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The difference between 3:2 blackjack and 6:5 blackjack is simple. If you have a winning blackjack hand, you get paid 3 dollars for every 2 that you bet, or 1.5:1�...

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How To Play Blackjack
[[The 1-2-4 Blackjack Betting System]] 10% Session Wins + Advanced Basic Strategy

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Here's the system I use: (This is in terms of chips, so it works whether you are using Black, Red, Green or whatever denomination you want). 1st bet- 3 chips,�...

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Blackjack Basics
The proven formula of blackjack basics is simple: practice and repetition.
Blackjack Card Values You need to know the card values to know how to play 21.
Cards 2-10 are worth the value of the number on the face of the how betting works in blackjack />Numbered cards are worth the corresponding number indicated on the card.
Face cards those with pictures on them are worth 10, except for the Ace, which is worth 1 or 11.
A picture combined with an Ace is Blackjack a value of 21.
A game that pays 1:1 on any kind of a blackjack is usually not even worth looking at.
Players place their bet into the box in order to be dealt in.
When you learn how to play 21, you will find each player has his or her own assigned betting area, laid out on the table for each seat position.
A shoe is a box that might include an automated shuffler to randomly distribute a card each time the dealer removes one for the deal.
Traditional land-based casinos, as well as online blackjack casinos, will use between one and as many as eight decks per game.
While counting cards is legal, a casino will ban anyone it considers to be a highly skilled player capable of imposing an advantage over the house in one or more casino games.
Counting cards essentially is the act of tracking the number of high and low-value cards used to better predict a more likely outcome on a particular https://ipodxs.com/blackjack/blackjack-winery-victoria.html />The blackjack rules assign numerical blackjack card values to every card.
The dealer will then deal one card facing up to each player and then the house.
Each successive player then decides whether to hit or stand.
After all the players have completed their hands or gone bust, the dealer reveals his or her down card.
Some casinos, though, might declare a push to be either a loss or a win for the player.
The dealer essentially plays by the same strict set of casino rules at all times.
Those blackjack rules are designed to protect the house advantage over the long term by ensuring the dealer plays a simple, mistake-free game every time.
Over the long run, that means the house will earn a profit�no matter how many card players try to beat it over time.
In fact, the more people try to beat the house, the more the house will win from those who are gambling without abiding by a similarly strict set of blackjack rules.
If the card total is 16 points or lower, the dealer will always draw another card from the deck.
The dealer will continue drawing cards from the deck until the house hand has at least 17 points, or until it goes bust by going over 21.
If the dealer has 17 points off the deal without an Ace, most blackjack rules say the dealer will stand, even if a 21 player has a higher total.
The dealer also might have a soft 17 hand, which is one that includes an Ace and any other cards whose combined value totals six points.
Both land-based casinos and online blackjack casinos who support live dealer blackjack require dealers to take at least one more card with the dealer has a soft 17 showing.
Blackjack Bonus Payouts While playing blackjack, as soon as a player is dealt a winning hand, the house pays out immediately.
These games are the most unfavorable to the player and should be avoided.
That makes it very important to ensure you know the house blackjack rules before you begin gambling.
Blackjack Table Limits The table limits in blackjack vary from one casino to the next�both in land-based and online gambling casinos.
Most 21 gaming tables accommodate up to six players, but the cost of high-limit tables generally limits the number of players.
Blackjack Insurance Insurance essentially is a bet on whether or not the dealer has 21 right off of the deal, and requires players to lay half their initial wagers.
If the dealer has 21, the house will pay the insurance bets at 2:1.
That payoff will wipe out the loss from the initial wager.
If the dealer does have 21, the player will lose the initial bet but will receive a 1:1 payout on their insurance amount, and so they will receive that same amount back.
If both have 21, most blackjack rules say that is a push.
Some casino 21 rules, though, give ties to the dealer when it comes to a blackjack.
In most cases, though, a push results in the player getting back his or her wager.
If the dealer does not have blackjack, anyone who bought insurance will lose that amount, regardless how the rest of the hand plays out.
learn more here decisions they make should take into account the cards held by other players at the table, as well as the dealer.
In most cases, a player normally stands when the point value of their cards is between 16 and 21.
