
Yeah, we checked the list twice.
High Tech Priest Loyd Case confers upgrade strategies to save you money, with detailed descriptions of the products and the issues.
High seas hijinks involve Nazis, espionage, and creatures that call Cthulhu collect.
DUNGEON KEEPER Bullfrog throws gamers into the dungeon and switches the usual roles of role-playing.
Johnny Wilson discovers that ghouls just wanna have fun.
Martin Cirulis discovers the city breeds artificial humans.
Peter Olafson saves the day.
Mark Clarkson builds a castle and raises hell with some beasties.
JOHN MADDEN FOOTBALL The Genesis game gets a new uniform and hits the big leagues with great graphics, realistic ball carrying, and an easy-to-use passing game.
George Jones takes the field.
JETFIGHTER 3 Mission Studios stations Denny Atkin on an aircraft carrier with unlimited access to a naval version of the F-22 Lightning II.
BAO puts you in the hot seat with this ultra- realistic sim.
Tim Carter discovers his artistic side with the robust scenario builder.
Sex And The Single Gamer 374 MARCO POLO I-Motion and Philips Interactive Media trace the steps of the famous Venetian explorer, but Arinn Dembo finds the legend more interesting than the journey.
Maxis exports good gameplay to tropical islands.
Elliott Chin discovers new life in the rainforest.
Robotics Sportster Modem 164 Hercules Stingray 64 Video 164 Iomega Zip Drive 168 FAMILY r Alien Tales 174 Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess 178 Elroy Goes Bugzerk 180 Freddi Fish 172 How Many Bugs in a Box?
If you like strategy, you'll love this game.
Ask for operator 23.
Available on CD-R NY 13669 Tel: 315 393-6633 Fax: 315 393-1525 OUT OF YOUR MIND.
Immerse yourself in a strange culture full of mystery, magic and deception.
All is not what it seems in this bizzare and alien world.
What has happened to the missing Druid?
Which path is safe to choose?
To order, visit your nearest retailer, or call: 1800 447-1230.
Ask for operator 43.
SIRTECH PO Box 245, Ogdensburg, NY 13669 Tel: 315 393-6633 Fox: 315 393-1525 E-Mail: 76711.
COM Clue Book Available Druid Daemons of the Mind is a trademark of Sir-tech Software, Inc.
Once again, the leader in CD-ROM technology has broken the speed harrier.
Suddenly, you'll experience smoother video and animation than ever before.
As well as Dcumcnt 237001.
Jases and business software that run faster than you imagined possible.
Of course, our internal and external MultiSpin 6X readers come with all the extras you'd expect from NEC.
A two-year limited warranty.
Mac and PC compatibility.
Unparalleled 1-800 number support.
For more about our new 6X readers, just call 1-800-NEC-INFO.
Key 17370 Circle Reader Service HI 36 FEEDBACK FORUM HowTo Contact CGW Mail CGW Editorial 135 Main St.
Please address your cor- respondence to "Letters to the Editor," at any of the addresses above.
CGW re- serves the right to edit submissions for length.
Subscription Services, Address Changes For subscription service questions, ad- dress changes or ordering information, call 303 665-8930 or fax 303 604- 7455 in the U.
Box 57167, Boulder, CO 80322-7167.
Permissions And Reprints Requests for permission to quote from an article should be directed to Chantal Tucker, Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.
For price quotes on reprints, contact Ziff-Davis Reprints at 800 825-4237.
Box 53131, Boulder, CO 80322-3131.
To visit, type GO GAMEWORLD from CompuServe.
Ziff-Davis Publishing Group Chairman and CEO Consumer Media Group President Senior Vice President Vice President Vice President Eric Hippeau J.
Scott Briggs Jim Stafford J.
blackjack general strategy III Baird Davis Tom McGrade Janet Ryan T.
Ramaley Elda Vale Timothy J.
Mitchell Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary Vice President, Human Resources Vice President, Marketing and Devlopment Group Vice President, Production Vice President, Technology Chief Information Officer Executive Director, Marketing Services Executive Director, Research Production Director Executive Director, Licensing Director of Public Relations J.
Malcolm Morris Rayna Brown Herbert Stern Roger Herrmann Bill Machrone Wellington Y.
Chiu Jim Manning Randy Cohen Walter J.
CGW Is 1 Survey Results Shed Light On Computer Game Buyers And Their Interests by Johnny L.
Recently, a survey was conducted with an inde- pendent research firm, which mailed thousands of question- naires to the owners of eight major com- puter games.
There was no mention of CGW or Ziff-Davis on any of the materials participants received.
Survey questions covered a broad range of topics, from hardware to game preferences to magazine preferences.
The results of the survey, taken from 1,167 completed questionnaires, offer a pretty good portrait of who computer gamers are and what they want.
First of all, it comes as no surprise that most respon- dents are male 95%.
Twenty-one percent are 18-24 years old, 30% are 25-34, and 26% are 35-49.
We were delighted to see dial computer gamers also have very good taste.
Sixty-live percent of the respondents said they are regular readers of Computer Gaming World, compared to under 25% for the next clos- est competitor.
In addition, we were cho- sen first overall as: the gaming magazine they would read first if several arrived on the same day; the gaming magazine they would read if they could only read one; and the gaming magazine with the best re- views.
We were curious to see how often gamers indulge in their hobby.
It turns out that the respondents buy games nearly once a month on average once ever 4.
On average, game buyers play their games nine times per month for an aver- age of two hours each time.
I was also curious to learn how many game buyers actually finish the games they buy.
Interestingly enough, 61% of the re- spondents did not play the game through to the end.
Thirty-eight percent finished the game they had registered in order to be mailed this survey.
The gamers spent an aver- age of 107 hours to complete a game.
When it comes to which gaming genre seems to be the most popular, no one cate- goiy emerged as a clear favorite.
Slightly more gamers are interested in simulations than anything else.
But there was also a strong representation for wargames, strate- gy games, role-playing games and sports games.
Some of the more info results surprised us.
Would you have expected Packard Bell to be the 1 machine among PC gamers?
With 1 1% of the total respondents, Packard Bell was 3% higher dian the Gate- way 2000, its nearest competitor.
Almost three-fourths of die respondents have 486- based machines, but over one-third plan to upgrade to a Pentium within a year.
In terms of system information, most of the respondents have 8-16 MB of RAM on their computer 81%Windows 97%and plan to upgrade to Windows 95 77%.
That was higher than we expected.
Despite the considerable amount of attention fo- cused on sound cards and speakers, the Labtec speakers that are included in many multimedia upgrade kits have more than twice as many adherents as the higher quality Sony and Altec Lansing speakers.
Outmaneuver your opponent and rake him with your long guns and carronades.
Then close the range, grapple your ship to the enemy's and capture him by boarding action.
Lead Admiral Nelson's fleet into battle at Trafalgar in his beloved Victoiy.
Take on the Sernpis with John Paul Jones' Bonhomme Richard.
Choose from 17 historical ship-to-ship and fleet scenarios or Design Your Own!
Also included is "Tire Campaign Game" which tests your mettle and tactical acumen in realistic naval engagements that shaped a glorious new country.
Awash with naval drama and suspense.
And when you take command, just remember.
Don't Give Up the Ship!
Ask for dept CGW12.
Check the status of your hull, guns, sails and crew.
The Avalon Hill Game Company DIVISION OF MONARCH AVALON.
INCAS 17 lliirford Road.
In joysticks, Advanced Gravis had a clear-cut lead, with CH Products and Thrustmaster tied for second.
We found more surprises in die area ol on-line services and time spent on line.
We expected CompuServe to come out on top because of its reputation for software publisher support, or perhaps GEnie because of the variety of on-line games offered.
But die winner among game buyers is the same as the industiy leader elsewhere — America Online by almost 2:1.
Also, would you expect gamers to spend an average of eight hours per week on line?
I believe that the gaming market is poised for explosive growdi in the coming years.
The graphics, sound, interface, and, of course, the game play come together to form a Transcendent Gaming Experience.
Average: A mixed bag.
Can often be a game that reaches for the stars, but falls short in sig- nificant areas.
Can also just be a game that does what it does well, but lacks flair or originality.
Weak: A game with serious problems.
May be buggy, may not have much play value, may be ill-conceived — and you may want to think twice about buying it.
Abysmal: That rare game that gets it all wrong.
COMPUTER GAMING WORLD The 7 Computer Gome Magazine DECEMBER 1995, NUMBER 137 Publisher Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Features Editor Technical Editor Reviews Editor Associate Editor Assistant Editors Art Director Graphic Artist Editorial Assistant Advertising Director East Coast District Sales Manager East Coast Sales Assistant West Coast District Sales Manager Account Representative Marketing Coordinator Administrative Assistant Production Manager Production Coordinator Contributing Editors Editorial Intern Founder Jonathan Lane Johnny Wilson Ken Brown Denny Atkin Mike Weksler Terry Coleman George Jones Allen Greenberg Elliott Chin Eclwin C.
Malstrom Jack Rodrigues Kate Hedstrom Lee J.
Uniacke Cathy Conway Liz McGarry Lynne Killey Marci Yamaguchi Cathy Lin Linda Philapil Steve Spingola Kim Smith Scorpia Adventure Games Alan Emrich Wargames Charles Ardai Interactive Fiction Loyd Case Technology Martin Cirulis Science Fiction Paul Schuytema Game Design Keith Hunter Russell Sipe Contents are copyrighted by ZilT-Davis Publishing Co.
Computer Gaming World is not affiliated with IDG.
Canadian GST registration number is R 140-196720.
Payment must be in U.
Visa, MasterCard, AMEX accepted.
Subscription Services: for subscription service questions, address changes in- ordering information, call 303 605-8930 or fax 303 604-7455 within the U.
All other countries call 303 604-7445 or fax 303 604-0540 or write to Computer Gaming World, P.
Box 57167, Boulder, CO 80322-7167, Editorial Offices: 135 Main St.
Box 53131, Boulder, C.
Permissions and Reprints: requests for permission to quote from an article should be directed to Chantal Tucker, Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.
For price quotes on reprints, contact Ziff-Davis Reprints at 800 825-4237.
CompuServe 76703,622 Telephone: 415 357-4900 America On-Line: C.
GW Editorial Fax: 415 357-4977 Prodigy: EX1T40B Sa!