Do Dealers Hit on a Soft 17?
If a dealer has less than 17, they must continue drawing cards until they reach 17 or above, without going over 21.
If the scores of the player and the dealer are equal, the player receives their original bet how betting works in blackjack, and this is a push.
Should the dealer bust or go over 21 at any point, all the players at the table will win and receive a 1:1 payout.
Any player who had blackjack would have already been paid out at least 3:2 during the round and as much as 2:1.
Blackjack Surrender Rules Depending on the casino, some will let players cut their losses by surrendering half their bets after the initial deal.
An early surrender allows the player to surrender when a 10 or face card is drawn without checking the hole-card for blackjack.
That could be preferable if the dealer is showing a particularly strong hand, like an Ace.
A late surrender allows the player to surrender after checking the hole-card, but before the dealer reveals his useful general strategy blackjack can her hand.
Many players view the early surrender as more favorable, especially if the dealer is showing an Ace.
For example, virtually all players of 21 will split a pair of Aces by placing an additional bet to create two potentially winning how betting works in blackjack />After receiving two more cards, the player determines whether to hit or stand with each of the two hands he or she now has.
Depending on the cards dealt, splitting your cards can double your chances of hitting a blackjack.
Splitting cards can also at least double your potential winnings from the same initial hand dealt.
Most will not split a pair of cards worth 20 points, for example, while all will split a pair of Aces.
When to Split in Blackjack Blackjack rules say that when your first two cards are identical, you may split them to create two different hands.
Knowing when to split your dealt hand is an important element of taking the edge away from the casino and back in your favor.
But if you do split, you increases your chances of getting two hands of 18.
Many experienced blackjack players are hesitant to split 8s when how betting works in blackjack is showing an 8 or higher.
The math shows that splitting 8s, all-though it puts twice the wager, will lose less over time.
But the goal in how betting works in blackjack is to keep your losses to a minimum by choosing the strategy that will lose less than other options.
Blackjack Double Down Rules Another popular play that could double your potential winnings�and losses�on a check this out hand is the double down.
The double down allows you to double your wager after the initial bet, but you only get one more card.
Many skilled players use a strict system based on statistical probability to determine the ideal times to double down.
As with splitting cards, that assessment includes what the dealer is showing off the deal, plus other cards that might already have gone into play.
The number of decks used also affects the ideal strategy for playing 21 and considering when to double down on your bet.
Variations of Traditional Blackjack Rules Many casinos play by the traditional 21 rules that were once popular on the This web page Vegas Strip, which is traditionally called American 21 Or Vegas Rules.
These games are more common online and at small casinos that focus on locals.
Yet, the game has many other versions with their own subtle rules changes.
European Blackjack Rules That is similar to the European variation of only being able to double down on a hard 10 or 11.
This rule is not favorable to the player because doubling down with a soft 12-18 is favorable in a lot of situations when playing 21.
No-Hole-Card Blackjack 21 Most countries outside the U.
That leaves an extra card in the deck for the players to get, and it could be an Ace at just the right time.
They are not offered at all tables and are more common online than offline.
The only side bet that is standard at just about all tables is insurance.
There are a very wide https://ipodxs.com/blackjack/1-blackjack-foxwoods.html of blackjack side bets.
Most of them involve the player being dealt certain initial cards like a specific pairthe total of the initial deal reaching a certain number, or the dealer busting on their first drawn card.
Side wagers almost universally have a much higher house edge than the game of blackjack itself and are usually not regarded as a good bet for the average player.
They can be put to use by skilled card counters in certain situations, however.
Pro Tip: Learn How to Adapt to any Type of Blackjack Rules No matter which types of blackjack rules your favorite land-based and online casinos use, you can adapt your game to the rules and stand a better chance of winning more often.
The rules may be printed on the table, or you may have to ask the dealer about them.
At an online casino, reputable online blackjack casinos should make the rules available before you enter a table, and there is usually a button you can press to get a refresher if need be if anything is not constantly visible on the screen.
Some even sell them in their gift shops!
Some properties may not want it placed on the table, however as part of a general policy of not allowing anything on the table.
Some may also ask players to put it away if other players feel it is slowing down the game too much.
However, they also tend to make up for this with very poor payout rates for natural blackjacks, and also may give the dealer the win with certain types of pushes.
If you sit down and do the math, 21 variants and oddball blackjack games usually end up having a more unfavorable house edge than standard blackjack, even though the rules might seem more liberal at first.
Changing the blackjack payout to 6:5 alone provides the casino with a 1.
No rule change at blackjack gives the house more of an advantage other than allowing the dealer to win pushes.
Card counters want as few decks as possible to simplify their counts, however.
Rules about seeing this card vary from place to place, sometimes even from dealer to dealer.
Some show it to the table automatically, some have to be asked, and rarely some casinos have a policy of never showing it to the player.
If the casino wants to burn cards to deter card counting, they would periodically burn several cards in the middle of the shoe to more effectively mess with player counts.
Use Blackjack Basic Strategy Now that you know the basics of 21 card game rules, you can have fun playing online and casino table games for real cash or just for fun.
The more you study particular games and learn to apply basic blackjack 21 strategy, the more you just might find yourself beating the house and winning more cash.
All it takes is some skilled play, combined with a bit of timely luck on your side after you master the blackjack basics.
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So you've built a blackjack table and now you want to have some friends over to show it off! There are. They are betting that the dealer HAS blackjack. It pays�...

How To Play Blackjack (The Complete Guide) - Blackjack Apprenticeship
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Best Blackjack Strategy For Betting | American Casino Guide
how betting works in blackjack

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Your next move at the Blackjack table is to place a wager in the betting area, which. a while, you can determine whether the Insurance bet works for you or not.

Blackjack Rules - How to Play the Game of Blackjack
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Blackjack - Wikipedia
How to play blackjack By Henry Tamburin One of the most often asked questions from players about is "how should I bet?
Flat Bet Blackjack Strategy This means betting the same amount all the time.
Most players don't like to bet this way because they figure if the dealer wins more hands then them they'll never win any money.
Also players feel it's boring betting this way.
They prefer the thrill of sometimes betting more in the hopes that when they do so, they will win the hand just click for source make a nice profit.
Here are the facts click to see more the flat betting blackjack strategy.
That means you will lose on average 0.
The casino expects how betting works in blackjack earn 0.
It's is a conservative betting strategy that leads to a relatively low theoretical loss rate.
The fluctuation in this player's bankroll will also be low which means the likelihood he'll have a big winning or losing session is not great.
Progressive Betting Blackjack Strategy This is where things get interesting.
The Progressive betting blackjack strategy is when players vary their bets in some way from one hand to the next rather than always betting the same amount on every hand.
There are all different types of betting progressions but they all have one common denominator.
You either decrease or increase your next bet depending upon whether the hand you just played won or lose.
Win progressions encourage you to increase your bet size after a winning hand.
There are all different kinds of win progressions.
The most common is a 1-2-3-5 progression.
This means you increase your bet by the above multiples after each winning hand but as soon as you experience a loss, you start the progression over with a 1 unit bet.
Proponents of win progressions will tell you that you'll win more money if you win 5 consecutive hands compared to the amount you lose if you lose 5 consecutive hands.
Of course what they don't tell you is that you never know when that 5 consecutive winning hand streak will occur.
There are also betting progressions in which you increase your bet following a loss.
These Martingale type betting progression are dangerous and you should never consider using them.
There is also hybrid betting progressions, which have you increase your how betting works in blackjack following a win, but after two or three success wins you lock up some profit and gradually regress your bets.
The creativity of progressive bettors is never ending.
First of all, blackjack strategy for betting progressions do not change the 0.
There has never been a correlation between the hand just won or lost and you chance of winning the next hand.
So betting progressions in the long run don't work in the sense that they won't improve your long-term chances of winning.
Try an online casino for FREE.
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But here's what betting progressions will do.
First off they increase the fluctuation in your session bankroll compared to flat betting.
This means you can win more using a betting progression compared to flat betting but you can also lose more.
Secondly, betting progressions will increase the amount of money you wager per hour compared to flat betting.
The casinos expected win is 0.
Here's a tip to save you some money in the long run if you insist on using a betting progression.
But in the long run flat betting and betting progressions don't work in the sense they won't change the house edge against you how betting works in blackjack you will lose in the long run.