A Something went terribly wrong.
A With the help of Ginger's brief data loads, you must battle your way through scores of enemy fighters, ferocious ground troops, menacing robot weapons, and the deadly alien Hivasects.
A Designed exclusively for Windows 95.
TRIMARK The Hive is a trademark of Trimark Interactive.
The review of Primal Rage obliquely refers to the power- ful attack performed by the A RAGING SAURON The doctor is right!
No evidence of an anterior appendage is visible on Sauron, even upon close inspection.
This is a star- tling discovery for biology: an appendage hanging off the front of a massive dinosaur, one that can be used for vi- cious slam attacks.
I am ad- mittedly unfamiliar with the anatomy of those extinct beasts, but in Homo Sapiens, the only appendage on the anterior of the body is partic- ular to the males of the species.
A species that can use such a procreative appendage as a weapon is such an excit- ing discovery that 1 hope to be able to publish an article in Nature as soon as funding is procured.
Unless, of course, the author intended to refer to a posterior appendage.
Michael Seid New York University School of Medicine New York, NY Considering our mistake, we guess Nature will have to contin- ue abhorring the vacuum in ante- rior appendaged T- Rexes.
Too bad I had already purchased it.
None of die other so-called computer magazines do.
Richard Kropp Halleltsville, TX Thanks for noticing.
The edito- rial and sales staffs of Computer Gaming World work entirely in- dependent of each other.
In fact, the editorial department has no idea which companies are ad- vertising their products in a given issue until the bound magazines arrive on our desks.
As you can imagine, our reviews and ratings do not always meet with ringing approval by advertisers.
But please click for source magazine operates on the princi- ple of go here integrity.
SUMMED DOLDRUMS Am 1 the only person who looks for great games in the summertime?
The industry would make more total rev- enue from me if their produc- tion plans covered the whole year.
Who knows, maybe the slipping holiday releases will create a new first- quarter buying frenzy?
There is no anterior appendage visible on Adrienne, either.
Foosball: All the action of the original- spin, pass, block, and score!
SlamHoikey: Chip it, chop it, cut it!
Even go over the line in "super bottle mode!
You get Foosball, SlamHockey and Power Hoops, all on one CD-ROM, Each game features fully- rendered 3-D tables, lots of play options, 10 difficulty levels, and network and modem support for tournament and strip poker and blackjack at poker moker play.
In fact, 3-D Table Sports gives you everything you could ever expect in a table game.
Produced by Moss Media, Int.
See your local software retailer or call 1-800-482-3766 to order direct.
We think they deserve to know.
It deserves to be up there.
Bob Giles Asheville, NC We do not place games simul- taneously in the Hall of Fame and the Top 100.
Once a game like Sid Meier's Civilization is inducted into the Hall of Fame, it is removed from the Top 100.
RETURN TO THE PLANET VGA You have a great mag.
Can you please spend one-half page looking at VGA Planets?
This shareware LEGENDARY LOOK Legend has an eye out for gamers who are inter- ested in the next game of the Star Control series.
Darryl Blisard Rainbow City, AL We reviewed VGA Planets in CGW 111 October1993 and published a strategy article in CGW 119 {June, 1994.
We will make these available for download on ZDNel on Com- puServe, Interchange and the World Wide Web.
STAR CONSOLED Whatever happened to Star Control 2 in the Top 100?
By the way, it would be interesting to see what Legend has been do- ing with the latest installment in that series.
Ins Angeles, CA After a game has been in the Top 100 for more than about 18 months, we either induct it into the Hall of Fame or remove it to make room for newer titles.
One criterion for inducting a game into our Hall of Fame is that it has to have significantly added to its particular genre in terms of technological or design in- novation.
Though SC2 is an excellent game, we could not justify its inclusion in the HOF.
HARDWARE HARANGUE I am a regular reader since 1 got an issue of your maga- zine a year ago.
I am tired of suggesting to you that you start a Hardware section in which we could compare dif- ferent sound cards, CD dri- game is hot on the net.
I am What if or.
If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, And the bus is interrupted as a very last resort, and the address of the memory makes your floppy disk abort, Then the socket packet pocket has an error to report!
What a shame sir!
Anonymous via the Internet ves, modems, video cards, joysticks, etc.
Please do start such an article which could rate one or two hardware items, along with price and features.
We will be launching a Game Technology section with regular hardware features in Feb- ruary.
Of course, we have had at least one hardware feature per month for almost six months, but those may not have gotten to Pak- istan yet.
WISH COME TRUE My name is Mark McDon- ald and I live in Japan.
I am a freelance writer, interested in knowing what the requirements are for writing for your magazine.
Could you be kind enough to send me a manuscript to the address below?
ZOOP looks and plays like an innocent game, but extensive play may cause the following symptoms: loss of friends, loss of appetite, insomnia and excessive battery consumption.
Whenever possible, avoid play.
Research has shown the longer you play ZOOP, the more you actually start taking on the physical characteristics of ZOOP.
Nintendo, Soper wproei, ITD.
And the information highway is littered with ROAOKILL.
Here, your quick thinking is REWARDED with victory; your INDECISION i death.
You will choose your side.
And react as if your life depended on it.
Hoards of futuristic fighter craft.
THUNDERING 50-gigawatt ion cannons.
video easy blackjack constant barrage of satellite news reports from the front.
Just call 800-874-4607 to order direct or visit your.
If you would like more information, please contact Westwood Studios on the Internet: Wes t woo d www.
Indestructibles players will use points to modify eight at- tributes, create their own su- perhero costume with an art utility, look for a worthy su- per-foe, and engage in real- time comic book-style battles.
All of the characters, as well as the game universe, will be true 3-D characters based on motion capture movementand the action will be physics-based modified by super attributes, of course rather than rules-based.
Expect it in the first quarter of 1996.
Anyone who has played Theme Park will recognize the approach to Theme Hos- pital.
The game will feature four time periods Medieval, Victorian, Modern, and Fu- concept called for the player to become a member of a team of superheroes, The In- DESTRUCTIBLES is intended to be so open-ended that gamers can even be supervil- lains if they so desire.
The conflict in Gene Wars is broader and more strate- gic.
Players can adapt eight basic types of creatures into such units as sentinels, at- tackers, choppers, collectors, reflectors and electronic countermeasure specialists.
Syndicate Wars is a sequel to Syndicate with more real- istic special effects, 3-D visit web page cles and fully destructible buildings.
Veterans of the original will also appreciate the non-linear mission struc- ture, as well as the variety of 30 different cities and circa 1 00 missions.
Finally, Creation is set in a time-frame parallel to Syn- dicate Wars Bullfrog seems to be moving toward a Mar- vel Universe-style timeline on some of their productsbut the gamer is a marine game warden on another planet.
The graphics were already impressive with light sourc- ing relative to depth, but the color palette for this under- water world was still being developed when we viewed the product in October.
Here are the games that your fellow players are blowing the most time with.
Panzer General SSI 3.
Master of Magic MicroProse 5.
Jagged Alliance Sir-Tech 6.
Wing Commander 3 Origin 5F.
X-COM: Terror From The Deep MicroProse 9.
MkchWarrior 2 has me hooked.
Die honorless Falcon Warriors!
Can 1 1th Hour keep up?
Santino has met his match.
Jagged Al- liance is an addictive game.
Could there pos- sibly be a sequel?
I have nightmares because of it— just thinking of playing it makes my skin crawl.
Move over 7th Who!?
The ending had me on the edge of my seat!!
Inc Screen images © Lucasfilm Lid, and LucasArts Entertainment Company All rights reserved.
Star Wars is a registered trademark and Dark Forces is a trademark of Lucaslilm Ltd The LucasArts logo is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company.
The Forte VFX1 HEADGEAR Virtual Reality System makes computer games like Dark Forces incredibly realistic.
Which is why we gave it a SmartVisor that flips up to get you back to reality fast — for those times you don't feel like getting blown away by Imperial laser fire -- in stunning, hi-res 3-D, Witness for yourself why PC Magazine called the Forte VFX1 HEADGEAR "the coolest peripheral you can buy for your PC.
Or call for the retailer nearest you.
The company is following up the imminent release of CivNet with an announce- ment of the tentatively entitled Civilization 2000, set for Spring release.
In addition, there will be seven new wonders of the world, 14 new tribes, and new unit types MASTER THIS Master of Antares, the sequel to MOO, has improved graphics, more diplomacy features, and some better- looking alien races.
SimTex, the master magi- cians who brought us Master Of Orion and Master Of Magic, are currently working on Master Of Antares.
Build- ing upon the features of the former Master games, MOA sets itself in the dark future where players take on the role of emperors, managing space- driven colonies in war, treaties and galactic expansion.
In ad- dition to battling it out with 13 different alien races, gamers will have the option competing against up to eight hu- man players over a LAN.
SimTex is also working on the tenta- tively titled Super Heroes, a game with the look and feel of X-COM.
Set in the bleak future, you must pit your band of mutants against the gangs, drug lords and organized crime that or- dinary government forces are unable to keep in check.
Lead your team through various missions until you reach the fi- nal showdown against the dia- bolical Dr.
Would you be- lieve making a screensaver?
Yes, while they are refitting MTG for Windows 95, they are working on a project enti- tled Magic: The Gathering Desktop Illusions.
Whether Illusions can keep gamers spellbound while they wait for the actual MTG game is cer- tainly open to speculation.
So stop searching, you only have to look one place for the best in Historical Strategy Games!
MULTIMEDIA ENHANCED Actual screens may vary Gettysburg: llie First Day.
Their debut, BATTLEGROUND: Ardennes, took on the Battle of the Bulge, and Battle- ground: Gettysburg, their A HOUSE DIVIDED You may choose to refight Gettysburg the old- fashioned way, or view the 7th Mississippi in miniature with Battleground: Gettysburg's flexible interface.
The game captures the best aspects of both a minia- tures tabletop game and a board wargame: hexagons may be toggled oil', cardboard cutout units may be changed to miniatures-style figurines, and the wonderfully-rendered terrain can be viewed as either Hat period maps or as gor- geous 3-D cutaway sculpture.
The toolbar makes everything, from finding a particular unit to checking which cannon have fired, simple and easy.
The AI, even at this early stage, seems to be stronger on attack than in Ardennes.
But part of that may be because conflict.
Al- though the game has a short learn- ing curve, it hits all the important as- pects of Civil War battles.
Leaders are a key to organi- zation, move- ment and combat, and Confederate leaders seem as aggressive as they were in the actual battle.
The differences between col- umn and line formation are handled elegantly, and the game system illustrates how melee and lire combat should be handled without over-em- phasizing either.
With the voluminous amount of information avail- able on Gettysburg, the reglas 21 blackjack signers are sure to be second-guessed on morale and strength levels.
But the re- search seems sound to us.
In particular, the fighting around Little Round Top has the proper desperate feel.
The successes of handicapping tools were de- batable until Axcis released its TrackMaster systemas was the appeal of simulated horse races with their colored blocks representing horses and their limited databases.
Hooves Of Thunder is an ex- tremely pretty descendant of those early efforts.
In Hooves Of Thunder, you get to choose from one of live imaginary tracks and gamble your way through a simulated season.
Naturally, you start with limited funds and try to build up your per- sonal treasury so that you can buy your own horses, hire trainers, and enter those hors- es in the most advantageous races to continue the buildup of your treasury.
Fail, and you may be- I come the next Bruce McNall former owner of the L.
Kings ping horse races.
When you move the cursor around the panoramic view of the track, its shape changes to reflect possible activities: checking the form book, read- ing the racing form, placing bets and cashing ticketsstarting the next race, or ad- vancing to the next auction day your opportunity to buy your own horses.
Once you start the race, you get to view colorful, rotoscoped horses racing past SVGA scenery at up to 50+ frames per second.
You can scroll back to view any of the horses in the race.
Hooves Of Thunder has the most beautiful graphics for a horse racing simulation to date.
However, the beta ver- sion we saw lacks a useful Daily Racing Form presentation list- ing times and distances in the past performances.
This takes away from the depth many horse racing fans are looking for.
Still, the game looks great and operates much more smoothly than its immediate ancestor, Quarter Poi.
The horses are at the gate.
Martian Chronicles CHRONICLES OF BRADBURY Lush graphics and a compelling story spice up Martian Chronicles, and interviews with Ray Bradbury himself give the game depth and perspective.
The governments of Earth believe it is some awesome technology or science, and hope that with the discoveiy of this what, blackjack pizza and wings think they will be able to avert nuclear war, something the nations of Earth are on the very brink of.
The game is entirely puzzle- driven and very reminiscent of Myst.
You must explore the Martian ruins and solve puz- zles to gain clues towards your ultimate goal.
For example, ghostly appari- tions of Martians appear briefly as you sift through the ancient rub- ble of a for- mer Martian metropolis.
As it is, many people, including those computer game novices who wish to explore the virtual world of a science fiction grandmaster, might be put off by the clunky interface.
Hope- fully, the final version of Mar- tian Chronicles will be sufficiently streamlined.
Apart from the game itself, the CD includes a video inter- view with Bradbury himself, where he discusses his works, his life, and the inspirations and influences on his stories.
The CD also has selections from the Mar lian Chronicles, read by the narrator of the game.
Fans of Bradbury will appreciate the extras built into the game, and those who liked Myst and 7th Guest might like the beautifully-rendered puzzle-driven gameplay.
Interactive Entertainmei Software and Art ", 1995 InliaCoip, Inc.
Sound Operating System © 1995 Human Machine Interface.
Join Korda, the Chronomastei, in this epic quest' for uengeance in a future where magic C science co-exist.
Find yourself on a mission beyond your wildest dreams in this ground-breaking Graphic flduenture!
Itauel challenging puzzles and plots with multiple solutions and varied endings.
Haue the illusion of reality with interactive scenarios and the ability to explore and cgntiLKorda's virtual world.
Fully digitized click and original sound track.
Chronomaster and Capstone are trademarks of intraCorp.
Inc, All other Trademarks and copyrights acknowledged.
How does Be think it can succeed this late in the game?
By going after the hackers.
Founded by former Apple exec Jean- Louis Gassee, Be is targeting hobby- ists and multimedia application developers who are looking for a ma- chine with top-notch performance and an operating system that's not hob- bled by a need to remain compatible with 10- to 15-year-old designs.
PC-stan- dard keyboard and mouse ports, as well as three PCI and five ISA slots, means inexpensive add-ons can come from what Be calls "the PC-clone organ bank.
Direct video access, similar to that in Win 95, means the BeBox should offer blazing video per- formance.
Spector from Martian Dreams, a Victorian-era space opera using the Ultima VI engine.
Yet, Spector has a lengthy pedigree as producer and designer of both traditional and computer games.
Prior to coming to Origin, Spector designed Toon for Steve Jackson Games and the Buck Rogers boardgame for TSR.
At Origin, Spector has produced Ultimas V and VI, Wings of Glory, Cybermage and Cru- sader, among others, as well as designing Martian Dreams.
Spector is a top-notch design talent and a worthy mind to ask the 64 Gigabyte Question: if you had no limitations in budget or computing power, what kind of game would you like to design?
I've produced three-quarter-overhead perspective role- playing games, interactive movies and flight sims and I hope to make a real-time strategy game sometime soon.
It bugs the hell out of me that we can't do a convinc- ing real-world simulation.
And before anyone starts screaming, let me say that I love fanta- sy and science fiction— I just wish we could do some- thing else once in a while.
Not that any of these problems are going to stop me or my colleagues here at Origin and elsewhere.
You'll decide whether to walk, drive or jump out of an airplane to get where you want to go.
The new Supreme Warrior is a game of strategy, skill and some of the most serious ass-kicking martial arts action to ever come out of Hong Kong.
It's the only high-speed fighting game that immerses you in the authentic look, sound and fury of a classic martial arts film.
Using lightning fists, whirling kicks and an arsenal of bone-crushing secret moves, you battle experts in the disciplines of Mongolian Boxing, Wu Shu and Rung Fu.
And if you screw up, look on the bright side.
At least you'll be able to sing better in the shower.
blackjack in vegas Riddle Of Master Lu The Riddle Of Master Lu has the distinct flare of an Indi- ana Jones story, minus the- vvhip and mayhem.
The hero of this adventure is the real-life explorer and collector of oddi- BELIEVE IT OR NOT The Riddle of Master Lu is a deviously challenging puzzle game with an Indiana Jones flavor.
While contemplating the impending threat of the Ger- mans and the Japanese, Ripley becomes aware of an artifact that could universally unite the Chinese.
Of course, in the right hands, such an object could prove of tremen- dous benefit to the free world.
The Riddle Of Mas- ter Lu is tortuously challeng- ing, filled with puzzles most of which are worthy of several nights of intense experimenta- tion.
However, each step of the way is a satisfying one, and the story-line is not only fascinat- ing, but also lives up to the dif- ficulty of the puzzles.
Circle Read- er Service 1.
Sanctuary Woods, San Mateo, CA, 415 286-6000 Entomorph For centuries, the people of the Kyan islands had lived an idyllic life, carved out with the help of the mammoth insectoid jagtera.
But suddenly an evil plague of darkness called the Darkfall descended upon Kyan, turning the jagtera against their masters and trans- forming the native humans into insects themselves.
Into this world steps a young squire of die War- rick family line, looking for his sister.
You play Warrick, and since you are stranded on the island, you too succumb to the transformation.
As human or insect, you move around in adventure game-like fashion, looking for spells and items, and inter- acting with NPCs.
At first glance, En- tomorph looks like an adventure game with an emphasis on puzzles, although it does have a small whiff of action.
An in- teresting story and unique characters should pique the inter- ests of role-players and adventure gamers.
YOU BUG ME Players face enormous insects and then undergo a Kafka-esque transforma- tion in Entomorph.
Curveballs look like curves years and have now and fastballs look impossible to hit thanks to honed to a razor-sharp Hardball 5's enlarged batter screen.
From all indications, this baseball title ap- pears to be anoth- er surefire hit.
Circle Reader Service 4.
Circle Reader Service 2.
Mortal Kombat 3 Just another winter?
Falling to the ground with die first snowflakes is the blood of the weak and the limbs of the fallen in Mortal Kombat 3.
All the things that made this game a classic: the limb- ripping fatalities, friendship THESE JUST IN, REVIEWS TO FOLLOW PICK YOUR PART Ascendancy is a good- old fashioned game of galactic con- quest, boasting 3-D art and killer Al.
The game features limited diplomacy and research a la Master of Orion, but it also offers more than one way to win the game — gamers choose whether the Tao of Knowledge, Technolog ' or Prosperity is the path to victoiy.
In addition, As- cendancy offers great graphics, from the 3-D representation of the galaxy to the alien races which are bizarre enough to bring out the xenophobe in all of us.
Most importantly, howev- er, the game sports artificial opponents who can combine technologies in such a way as to surprise and defeat the design- ers themselves.
Cir- cle Reader Service 5.
Stopping them means finding access to a net- worked virtual landscape called The Matrix and uncov- ering the Tek strongholds.
An option- al rear view monitor augments your first person perspective.
Despite this diversified ap- proach to die genre, the over- all game-play of this Doom retread really fa i 1 s to bring anything new to the table.
Circle Reader Service 6.
Stunning SVGA space and ground based combat.
Immense 3D galaxy with 12 AI -control led alien species and 225 unique planets.
Strategically manage and control your Battlecruiser and its resources including interceptors.
Still, in the hands of a visionary, a trilogy is an effective art form, dramatic and ac- cessible all at once, with the capacity to develop familiar characters through more than a single work.
WC is definitely a lot more than your average space please click for source affair.
Who can forget the thrill of negotiating treacherous asteroid fields to bag that first Kil- rathi in Wing Commander, or the crushing feeling when you realized that Spirit, your trusted wing- man through WC I and II, was on a suicide mis- sion— and that there was nothing you could do to save her?
It certainly wasn't Faust, but you did get at- tached to your wing-bud- dies, which only added to the feeling of satisfaction when you almost single- handedly turned the tide of war for the Confederation.
Throughout the series, Origin has utilized every trick available to draw us deeper into the action.
WC I had the rudiments of a sus- tained plotline with its "branching tree.
WC III, of course, gave us Mark Hamill, Malcolm rathi return, somehow resurrected through time- travel, cloning, or some other sci-fi cliche?