So what betting system works?
That my friends is card counting.
Betting When You Have The Edge Card Counting With card counting you know when you have the edge based on the change in the composition of the decks and therefore you'll know when it's the right time to bet more.
So unlike betting progressions that are based on whether you win or lose the previous hands, card counting is based on the mix of cards that were played on previous hands.
If more small value cards were played in previous rounds, there are more big value cards left in the unplayed cards and the edge shifts from dealer to player.
This would be the best time to bet more.
Not a whole lot of average blackjack players have the time or mental concentration during play that is required to master one of the popular point count card counting systems.
These are readily available in blackjack books.
But even though how betting works in blackjack of blackjack books have been sold since Ed Thorp's classic book, Beat The Dealer circa 1962 first revealed card counting to the masses, the number of players who can successful win money in the long run at blackjack number in the hundreds and thousands.
So what's the here to betting at blackjack for the average player?
I asked Don Pronovost that same question about four years ago.
Don is a software developer that markets blackjack training software.
He spent the better part of two years and a trillion computer simulated hands looking for the solution to this dilemma.
What he developed is Speed Count.
Speed Count is unlike any conventional card counting system.
It's much simpler to master and requires much less concentration when you play.
Now that you know article source scoop on betting at blackjack, I wish you many aces and faces the next time you play.
Henry Tamburin has been a respected casino gambling writer for the past 50 years.
He is the author of the and was editor of the Blackjack Insider newsletter.
You can read his latest articles on blackjack, video poker, and his personal playing experiences at Gambling is restricted in USA.
A few states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania permit online gambling to persons over 21 years.
Land based casinos are popular and legal in most https://ipodxs.com/blackjack/general-strategy-blackjack.html.

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Anyone who's read a reasonably good post about basic strategy in blackjack knows that you should never take insurance. It's a sucker bet.

Blackjack Basics
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Blackjack - Wizard of Odds
Blackjack Rules - How to Play the Game of Blackjack How To Play Blackjack Blackjack Rules - How to Play Blackjack This tutorial teaches you the basics of the game of blackjack.
Learn how to play blackjack and learn the various blackjack options that are offered during a blackjack game.
You can also download our blackjack shareware game and practice your blackjack game.
If you're not sure what rules to set up for practice, you can always find free demo blackjack games that mirror real casino blackjack games to help you figure out which rules to configure, because there are so many possibilities.
Blackjack Basics - Placing Your Bet and Dealing the Cards A blackjack game begins with all players placing their bets.
To place a bet, you put your betting chips into the betting circle or square.
If you hesitate, the blackjack dealer may simply deal you out.
Or she may point to your betting circle to signal that no bet is there.
All tables have minimum and maximum bets allowed for that table, which should be clearly marked with a sign on the blackjack table.
You cannot bet less than the minimum, or more than the maximum, as your initial bet.
Once all blackjack players have placed their bets, the dealer deals the cards from a Shoe.
The shoe is the box where all the cards are kept ready to be dealt.
Each blackjack player will end up with two cards.
Do NOT touch your cards.
This is a big taboo.
A blackjack player who touches his cards could be viewed as a potential cheater.
Remember the old slick trick of hiding a card up your sleeve?
Some players may place several bets, and play multiple hands from their seat at the blackjack table.
The cards are now dealt and you have two cards in front of you, and the dealer has two cards, but one of them is face down, unless you are playing a variation of blackjack called Double Exposure where the dealer's cards are face up.
This face down card is called the Hole Card.
The face up card is known as the Up Card.
Blackjack Basics - Your Objective Now that the cards are dealt you can study them to determine how best to achieve your objective.
Blackjack is also known as 21 twenty one.
The goal of the game is for your cards to total as close to 21 as possible without going over 21.
Any total over 21 busts.
This means it automatically loses and the dealer takes your bet.
All players will fully take how betting works in blackjack turns before the dealer exposes her Hole Card.
So you may lose by busting before the dealer ever plays.
You will never bust on your initial two cards.
You can only bust by taking more cards.
Blackjack Basics - Hard Hands and Soft Hands Face cards Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10 points each.
All other cards are valued at face value the number on the cardwith the exception of Aces.