It seems, rather, that some mys- terious group of humans, calling themselves the Black Lance, has begun a reign of terror from the Border Worlds, blowing up innocent civilian ships and plunging the Confederation to the brink of Civil War.
As the plot develops, you find that conspiracy theories abound, and the eyes of Big Brother Confederation are everywhere.
The level of sub- plots and intrigue make for a story so dark at times that the shaky morale of the crew in Wing Commander III seems almost upbeat by compari- son.
I actually had doubts that the cast could pull it off.
Wing Commander IV is, after all, still pri- marily a space-combat game, and the acting in WC III, while fine for a game, still paled at times compared to a good movie.
Yet, when I played through the missions, I was rather impressed with the acting in WC IV, which is even better, based on what I saw, than in WC III.
John-Rhys Davies once again stood out.
The charismatic Tom Wilson, winner of CGfVs best live acting award in 1994 for WC III, repris- es his role as Maniac.
This time around, the script gives him a bit more to work with— the sarcasm really flies, and we get to see our free- spirited flyboy go down in flames several times at the hands of women who somehow don't ap- preciate his advances.
The lesser-known actors range from solid to outstanding.
The Kilrathi were defeated once and for all, with peace sure to reign throughout the known galaxy.
All very dramatic, and nicely sewn up.
TO SEEK OUT NEW ENEMIES When Wing Commander IV begins, we find that Colonel Blair Mark Hamill has retired to be a farmer.
But his idyllic lifestyle is soon interrupted when Maniac arrives to fetch the good Colonel and thereby you back to active duty.
But in a friendly sort of way.
He'll help you get safe passage off the planet.
Easier said than done.
Together, you'll have to solve deadly puzzles and avoid traps, red yn BON BUT BREMER ©1995 Philips Media, Inc.
©1995 Argonaut Soltwaro Limited.
For more Information call 1-800-340-7888.
Infiltrate the enemy Comm Bunker.
Such small brush strokes are even more effective here than in WC III, as they add a touch of hu- manity to the intense atmosphere of soldiers constantly living on the edge of battle.
The foil for your heroic Col.
Blair is the irre- pressible Malcolm MacDowell, whose perfor- mance as Admiral Tolwyn moves way beyond WC III or his role in Star Trek: Generations, for that matter.
Moving through the story, you find that nothing is quite as it seems.
Who are the Black Lance, and why are they attacking helpless Confed transports?
What is the real agenda of the Black Lance leader, Seether?
How do the veterans of the Tiger's Claw and the Concordia fit into all this?
Is there any way to avoid interstel- lar war?
I found myself enjoying the balance between the ardrenaline-pumping space combat action and the sleuthing of the interactive scenes.
WC III fans may not like asking questions like, "Where in the galaxy were you on the night of.
On a larger scale, the game continues the saga of normal people plunged into war that has always been present in the Wing Commander se- ries, but really came into its own with WC III.
To call a space combat game an anti-war interac- tive movie is stretching it a bit, but WC IV finds a better balance than the competi- tion, largely because of the quality of the acting.
FAMILIAR GALAXY, COOL NEW HARDWARE When you first enter the combat se- quences of WC IV, the cynic in you will smirk, knowing that you've seen this all before.
Then you notice that the explosions are richer, the death screams of your op- ponents more blood-curdling, and you think, well, maybe this is a little differ- ent.
The cockpits are new, the shading is better, and every ship has been re-tex- tured to look much better than in WC III.
Combat is paced differently, and I suspect most gamers will find it more brisk this time around.
The At was still being tweaked at press time, but each computer pilot already has more maneuvers at their disposal than in previ- ous WC games.
One nice touch is that the pro- grammers were able to code the mission sequences and wingmen Al right alongside the scripting, so that they have done an excellent job of making Maniac fly, well, like Maniac— a big improvement over the wingmen of WC III, who of- ten seemed cut out of a generic Confed pilot database.
The cinematics have been integrated much better, and story elements now unfold in the mid- dle of missions— with faster loading times for the video sequences at least on high-end machines.
For more information or to place an order, call t -800-884-8863, ext.
COMP software© 'M-day money back guarantee.
It's also a good place to start playing armchair detective in your search for the traitor.
My posters were of guys like Bill Budge and the orig- inal programming team at EA.
As a result, there are a lot more easter eggs in WC IV than in WC III.
The various fighters are once again upgraded, as they have been with every Wing Commander, but WC IV also features a great variety of larger ships, such as corvettes, destroyers and capital ships.
Not only are these larger ships proof that the game engine runs smoother, the tactics used against them also make for a more fun game than the usual diet of dogfights.
In certain missions, you as the wingleader have the op- tion to order elements of your group to split off and check out separate navi- gation points.
How well they complete their as- signed mission affects the number of enemies you face later in your own patrol.
When I asked Tony Morone, the project director, why asteroid fields always my favorite.
The most unique twist involves a cache of experimental weapons which seem really ineffective when you first apply them in combat.
When I fired my first Starburst missile, my Black Lance adversary must have thought I was practicing for the 4th of July, because the only effect was a nice fireworks display.
After having a mechanic back at the carrier modify the weapon, it turned into a Coneburst, sort of a cross be- tween a Claymore mine and a plasma gun— a remarkably effective weapon.
It looks like there's enough new hardware to keep any space jockey busy for many hours.
THE PRICE OP FREE- DOM THE COST OP TECHNOLOGY From Wing Commander to Wing Commander III, the driving force was the technology, which always pushed gaming hardware to the utmost.
WC IV has no such high-tech leap.
The question is, when do we make the jump, and develop a game along- side more traditional linear media: TV, feature film, whatever?
Then the budget becomes much less of a concern.
Another nice touch is that you have a lot IT WASN'T LIKE THIS WITH SHATNER Chris Roberts right spends a quiet moment on the set with Malcolm MacDowell Miami Mark Hamill.
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CyberStrike and GemSlone III are trademarks of Simutronics Corporation.
Air Warrior is a registered trademark of Kesmoi Corporation.
Harpoon is a trademark of Game Designers Workshop Inc.
Multiplayer BattleTech is a trademark of FASA Corporation.
All other nomes ore trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.
GEnie Our games blow everybody else's away!
Even so, what has set the WC series apart from the competititon is its ability to tell a story.
WC III took some big chances with high-priced talent, and if the game doesn't go down in history as the Jazz Singer for interactive movies, it certainly isn't for lack of effort.
Newer CD-ROM technology means extra data on each CD, so that the game, along with its five and one-half hours of video, has nearly twice the length of WC III.
What amazed me when I visited Ori- gin was the high morale of the crew.
Chris Roberts has a reputation as a martinet, but he also strip poker and blackjack at poker moker how to sur- round himself with talented people.
I enjoy directing, but I know my limita- tions.
Some games make for good movies, and I think WC IV is a good example of that.
The secret is to ensure that the live video gives the gamer more choices, not less.
Ironically, more gamers should be able to appreci- ate WC IV more than WC III, if only be- cause of the greater number of Pen- tiums on the market.
Regardless, I'm impressed that Origin and EA have con- tinued to develop their franchise with the gamer's enjoyment foremost.
Blair re- mains an avatar for gamers to save the Confederation for years to come, I want projects with control— and when you get that large-scale, it's hard for one person to keep creative control, and complete the project in what I would consider a reasonable time.
I think Origin can get away with spending that much money, because they're building on a known winner.
Everyone wants to do the expensive products because of their high-profile and greater flash.
I tend to worry more about the game: how fast can I do it and still have the quality our fans want?
As many projects as we do, and as many as we'd like to do, I can't see us putting that kind of resources into one pro- ject.
So far, we've been very successful with smaller investments of time and money.
Available at your local software retailer or order direct from New World Computing at 1-800-251-9563 818-591-4136 outside the U.
Box 4302 Hollywood, CA 90078-4302 medieval world in turmoil.
Heroes ol Might and Magic is a trademark o!
New World Computing and its distinctive logo and Might and Magic are blackjack calculator trademarks ol New World Computing.
Plunge into Wetlands, an edge-of-the-seat thrill ride through an exotic and perilous under water world.
Wetlands Is a trademark of Now World Computing, Inc.
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Is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTN Communications, Inc.
IBM scroons shown, Actual Screens may vary All other trademarks belong to their respective holders.
Metal Lords: The Inner Circle.
In Metal Lords you must prove your worth to the empire through shrewd 'diplomacy, techno- logical insight, resource management, and of course combat tactics.
Are you prepared to join the Inner Circle?
Box 4302 Hollywood, CA 90078-4302.
Box 4302, Hollywood, CA 90078-4302 © 1995 Now World Computing, Inc.
Metal Lords Is a trademark ot Now World Computing.
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In a world besieged by evil.
Box 4302 Hollywood, CA 90078-4302.
© order online pizza blackjack 995 New World Computing.
Mind Games is a trademark ol New World Computing, Inc.
New World Computing and its distinctive logo are registered trademarks ol New World Computing.
I Inc New World Computing.
All other trademarks belong to their respective holders to challenge your mind.
After we defrosted our edi- tors and dressed their elf bites, we de- briefed them and distilled their findings into a list of the 100 hottest gift ideas for this very cool holiday season.
As is always the case, many developers finish their games in the St.
Nick of time to catch the holiday buy- ing season, so some of the games we looked at were still in pre-release form as this is- sue went to press.
Santa's Little Software Helper by Paul C.
Schuytema A Guide To Buying The Perfect Gift For The Gamer In Your Life T his article isn't aimed at the traditional Computer Gaming World reader.
It's meant to be surrepti- tiously handed over to someone who might be on the business-end of a nice little holiday treat for you.
After all, you were far nicer than naughty this year, weren't you?
But if you're not a computer gamer, a trip to a software store can be an exercise in confusion.
A quick glance at the system should tell you.
If there's a little rainbow colored Apple with a bite out of it, it's a Macintosh.
APPLE OP YOUR EYE If the system is a Mac, your quest is rather sim- ple.
Oh, by the way, exactly what kind of processor do you have in your Mac again?
Also important is the amount of RAM Random Ac- cess Memory that the computer possesses.
This will usually be something like 4, 8, or 16 megabytes.
The last Mac question is whether the system has a CD-ROM drive.
You can ask, or you can sleuth around the system itself, hunting for telltale signs such as empty jewel cases or CD caddies.