Aces are worth 1 or 11 points, whichever is preferable to you.
This is your choice.
Any hand with an Ace in it whose total is 21 or less whether the Ace is counted as 1 or 11 is known as a soft hand.
For example, if you have an A-6, your hand could be totaled as 7 or 17, whichever you prefer.
The term soft means that the hand has two possible totals.
On the initial deal, if you have an Ace, your hand will always be considered soft.
It will not go over 21 if you take another card.
A hard hand is one where there is only one possible total for the hand, even with an Ace in it.
If here how betting works in blackjack Aces as 11 puts the hand over 21, then they must be counted as 1.
A hand without Aces is always hard.
A hand with Aces that must be counted as 1 is also hard.
Blackjack Basics - The Dealer's Hand The dealer's hand is always taken as the highest number on the initial deal.
The Ace is automatically assumed to be an 11.
There is one exception to this rule, and that is determined by whether the dealer Hits or Stands on a Soft 17.
This rule is usually written on the blackjack table itself.
Normally, if a dealer has A-6, it is counted as 17.
In all blackjack games, the dealer stands on 17.
The dealer does not take any more cards in an attempt to get a higher total.
But if a blackjack table is playing with the rule Dealer Must Hit on Soft 17, this means that the dealer's A-6 will be counted as 7 and the dealer will take another card when her turn comes.
This is a bad blackjack rule for you.
You have better odds of winning at blackjack if you play at a table where the dealer stands on soft 17.
Blackjack Basics - Winning, Losing and the Payout Your ultimate goal is to have a higher hand total than the dealer without going over 21.
If the dealer ends up with 17 and you have 18, you win.
If you both have 17, you push or tie unless you are playing a variation of blackjack where the dealer wins certain ties.
But we will assume you are playing a standard game of blackjack.
Off it goes into the dealer's chip tray.
If you push tienothing happens.
You can leave it there as your next bet, add to it, or remove it and not play.
Blackjack Basics - Getting a Blackjack So how does a blackjack fit into all of this?
First of all, contrary to the name of the game, you do NOT need to have a "black jack" to have a blackjack.
A blackjack is defined as two cards totaling 21.
If you are dealt a ten-value card 10-Jack-Queen-or King and an Ace, these two cards total 21.
Two cards totaling 21 is a blackjack.
This is also known as a natural 21.
A natural 21 only happens on the initial deal, as your first two cards.
A two-card 21 or blackjack is ranked higher than a 3-or-more card 21.
This is the one exception to a tie.
If you are dealt a blackjack, also known as a 2-card 21, you are payed at a higher rate than any other win.
Most blackjack tables will have a blackjack payout of 3:2 or how betting works in blackjack />There are exceptions to this blackjack payout as well.
Casinos have created many variations of blackjack, and most of these variations are designed to put more money into the casino's coffers than into yours.
For example, some blackjack tables have a blackjack payout of 6:5.
At this point in the game, we are still on our initial two cards.
Blackjack Game Play - The Dealer Has An Ace Showing Several rules come into play when the dealer has an Ace blackjack euro casino />Virtually all blackjack tables offer Insurance and Even Money.
A very rare few tables will also offer Early Surrender.
Blackjack Game Play - Insurance Most blackjack games allow you to buy Insurance if the dealer has an Ace showing.
This happens after the cards are dealt, but before anybody starts taking hits.
This is a side bet.
You are betting that the dealer has a blackjack.
You are betting that the hidden card is worth 10 points.
You place an additional bet of up to half of your original bet.
Once how betting works in blackjack players have placed an insurance bet or declined to - you do NOT have to make this additional bet the dealer then turns over https://ipodxs.com/blackjack/nj-online-blackjack.html hidden card.
If she has blackjack, all insurance side bets win at a payout rate of 2:1.
The logic behind this bet is supposed to allow you to break even instead of losing to a dealer's blackjack.
The assumption is that a dealer showing an Ace has a blackjack, which beats you.
So you buy insurance.
Be aware that unless you are a serious card counter, it rarely works this way.
Just as often as not the dealer does not have a blackjack, click you end up losing both bets.
This side bet does NOT affect your regular bet.
It is a completely separate bet.
You can win one bet and lose the other.