Armed with that info, you can confidently walk into your local software merchant and pick up a piece of Macintosh software that will work on that sys- tem.
PC BEHAVIOR If your special someone has a PC-compatible ECEMBER 1995 Designed for Microsoft!
First, you need to know what kind of processor is in the system.
For a game sys- tem, this will be either a 386, 486 or Pentium.
Next, you need to know the speed of the sys- tem.
Without a joystick, you should shy away from such joystick- intensive games as flight simulations or space- action games.
Be sure to find out what type of sound card if any is on the system.
Try to find out the brand, and, more importantly, if the card is a Sound Blaster or Sound BmsTER-compatible card.
If it is, then you'll be covered for virtually any game out there.
Once you have all these specifications, you'll be able to check the information boxes in the corners of game packages to see if they will work on the computer in question.
A hard-core jet simulation enthusi- ast will probably be less than thrilled when tear- ing open a chess game or a bridge game.
On the other hand, a wargamer might not be totally thrilled with a driving simulation.
We've done a whole lot of game playing and evaluation for you.
That should keep the guessing game ripe until Christ- mas casino blackjack ballroom />T he body was found bound and gagged.
Even your grandmother could tell this was no accident.
From collecting evidence to interrogating suspects, it's up to you to uncover the real story and make an arrest.
With 40 fascinating characters and 20 Bay Area locations — over 80 minutes of full-motion video in all — SFPD HOMICIDE is die most authentic true-crime mystery ever created.
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Science fiction and horror are the twin themes of an adventuring year that has em- braced the exploration of strange, exotic and fantas- tic worlds.
As you might expect, you can explore the dark depths of a haunted mansion or stalk the were- wolves of Germany.
But if your sights are set on the future, you can command a starship, travel through time, or be the unwitting captives of a strange alien race.
Eveiyone knows that werewolves are mere legends, right?
Try blackjack classic strategy that to the residents of a small Bavarian town, who live in lycan- thrope-induced terror.
As Gabriel Knight, the Designer Jane Jensen, unsatisfied with filming actors in front of a blue screen, actual- ly went to Germany to research local history and scout authentic locations for the game.
This sequel to Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fa- ther builds on that game's rich graphics, dark story, and impressive voice acting.
As before, author Jane Jensen has opted to blend psych- ological crisis and supernatural terror into a seamless blend that satisfies in story and in- teraction alike.
This time, instead of investi- gating Voodoo Murders, the New Orleans murder mystery of the original and source for Gabriel's best-selling novel within the back- ground story, Gabriel Knight and his colleague, Grace, must separate myth and superstition from reality amidst the moonlit forests of cen- tral Germany.
They are helped in their quest by a cleaner interface, fine acting, an original score composed to sound like a lost opera by Wagner, and a powerful story which goes be- yond the achievements of even the first Gabriel Knight.
The more than 1,000 photos used article source the game's background are augmented by com- puter graphics to provide a lush, photo-realis- tic look which adds to the eerie feel of Gabriel Knight 2.
While the interface is even simpler in some respects than Sierra's other horror game, Phan- tasmagoria, even veteran adventurers should find plenty of challenges.
Moreover, any gamer will appreciate the live acting, as Grace and Gabriel change and grow, coming to grips with their own frailties as they learn more about the mysterious werewolves.
Even the supporting cast deliver performances far beyond the norm of any multimedia production.
Take An Antarctic Adventure Win a week-long trip for two to the Antarctic or other locale within Prisoner of Ice.
To place an order or for more information call: 800-443-3386.
This epic adventure is now available on PC CD-ROM.
Zelazny will want to see more ;nce the wonderfully craft- id out how the story ends.
BOO 468-7226, 305 373- CYBERMAGE: DARKLIGHT AWAKENING CyberMage: Darklight Awaken- iilil ing is a blend of fast-paced, first-person action; the non- linear, character building world of an RPG; and the plot of a comic-book adventure.
The story, usually the basis of any great game, is spell- binding.
In a world where genetically engineered humanoids have replaced humans in pre- eminence, you must fight against the tyranny of a sorcerer named Necrom.
Gov- ernment as we know it has collapsed, and corporations now rule the world.
As you do so, your powers grow greater, and your strength increases.
But character building is not the gist of the game; solving the mystery of your pow- ers, finding Necrom, exploring the nuances of Darklight, and discovering the root of the war and the all-powerful corporations are your true tasks.
Each level in this game is like a separate issue of some great comic book epic, and you are the star superhero.
This game should appeal to all gamers, whether they like action, appreciate great stories, or love adven- ture games and RPGs.
This is definitely not a game for the squeamish or the young.
However, despite its emotional and super- natural horror, or actually because of it, Phantasmago- ria is an incredible work of art.
It has achieved a height of realism that has so far been missing in computer games.
Like any good horror film, the game has pacing and mood, valuable how many decks in blackjack montreal casino commit out leisurely and then rushing to its frightening, blood-pounding crescendo.
You take the role of a female protago- nist who has moved into a haunted % house with her husband.
As you explore your new home and plumb the depths of its hidden terrors, you must confront un- known evils that are so realistically ren- dered and perfectly paced that any gamer will feel skin-crawling fright and disgust throughout the game.
Phantasmagoria is non-stop horror, and whether you enjoy horror films or appreciate good adventures, you will love this game.
You portray a retired time-traveler who must inves- tigate a series of mysterious disappearances.
It seems that pocket dimensions have been wink- ing out of existence, and the cause is unknown.
Unless the source of this catastro- phe can be discovered, our universe could be threatened with extinction as well.
You explore rich, graphical worlds, meet vibrant and varied NPCs, and find that these temporal disappearances are only the har- binger of a greater doom.
Shannara is a bridge between Brooks' two novels, and this time you must guide another de- scendant of Shannara, Jak Ohmsford, to stop the evil doings of the shade of Brona.
This game boasts lush graphics, and is being designed by the same hus- band-and-wife team that created the Quest for Glory series from Sierra.
You must move Jak through the world of Shannara, meeting familiar characters such as Alannon the Druid and King Menion of Leah.
Those who loved the novels will be pleased to know that Terry Brooks is proud of the game and believes it is faithful to his vision.
With a great story line, an involving world, and an in- novative take on role-playing, this game should win the hearts of any adventure gamer.
STAR TREK: A FINAL UNITY You take on the roles of Captain Picard and the oth- er officers of the famed Enterprise-D, and ex- plore a universe that is pure Star Trek in this space adventure.
The main thrust of this game is solving the galaxy-threatening riddle of the long gone Chodak.
But there is also a civil war that needs soothing, a space station in need of salvation, an archaeological mis- sion of dire importance, and a xenobiologist whose rescue is of great concern to the Feder- ation.
In short, this game is like any other Star Trek episode, except that this time around you get to command the Enterprise.
The original cast from SITNG has returned to provide the voices for all the characters, adding another stroke of authenticity to an already incredible adventure.
The only failing of this game, apart from a staid tactical portion, is that it will leave gamers and Trekkies alike clamoring for more.
An'flmusement pork looming with mystery, bizarre employees, and challenging midway gomes and puzzles.
You'll encounter state-of-the-art animation, photo-realistic 3-D irmonces environments and loll screen video ps by over 30 characters.
With increfag skill levels and mote than 2 iO outcomes, its; herd to experience this amusement pork the same way twice.
For a cinemotic-rjpaliiy adventure like 8 other, Ponic in the Pork s definitely your ticket.
Windows is o registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Mocmtosh is a trademark of Apple Computet Inc.
But did he really murder his partner, or was it self-defense as he contends?
In the first phase, you must question witnesses, look over documents, and search the evidence.
Your investi- gation had better be thorough, though, because once you go to trial there is no turning back.
The second phase, set in the courtroom, is where the game really shines.
It emulates almost perfectly the experience of the courtroom.
You can be out- maneuvered by the clever defense, the guilt of the defendant is never cut-and-dried, and even if he is guilty, he can walk free if your case is poorly pre- pared.
Gone are the sleazy pleasure centers of the world, in favor of a world within a world within a world within a world, a planet reminiscent of a Russian doll.
Unlike the famous dolls, however, these worlds-within-worlds are not simply miniatures of one another- each has its own distinctive terrain and puz- zles.
For- tunately, this means that the clever animation is likely to capture the youngest fancies, while the puzzles should interest the most jaded gamer.
Ik ill Rijhs Sesewt ©1995 I«hmA wiu, foa Hone bMtmiM.
Through the Eyes of the Monster, which fea- tures several twists on the old Mary Shelly gothic horror tale.
The game does offer slick video production, and at times is reminiscent of a good sci-fi whodunit from the fifties— but will there be enough gameplay for vet- eran adventurers?
A better attempt would seem to be Activision's Spycraft: The Great Game.
Here, the photo-re- alistic backgrounds offer a more familiar adventure game backdrop for you to live out your counterspy fan- tasies.
The participation of ex-CIA operative William Colby adds a needed air of authenticity to the project.
And while the video is improved as well, the look of the com- petition has substantially raised the ante.
It will be in- teresting indeed to see how well 11th Hour does in the marketplace.
In this time-travel epic, you reprise the role of Time Travel Agent 5, but this time, you must race into the past to un- cover clues as to why your future self has been arrested and charged with an attempt to change history.
strip blackjack mobile game, like all the others mentioned in this genre, has breathtaking graphics, as well as a good story.
Buried In Time of- fers two modes of gameplay: Walkthrough or Adventure.
If you want to just guide your character through a movie, choose Walk- through, which allows you to play the game with a minimum of effort.
If you want to get down and dirty with every last puzzle and problem, choose Adventure.
Though the interface is a bit clunky, it is forgivable; and the exciting story, stunning graph- ics, and choice of gameplay will make any adventure gamer happy to dive into this time-travel adventure.
The Dig is based on an original story idea that Spielberg initially wanted to present as a TV show.
Now, though, PC technology has advanced far enough that Spielberg was happy to bring his idea over to LucasArts for conversion to a sci- ence fiction adventure game.
You follow a team of astronauts cast into the depths of space by an alien artifact.
Marooned on a distant plan- et, you must guide the astronauts across this mysterious landscape, exploring the world, in- teracting with aliens, and trying to meet the requirements of the native species, who will re- turn you to Earth if you give them what they want.
For the most part, though, the graphics seem standard fare; the real strength of this game is its story and the potential magic you get when you team these two en- tertainment giants.
Introducing The Ultimate 31 Five Next Generation 3D games designed specifically for 3D Blaster.
Rebel Moon from Fenris Wolf delivers stunning sci-fi game play with 3D effects that come at you from all direc- tions.
Exclusively on 3D Blaster.
Flight Unlimited This incredible flight simulator from Looking Class Technologies, Inc.
Magic Carpet Plus Fight to restore realms that have been annihilated by A catastrophic events.
With Peeking device blackjack amazing 3D graphics m and arcade-like action, your Magic Carpel, from Bullfrog, awaits you.
NASCAR racing, from Papyrus, is the real thing.
Strap yourself into a stock car and experience pure, heart-pounding, bumper to bumper racing.
Watch the shelves for an avalanche of 3D Blaster-compatible titles.
Hi-Octane Sick of your commute?
© l'W5 Creative Technology ITD.
Tired of pix- els the size of boulders?
Tired of S-bit cartoon colors?
Cet 3D Blaster from Creative Labs.
It will blast you with full color, hi-res, 3D graphics r your screen at light speed.
Carnes have w new life with rock solid 3D graphics performance that you simply can't get on a 486 VL-Bus system without 3D Blaster.
Full Speed 3D Blaster delivers the new standard for 3D graphics performance.
A" Full Color 3D Blaster delivers a new standard for image quality.
Full Screen 3D Blaster delivers the new standard for visual realism.
Full Blast It all adds up: You need 3D Blaster, the new 3D standard for the PC.
We consider computer role- playing games CRPGs as a subset of adventure games since they are basically narrative-driven with interactive gates called puzzles which must be opened to allow the story to progress.
But the em- phasis for CRPGs is on character development and interaction.
Purist adventure gamers would also point out that the subset also emphasizes combat, sometimes to an extreme.
So, come cast a spell or DAGGERFALL The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall offers a faster version of the first-person role-playing experience encountered in its predecessor, The Elder Scrolls: Arena.
At CGW, we felt The Elder Scrolls: Arena offered one of the best experi- ences ever for players wanting to wield me- dieval-style weapons in a CRPG, and we loved Now, characters can possess items like clothes, weapons, armor and houses that will show themselves within the actual game.
Membership in a guild or order will now actu- ally mean something in terms of game play since certain quests and conversational clues will only be revealed to members of various the dilemma-solving character generation.
Conversations are richer than those in Arena, and Daggerfall promises to offer con- siderably more plot flexibility.
Within the game engine, the 3-D environs of the towns and dungeons are better than ever.
Full 3-D battlements allow characters to hide on rooftops or behind walls.
What really impressed us, however, was the addi- tion of underwater combat.
When we played, our character had to both defeat the mon- sters and get rid of some heavy armor before he drowned— a very nice touch.
Strategic movement has been simplified with a fast- travel map, and the Al for monsters has been significantly enhanced.
Chances are that gamers who liked The Elder Scrolls: Arena will like The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall even more.
Originally conceived as a mere 3-D dungeon romp with a great combat interface, Stonekeep's perilous quest to reach the market has involved some of the best paper game designers in the business.
It has, as a result, become a game with an intriguing intri- cacy of plot to match its easy interface for play.
The magic system is rich and satisfying with its alchemical feel.
Just as satisfying are the video snippets click at this page gamers encounter proud, garrulous monsters a la Tolkien or the hubris-laden ultimate bad guy who underestimates the protagonist and mocks the player with annoying regularity although not with 7th GuEST-style frequency.
STAR CONTROL III Star Control III promises to be that rare sequel which offers considerably more than the original.
Gamers will explore the stars in order to find suit- able systems for colonization.
As a result, resource and colony management play a more intricate role than they did in Star Control and Star Control II.
Alien dialogues are much more sophis- ticated, plus the aliens are now depicted on-screen by elaborate puppets filmed in digitized video.
Add into the mix a plot where the player strives to defeat an evil, spacefaring race and things get u.
DRUID: DAEMONS OF t THE MIND HOLIDAY MR Druid: Daemons of the Mind takes place in a 3-D-rendered environ- ment on the planet of Navan, a world where Druidic values concerning the elements and balance of na- ture are still cherished.
Your character is summoned into this world of detailed 3-D characters and mon- sters in order to both rescue a missing Druid named Lawson and discover both the higher purpose of the Druids and yourself.
Fur- ther, the interface is completely mouse- driven, with all movement, investigation, combat and magic inter.
The three different endgames should encourage CRPG players to do something they rarely have a chance to do— replay the game.
The new HyperMelee still uses many of the basic algorithms of the earlier games, with only a few adjust- ments to reflect the characteristics and weapons of the 12 new ships that appear here.
© 1995 Activision, Inc.
In Entomorph, the nation of Kyan is under the evil cloud of a pestilent insect plague.
This country, so dependent upon the capability to use insects for do- mestic chores, is now seeing a new breed of malicious insects arise: A pervasive evil, born of the same foul menace that has invaded the rest of Aden.
As Cedric, a wandering squire, you must battle the invading monster-insects, find your lost sister, and deal with your own metamorphosis.
The latter is not a Kafka-esque play on words, as the character literally finds himself being transformed into an insect as the game progresses.
As in other CRPGs, you acquire expe- rience, grow in skill, find weapons and items, and learn spells.
The graphics may be a bit cartoon- ish, but the action and unique story will provide gamers with an interesting, and different, CRPG to play.
As we noted, it was simply too interesting to be called by the almost medicinal term, "edutainment.
Multime- dia reference material forms a nest around the actual game, but gamers are likely to learn more about the survival of the big cats by participating in the strip poker and blackjack at poker moker scenar- ios provided.
Those who played last year's Wolf will appreciate Lion's better graphics, improved interface, 11 varieties of prey, and increased chance for survival in the scenario where you are hunt- ed.
With all the voices of the TV Cast!
Open hailing frequencies and prepare for the unexpected.
Experience hours of entertaining exploration as you unravel secrets from the ancient past in this STAR TREK: Alert your Away Team and pick the right combination of talent for each critical mission.
Take strip poker and blackjack at poker moker post and Engage!
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION is a Registered Trademark ol Paramount Pictures.
Spectrum HoloByte is an Authorized User.
Spectrum HoloByte is a registered trademark of Spectrum HoloByte, Inc.
Other trademarks are the property ol their respective holders.
In Thunderscape, gamers must guide a party of adventurers to restore the barrier that pro- tects Aden from the Darkfall.
This game is unusually long for an RPG.
Though there are some minor prob- lems with the game including repetitious dungeonsit is flexible in character genera- tion allowing you to disperse bonus points among different attributes in order to cus- tomize your character and skill development by allowing you to choose secondary skills, and increase your proficiency in each one with every new experience level.
For a new role-playing universe, gamers could do worse than visit the emerging world of Thunderscape.
While not all of these games have been great hits, some, like Stone Prophet and Menzoberranzan, have been CGWTop Ten role- playing picks for some time.
The engine might be the same in each game, but the lands you please click for source are varied.
Packed with six different role-playing games set in various dungeons, deserts, and Gothic demi-planes, this title should have something for every computer role player.
Hybrid CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh Compatible with Windows®95, Windows® 3.
Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
An ex- ploration segment uses a 2-D world map viewed from an oblique overhead perspec- tive.
More interesting, however, is the 2-D combat planning screen which al- lows you to select magic and combat op- tions on a chessboard reminiscent of Battlechess.
Then, you get the pay-back of watching 3-D results of that combat with lots of special effects.
Import, so price varies; Blue Byte Soft- ware; 44 0 1604-232200.
Based on a paper role-playing game, this game almost defies description.
Part RPG, part adventure, it nevertheless is a fun— and different— type of role-playing game.
Nearly 4,000 years ago, humans colonized the world of Jorune, only to be turned back in a long war.
Those humans who were left on Jorune quickly drove the native population into hiding.
Now, one of those ancient JORUNE: ALIEN LOGIC races has come back to haunt the humans of Jorune.
Armed with spells, called dyshas, you must locate the alien stronghold, free your captured friends, and put an end to the alien menace.
We really like the handling of the magic system in this game.
The ac- quisition of spells requires the harvesting of crystals.
Then, the combat is purely spell-based, without any melee fighting.
Although the character has please click for source stats, your character does improve as the game progresses.
The game gets a little drawn-out at times, and is actually a bit sparse in places, but the world of Jorune is populated with enough interesting races and role-playing varia- tions to be a welcome break from the usual hack-and-slash dungeon fare.
Then brace yourself, as Diamond takes gaming to the edge with a new 3D multimedia accelerator designed for Windows 95.
The Diamond Edge 3D makes game play fully immersive and totally interactive.
With real-time, jaw-dropping 3D and 2D photo- realistic graphics, a thundering wavetable audio engine, vicious full-motion digital video, and an advanced digital game port, that will leave you running for cover.
Plus, two Sega Saturn controller ports for multiplayer action.
And it allows you to play your existing DOS games without sacrificing speed or quality.
The Diamond Edge 3D gives you perspective corrected texture-mapped 3D images with the highest frame rates around.
Plus a multitude of special effects for a gaming experience so real you'll smell the detonation.
With true Plug-and-Play, a 5-year warranty, 24-hour fax-on-demand, and online support services, you'll have a few less things to fear.
So, if you're ready for the ultimate challenge call Diamond at 1-800-4-MULTIMEDIA today.
We'll game controller take you as far as you re willing to go.
Sega is a registered trademark and Virtua Fighter Remix is a trademark of Sega.
NASCAR Racing is officially licensed by NASCAR®.
All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
Diamond reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
COM PUSA the good guys!.
There was no such thing back then.
There's more good-looking games this winter than I got teeth left in my head.
Combining gorgeous graph- ics which are stunning in low-res and breath- taking at 1024x768 with true Mech-anized combat that means fast action and some ac- tual thinking involvedthis game permanently raised the bar on Mech combat games, com- pletely outdistancing natural probability blackjack of competition.
It has tons of missions, loads of depth and even al- lows you to play on either of two sides of the war, for the Wolf or Falcon clan.
MechWarrior onyx mac mackie blackjack took a long time to hit the shelves almost two- and-a-half yearsbut it was worth the wait.