Or you can lose both bets.
It is not possible to win both bets unless you are playing an unusual variation of blackjack where the player wins blackjack ties.
If the dealer has blackjack, all players who do not also have blackjack lose.
Any player with a blackjack ties, unless they took Even Money.
This hand ends and a new hand begins.
If the dealer does not have blackjack, insurance side bets lose.
And the hand continues.
Blackjack Game Play - Even Money This brings us to Even Money.
If you are dealt a blackjack and the dealer has an Ace showing, she may offer you Even Money for your blackjack.
She is offering you the chance of a guaranteed blackjack win at a lesser payout.
She will payout your blackjack at a rate of 1:1 instead of 3:2.
She offers this before checking for her own blackjack.
Most of the blackjack advice and strategies will tell you not to take it.
That you are better off holding out for the higher payout.
Personally, I am rather fond of Even Money.
I don't get dealt enough blackjacks to take chances.
Whatever seat I am in at the table, the guy next to me is getting blackjacks all over the place.
So I prefer the guaranteed payout.
Know that this flies click the face of virtually all official blackjack strategies.
Blackjack Game Play - Early Surrender Early Surrender is another blackjack offering that is particularly useful when the dealer has an Ace showing.
This is a very rare rule these days.
Few casinos still offer it, and most experts agree that it is a good rule for the player particularly if you count cards.
Surrendering offers you the chance to give up and NOT play this hand, forfeiting one half of your bet.
You simply conclude that your odds of losing are almost guaranteed, so you are cutting your losses in half.
You Surrender, and lose half of your bet instead of all of it.
Surrendering always occurs before the dealer takes any additional cards beyond the initial two.
There are three different versions of Surrender.
Early Surrender, Late Surrender and Surrender Anytime.
Early Surrender is offered immediately after the cards are dealt, before the dealer checks for blackjack.
Late Surrender is offered only after the dealer checks for blackjack, when your turn comes to actually play.
But you must take Late Surrender quickly free casino games blackjack 21 sorry taking any additional cards beyond your first two.
Surrender Anytime is another unusual blackjack rule allowing you to Surrender even after taking hits.
No matter how many cards you have drawn, you still have the option to Surrender if this rule is in effect.
Most blackjack tables support Late Surrender.
Very few offer Early Surrender or Surrender Anytime.
Blackjack Game Play - When It's Your Turn All of the above happens very quickly.
It can come and go in a blink and be very confusing if you are new to the game of blackjack.
Very few words are said.
The dealer often justs runs her hand around the table palm up in askance of whether tip sheet blackjack wants to invoke the pre-game rules.
You might let a dealer know that you are new to the game so that she takes a bit more time to explain your choices.
Otherwise, she will likely assume that you already know.
All of the initial options have come and gone and the dealer turns over her Hole Card.
Now we get down to the guts of the game of blackjack.
Each player will now have the chance to take additional cards, Split Pairs, Double Strip poker and blackjack at poker moker, or take Late Surrender.
Blackjack Game Play - Splitting Pairs If you have a matched pair, such as two Eights or two Kings or two Aces, you have the option to Split Pairs.
The only variation of this option is for unmatched Tens.
The general rule for splitting in blackjack is that the number of the card be an exact match the suit does not matter.
Two Tens are an exact match.
Two Jacks are an exact match.
But a Ten and a Jack are not an exact match, even though both are worth 10 points.
If unmatched Tens are supported, and some blackjack tables do support this option, then you can split a Ten-Jack or other variations of Ten value cards.
But this is the odd blackjack rule, not the standard.
So how does Splitting Pairs work?
You put an additional bet down next to your first bet, of exactly the same amount.
This tells the dealer that you want to Split Pairs.
If you are Doubling Down on a matched pair, you might want to tell the dealer very clearly so that she does not assume you are Splitting.
Putting your additional bet ON TOP OF your first bet is another way of telling the dealer that you want to Double Down rather than Split.
Putting the bets side by side is your indication of a Split.
The blackjack dealer then splits your cards, making two separate hands.
Each hand now has one card and its own bet.
You will play each hand individually.
Blackjack Rules After Splitting Pairs There are many variations of blackjack when it comes to Splitting Pairs.