Beginners will appreciate the ease with which they'll be able to jump into the game.
There are six different tutorials, put forth in the form of tests, that allow you to get quickly acclimated.
After that, the going gets tough.
The missions vary in their scope and scale.
Occassionally, you'll be asked to zip into a sec- tor and destroy a power plant.
Other times you'll be sent on pure recon missions— ones where detection can be fatal.
The scope is such that you'll never feel trapped into The Methodology.
You know the one: you kill a few monsters, move to the next Nav point and do the same.
During one mission, you're able to sit on the top of a mountain range, zoom in on your targets and pluck them off one by one— at least, until the enemy figures out where you are.
Another mission makes you sprint through a mountain pass and destroy an enemy Mech before he completely destroys some friendly struc- tures.
But that doesn't mean all is stealth in this war.
There will be plenty of mech-to- mech and most of the time more than one mech battles.
Thank- fully, your unit can be completely armed to the teeth with all manner of lasers, blasters, ma- chine guns and missiles.
And you can com- pletely custom configure your weapon load.
Activision is busily at work putting the fin- ishing touches on a MechWarrior mission add- on and the much anticipated networking module.
The mission disk will involve the in- triguing clan of the Ghost Bear, and will in- clude snow-filled missions and underwater missions as well as several new Mech classes.
NetMech should also be available for the holi- day seasons.
Available through the Activision web site, this IPX-compatible network game allows up to eight players at a time to engage.
A Windows 95 version is also in the works, and should be available for the holiday season.
MECHWARRIOR 2 F A J What's black and blue and red all over?
The enemy forces, after the crimson-colored Cru- sader's done with 'em.
Origin's Crusader is a rare action-gaming gem.
It all starts with the super- detailed, mouth-watering SVGA graphics, and then carries over to the fast-paced, yet cerebral action and the surprising depth-adding full-mo- tion video scenes.
The premise is this: You're a good-guy turned bad, or a bad-guy turned good it all depends on how you look it.
Anyway, the forces you now represent want you to single- handedly infiltrate various levels of the government's fortresses and perform certain terrorist duties.
You'll vaporize security mechs with hideous energy weapons, turn guards into human matches, slaughter innocents for their money and turn entire rooms into fire- places.
All in the name of democracy — what could be better?
Although the control scheme can be a little bit confusing, this is one of the best action games of the year, hands down.
WING COMMANDER 4 We have to admit it.
No series to date has managed to capture such a Hollywood feel and successfully combine it with such quality action.
From moment one, Wing Comman- der 3 wowed us and tons of other gamers with its cinematic style.
We expect Wing Commander 4 to do the same.
Although the use of 35- mm film will not make much difference in what we see on PC screens, the real sets definitely will.
In- stead of flat angle shots, all sorts of moving camera angles and dolly shots are possible, all of which will make this game even more like our favorite Hollywood space trilogy.
The crux of the game is a gorgeous engine that cre- please click for source a convincing 3-D world complete with canyons, craters, rivers and trees.
The action will be similar to that of MechWarrior.
The action, while not quite high-resolution, is extremely easy on the eyes, and the game environment's look and feel is constantly changing.
The missions vary— occasionally you'll have to sneak up on an enemy installation and de- stroy stationary targets.
Other times you'll lead frontal assaults on hordes of troops.
Better still, the battle can be fought on multiple fronts.
Terra Nova allows you to order your troops around through a simple point-and-click interface.
If you want your wingmen to head over to the river and stand on watch, you can diagram that maneuver.
If you want them to attack a camp, just draw a line to the camp and hit attack.
Sounds like fun to us.
Terra Nova, Looking Glass and the distinctive logos are trademarks of Looking Glass Technologies, Inc.
Mortal Kombat III, the latest installment, takes the genre to a new level.
The graphics are pure arcade quality; no compromises whatsoever ap- pear to have been made to move the game to the PC, and the game runs decently on a 486-66.
The bloody gameplay, likewise, is stellar.
The blood still looks fake of coursebut it is in even more abundance than be- fore.
And needless to say, all of the Fatalities, Friendship moves and hidden Easter eggs are there.
And if that isn't enough, GT Interactive is really raising the ante by providing multiplayer network play to the mix.
This allows upwards of 20 players to challenge each other to fight-to-the death du- els.
With the exception of One Must Fall: 2090, this is the only fighting game out there to provide multiplayer support.
You can also run and block this time around.
New in this game, and the genre in general, is the ability to select from three different heroes fighter, cleric and mageeach of which has unique weapons and abilities.
But what really excited us is the incredible level of atmosphere Raven has been able to inject into the game.
This is a new, and welcome, addition to the Doom engine.
Hats off to Raven Software for pushing the genre even further than we thought possible.
On stage or on CD, Yamaha instruments set the standard for the best sound quality.
The DB50XG instantly and dramatically improves the sound of your games, music and multimedia presentations.
More wave-ROM means more variety and better sound quality.
And these sounds are identical to the ones Yamaha puts in our highly acclaimed professional keyboards; the best sounds in the industry.
The new XG format takes control far beyond General MIDI GM.
The DB50XG will play all of your favorite GM compatible software.
© 1995 Yamaha Corporation of America, Computer Related Products, 6600 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620.
Yamaha, WaveForce, AWM and the Yamaha logo are trademarks of Yamaha Corporation of America.
WaveBlaster is a trademark of Creative Labs.
What makes this racer one of our "should-buys" for the gift-giv- ing season?
A combination of things.
For starters, in high-resolution mode, this game's graphics are rivaled by no other racing game out there, save the gems from Papyrus NASCAR, IndyCar Racing II.
And the action will surprise even the die-hard simulation driver.
Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Toyota Supra — there are three different classes of cars here with enough high-performance vehicles to please everyone— and their father.
Better yet, the cars actually per- form differently on the road.
And you can either race against one car, or a pack of vehicles.
A slick multimedia car encyclopedia detailing the statistics, ca- pabilities and history of each car round out a package that should be capable of pleasing both the die-hard race driver and the Sunday spinner.
Wl Racing fans who find themselves playing race games all too often just to create dramatic crash after crash will finally have a chance to step over to the dark, crushed-metal side of the fence.
Racing takes four different forms: Time Trials, Stock Car Rac- ing, Wreckin' Racing and the Derby itself.
The Destruc- tion Derby is simple: take click to see more cars and put them in an oval arena where you get points for spinning each other and knocking oppo- nents out of the "race.
Adding further depth to the game, there are several variations of Destruction Derby you can play by yourself, like tag and one-on-duels.
Cars don't go through dra- matic end-over-ends like in Need 4 Speed, but they do take real damage, to the point where your car will gradually come close to resembling a can of SPAM.
And we haven't even talked about net- work play.
Enter the world of Azeroth as Warcraft: Ores s Humans invades the Macintosh platform!
Digital tables like Crystal Caliburn by Starplay have permanently changed that.
Sierra's offering, 3-D Pinball, looks like a winner for the winter, boasting three unique tables and a completely new take on the game.
Set in space, each table— Space Mine, Command Post and Colony— is more than one pinball table in itself.
You can even warp between the three different ta- bles of the game.
This might be the best pin- ball game of the year.
MAGIC CARPET 2 With Magic Carpet 2, the best read more got bet- ter.
Using their revolutionary first-person engine which is running faster than everand adding several tweaks, Bullfrog once again appears ready to devour large chunks of gamers' time.
The theme is pretty much the same as before.
You must stop the advance of Vissuluth The Dark One over the course of 25 different levels, each of which presents more advanced challenges than before.
At your magic carpet's disposal are a powered-up selection of 75 different spells, like gravity wells and whirlwinds.
There are tons of new monsters to deal with this time around.
One such addition is the presence of mission objectives for each level, which gives the game considerably more structure than before.
Not a whole lot has changed here in the basic gameplay, but then again, not a whole lot needed to be changed.
MORE WINTER ACTION In addition to Destruction Derby, there are several other racers out there that intrigue us.
There are also some platform games which should ship either right at the end of the year, or sometime next year.
This gaming- turned cartoon character is being feverishly ported to Windows 95.
Just kidding, just kidding!
The designers are feverishly working on it in Texas, and while they were originally shooting for December, it appears that date has slipped a bit into the first quarter of next year.
In other words, when they tear themselves away from playing Hexen.
Now available for DOS 5.
IndyCar® Racing li- the only real-life, 3D IndyCar racing simulator- from the award-winning developers that brought you NASCAR© Racing!
Your tor's every move is based on the bank and grade ol the Iradt, the weather, os well os yoor steering ond throttle inputs, the tor's fuel, ond more.
Realistic Crashes, or bodies will dent ond pieces will fly from the cars os the Occidents happen.
From ihe award-winning developers that brought you: Scream down tire straight.
Crest n hill and your stomach's in your throat.
Comer too fast ond it's panic Broke?
If you stop to think, you'll lose your lend.
Don't wony, you'll leom.
But this is a win you earn.
Toke Ihe challenge of toeing top IndyCar drivers in this open wheeled, high perfor- mance cor Ihot exceed speeds of 200MPH.
Feutuiing innovative, reel lime, SVGA, 3D tex- ture mopped graphics, and realistic physics models that provide Ihe closest experience pos- sible to driving behind Ihe wheel of o reel Requirements: PC DOS and Windows '95 CD ROM: Requires: Double speed CD ROM dive, VGA 486 DX33 MHz or greater, 8MB RAM Windows '95 requires 12MB RAMMSD0S5.
SVGA 486 66DX2Mliz or greater, 8 MB RAM Windows '95 requires 12MB RAMM5D05 5.
Power Macintosh CD ROM: Requires: PowerMacintosh with System 1 or higher.
Computer controlled cars behove with incredible realism, giving you Ihe challenge parallel to driving against real driven.
Completely licensed, in depth, and based on the IndyCar® circuit, this simulation is the most realistic driving simulation available for your Microcomputer.
IndyCar and helmet logo are registered trademarks of the Indianapolis Motor speedway Corporation, under exclusive license to Championship Auto Racing Teams, incorporated.
Virgin is a registered trademank of Virgin Enterprises.
©1092-1096 01 Digital Pictures a second look too.
It might even keep some of them out of trouble.
Baseball has finally crowned its champion.