Some tables only allow one hit on a split Ace.
In other words, if you split Aces, each Ace only gets one more card.
The play moves to your next hand if you have one, or the next player.
You may or may not be able to Double Down after Splitting.
You may or may not be able to split again if you get another matched pair.
When a Blackjack isn't a Blackjack Some blackjacks are considered to be lower on the totem pole than other blackjacks.
If you get a blackjack after splitting a pair, this is NOT considered a natural 21.
Consequently, it is blackjack and fallout littlepip equestria lower than a blackjack that you are dealt.
For example, if you are dealt an A-A, you can split the Aces to make two hands.
Each Ace will become the beginning of its own hand, and you place a new bet on the second Ace equal to your original bet.
Now you have two bets, and two hands.
If how betting works in blackjack take a hit take a card on one of these Aces and the card is a 10-value card, you have a blackjack, or 2-card 21.
However, because you've split, this blackjack has a lower rank.
Quite often the payout on a split blackjack is 1:1 instead of 3:2.
Another trick the casinos play is that your split blackjack loses to their natural blackjack.
This is the rule in European Blackjack.
So being aware of the rules at a particular blackjack table is very important.
Even in the same casino, the rules at individual blackjack tables will vary from each other.
Blackjack Game Play - Double Down Double Down means doubling your bet, and taking only ONE more card.
To Double Down you put an additional bet down next to your original bet, of the same amount.
The dealer will deal you one more card for that hand, and you are done.
If you are Doubling After Splitting DAS the play moves to your next hand, otherwise it moves to the next blackjack player.
Some casinos allow you to Double Down only on your first two cards of a hand.
Others allow you to Double Down even after taking hits.
You might be able to Double Down on any hand total.
Or you might be limited to Doubling Down only if your hand totals a certain amount, such as 10-11 only.
You may or may not be allowed to Double Down after How betting works in blackjack Pairs.
Blackjack Game Play - Late Surrender If Late Surrender is offered, this is where you will invoke it.
The dealer has checked for blackjack and you know she does not have one.
Before taking any more cards you will have the option to Surrender.
You lose half of your bet instead of all of it, and you do not take any hits.
The hand is over for you.
This is known as giving up, or cutting your losses.
The dealer takes your cards and half of your bet, and this hand is over for you.
If you have another hand to play, the blackjack play moves to that hand.
Otherwise it moves to the next blackjack player.
Blackjack Game Play - Taking Hits All options have now been offered and it's time to either Hit or Stand.
To take a Hit means to take another card.
To Stand means to stop taking cards, and go with your hand as it is.
Taking a Hit is also known as a Taking a Draw.
Unless your hand total is less than 12, you will risk busting, or going over 21, with every Hit you take.
If you bust, the dealer takes your bet and your cards.
You lost that hand.
If you have another hand to play, the play moves to your next hand.
Otherwise it moves to the next blackjack player.
You must decide whether your hand total could win as it stands, or whether you need to try for a higher total.
Remember that just because your blackjack hand totals 16 for example, doesn't mean it will automatically lose if the dealer must draw to 17.
There is always the possibility that the dealer will bust.
In all blackjack games the dealer MUST keep taking Hits until she has at least 17.
This gives her a good chance of busting if her hand total is 15 or 16 and she takes a Hit.
If the dealer Stands on Soft 17, this means that the moment the dealer reaches 17, regardless of any Aces that could be counted as 1 or 11, the dealer will stop taking cards.
If the dealer Hits on Soft 17, then the dealer will hit if she has 17 but it could be counted as less than 17 because of an Ace.
In other words, the dealer will hit on a hand of A-6.
Blackjack Game Play - End of Hand and Payouts Once all of the blackjack players have played their hands, whether they Split, Doubled, Busted, or still have cards on the table, it is now the dealer's turn.
The blackjack dealer will turn over the hidden card Hole cardand will take Hits until she reaches 17 or higher.
If the dealer busts goes over 21all hands that remain win.
If the dealer doesn't bust, then each hand is compared to the dealer's hand and whoever has the higher total wins, unless it is a tie.
The dealer takes the bets of all losing hands.
Everyone who wins is paid, and this round ends.

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A quick guide to playing the blackjack game
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