Football's playoff hunt is just heating up.
Hockey is right at the point where you think the season will simply go on forever, and basket- ball is fresh and new enough that you watch as much of it as you can.
What also happens at this rare time ot year— when most professional sports are on our minds— is that a massive avalanche of sports titles comes our way faster than bob- sleds down an Olympic run.
In the past, many of these titles have been mediocre at best.
This year, though, things are different.
Picking 10 hot games that we would like to play proved no problem at all.
It seems like sports-game design- ers are finally putting together a winning game plan!
The third time around is the charm for this updated pigskin romp, expected to be the last version of the game using the cur- rent engine.
Pat Cook, the original designer of the game, is digging his teeth into a com- plete redesign for next year's version.
Of course, everything we loved about the original FPSF Pro is still here.
All the real play- ers, all the real teams, the most robust statis- tical model to grace the computer screen, full league and career play.
For the rookie user, FPSF Pro revolution- izes pigskin play on the PC.
It combines a tremendous game model with great graph- ics, different angles from which to view the action, and more plays than Mike Ditka could draw up into one package.
The on-field action is breathtaking, espe- cially so in this edition.
With real motion- captures and high-resolution graphics, this promises to be the most attractive Front Page Sports Football Pro game ever.
Of course, players still straight-arm, spin and get flipped like pancakes.
And the CAMS Cam- era Angle Management System is still around, which means you'll be able to view or replay the action from virtually any angle desirable.
During the course of a season, which may be set up in a number of different ways, coaches can choose to handle GM duties or simply call the action.
Those who want to run the front office make personnel transac- tions — placing injured players on the Injured Reserve list, choosing draft picks, signing free agents and making trades.
The comput- er handles things for the rest of the league, and the design team is promising that the General Manager Al will be much stronger this time around.
This allows players to coach their favorite team through the years, losing players to retire- ment and injury, and gaining new players through drafts and trades.
They essentially take part in their own version of NFL history.
Few things feel better than taking a really crummy team and developing it into a pow- erhouse over three years' time.
It is the time of the Darkfall, a malevolent plague that threatens to corrupt every living thing in the land.
ENTOMORPH : Plague of the Darkeall finds you in Kyan, where you witness the ghastly power of this virulent evil - the inhabitants are slowly being trans- formed into giant insects!
The horror mounts when you realize you're trapped in Kyan and destined to suffer the same fete as those you've seen skittering into the shadows on six legs.
Time is now your worst enemy.
Find the root of these evil transformations while you still can - or drown in the seething sea of insects that is Kyan!
This single-player fantasy action adventure features an intense, branching storyline.
Grisly combat with a variety of deadly attack options.
And ENTOMORPH is presented in state-of-the-art high-resolution graphics - with a CD-quality soundtrack that's guaranteed to make your skin crawl!
WORLD OF ADEN, ENTOMORPH and PLAGUE OF THE DARKFALL are trademarks of Strategic Simulations.
©1995 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
WINDOWS is a registered trademark ot Microsoft Corporation.
Although things may be a little disorienting at first for the veteran NHL fan, this new graphical approach makes a big difference during the on-ice action.
The players seem bigger and skate more realistically, making more sense in the actual flow of the game.
One other bonus in the graphic redesign is that veteran NHL players will have to re-conquer a learning cuive.
Favorite moves no longer work like they used to many can't even be attempted the same wayand scoring in this version of the game is tough.
Sure, there are still some problems with the op- ponent Al— there always have been, due to hock- ey's intricate game flow— but this is the best hockey game on the market, made better for 1996.
Ever since its initial version way back in 1985, when it pitted the Red team versus the Blue team with fabled sluggers like H.
Contos and left-handed pitchers like T.
Frisina, this game has been the action baseball game.
This year, the action is even better.
Hardball 5 takes the same graphical engine and improves upon it.
The perspective of the batting screen has been modified so that the batter fills almost the entire screen, which means that strike zone is nice and big; picking up pitches is even closer to the real thing.
Also different is the speed with which pitches cross the plate; it's much more realistic, and will require quicker reflexes than before.
Accolade has taken a new approach with this classic game.
In the past, they felt that the action itself would stand on its own, and it did to a certain extent.
Developed by Stormfront Studios, Tony L» Russa Baseball 3 has already carried the famous computer baseball series to higher levels than before, with a great look and a superb statistical model.
As much as Hardball 5 is click the following article the action gamer, Tony La Russa is for the cerebral fan— the guy who'd rather coach his way to the title.
It does have its play action elements, but they're not the strong point of the game.
What is the strong suit?
The chess-like nature of the game itself, which Tony La Russa 3 captures magnificently.
Tony La Russa 3's statistical merits hold rank with those of the "hardcore" baseball sims: Pursue the Pen- nant and Strat-O-Matic, both of which recreate authen- tic numbers with great accuracy.
Now Capitalism, the game, lets you try your hand at building your own empire among the intrigue, the power and the excite- ment of the modem financial world.
You determine how tough your competition is, how wealthy you are, what's happening in the world.
Then, you set the world in motion.
Improve your wealth by raising prices.
They're all concepts at work in Capitalism.
If you like real- time strategy games, you will love the constantly changing dynamic challenges of Capitalism.
To reach us: E-mail - 751 62.
Com On CompuServe, GO GAMBPUB Library 17 PC CD-ROM Become a success in the competitive luorid of Capitalism!
Developed by Enlight Software On Line - INTERACnVEIW!
Look at the punishment Rocky is taking!
Where did that haymaker Window Help In The Fighter's Corner Hagler vs Robinson FlgtH Statistics HAGLER SWINGS!!
Ali crumples to the mat, and the ref begins the count: one.
Each fighter is rated for: accuracy of punches, stamina, footwork, tendency to foul, punching power, killer instinct and ability to control a fight.
You have a choice of referees, venue with home town advantageand colorful cornermen from the respected Angelo Dundee to incredible cutmen like Eddy "The Clot" Aliano.
Thankfully, Elec- tronic Arts who else?
The release is coming down to the end of the holiday game clock, but it will be worth the wait.
The con- trols are smooth and in- tuitive, allow- ing you to dribble behind your back, throw alley-oop passes and actually rely on your outside game.
And the graphics are stellar.
Even more amazing is the fact that statistically, this title is mighty solid.
Live 95's high resolution graphics looked nice, but the perspective wasn't close enough to the action to follow.
In fact, even the low-resolution view will apparently use the NHL model.
When this title hits the shelves— hopefully soon— read article dribble your way to the store and pick it up.
Put your diplomatic skills to the test against cunning alien species.
Enter EA Sports who else, it seems, nowadays?
A 16-bit mainstay ever since 1990, every version of John Madden has boasted addictive, fun, yet seemingly realistic, action as well as quality graphics.
And these two underlying principles will be improved upon twenty-fold for the PC version, which will boast hi- res 640x480 graphics and tons of full-motion video to spice things up, including the FOX sports commentators John Madden of coursePat Summerall, James Brown and Leslie Visser.
The action, of course, will be top-notch and extremely good look- ing.
The engine is still pretty much the same basic game engine from the old days, with plays selectable from play boxes and unri- valed ground and passing games.
Graphically, JMF is gorgeous.
See the sneak preview elsewhere in this issue for more details.
For the action gamer, John Madden is a no-brainer.
If it ships by the holidays.
This golf title sports lush graphics that will probably raise again the ante for future golf games and has the usual wealth of sparkle and detail that is the mark of EA Sports titles.
The basic interface of the game has remained the same, with the red and blue arc being your main focus.
This year, 14 PGA tour pros are featured, with full multimedia treatments, including full-motion video footage and interviews.
And speaking of gameplay, there are five different ways to com- pete: Practice, Shoot-Outs, Skins game, Stroke play and full fledged 18- 36- and 72-hole tournaments.
Introducing the Eiger Labs HeadOn'" interactive game modem with simultaneous voice for PCs.
You can now talk to and hear your friends while playing your favorite remote games over a single, standard telephone line.
Taunt each other while battling head-on or vocally coordinate strategies for team playing.
Breathe personalities into game characters in your own voice and words, lust imagine- no more boring, keyboard activated pre-recorded messages.
No more distracting chat windows.
Now you can truly interact with other players!
Doom deathmatches will never be the same!
HeadOn also includes standard 14.
Get the most realistic interactive remote gaming experience.
Get Eiger's new HeadOn modem.
For more information, call I-800-OK-EIGER or e-mail headon slip.
Includes deluxe CD-ROM with I O popular shareware games!
HeadOn is available at major retail computer stores.
©1995 Eiger Labs, Inc.
The HeadOn and Eiger logos are registered trademarks of Eiger Labs, Inc.
All others are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Currently located in The ImagiNation Network's version 2.
New rules have been added, and play- er rosters have been updated.
Putting you in a boat on one of nine high-resolution virtual lakes and giving you a host of play op- tions, from a simple day out to full-fledged professional tournaments, Trophy Bass is for the beginner to tra services costing a bit more and start playing by going into the arena and finding an opponent to play.
During the course of a game you can change camera angles, change play options al- though, to prevent unfairness, your opponent has to approve them and make full substitutions.
The graphics appear just as they do in the commercial version of the game— great.
Being able to play against completely random folks adds an indescribable value to the game.
Starting off with football, several companies have committed to football titles.
One of the more intriguing is Digital Pictures Quarterback attack with Mike Ditka.
Accolade's also got a pigskin title in the works.
Although several hoops projects are rumored to be in the works, there is only one title that will make the holi- days.
Who would have thought?
Microsoft is banking on Stormfront Studios de- signers of Tony La Russa 3 to come through with a pen- nant winner for them, although making early next year might be a stretch.
And Interplay's VR Baseball title has people buzzing.

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Full text of "Computer Gaming World Issue 137"
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Free Spins
50 xB
Max cash out:
$ 500

Here you can choose your opponent in strip poker and blackjack.

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未来考房/瓦人 » トラック野郎(瓦人 弟)さすらいの現場リポート
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Because of the mix with the winter storm, the wind wont be as intense as it is near the center of a hurricane.
But it will reach for hundreds of miles, spreading the energy further, albeit weaker, meteorologists strip poker and blackjack at poker moker />Uccellini and Masters said they expect the central pressure of the storm to drop to a near record low for the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast for any time of year.
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