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Full text of "Arcade - Issue 01 (1998-12)(Future Publishing)(GB)"
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Full text of "Arcade - Issue 01 (1998-12)(Future Publishing)(GB)"
But most Mudokons cry because electrodes are attached to their tear glands, stimulating the Ingredients for SoulStorm Brew, the best-selling nauseating elixir from SoulStorm Brewery.
In the classic Oddworld tradition, Abe's Exoddus delivers more intuitive communication and entrepreneurial evil ban ever before.
Welcome to the tastiest gaming brew ever concocted.
Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of Super Mario 64.
He's spent the last two years working on a Nintendo 64 game to better it.
And it looks like he's succeeded.
State of Play A 22-page examination of where videogames are today.
The systems, the best games, the superstar designers, the entire history of gaming, and more.
Plus: Should you buy a PlayStation or Nintendo 64?
And what PC set- up's best for games?
I Game Boy r Color on test Nintendo's world-conquering handheld is reborn with a colour screen.
You know you want one.
But is it any good?
We test the machine and a slew of new games.
Brian Lam Cricket, Colony Wars: Vengeance, Cool Boarders 3, Formula 1 '98.
Music, NFL Blitz, NHL '99.
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, ODT, Rival Schools, Rogue Trip, R-Types, Spyro the Dragon, Tcnchu, T0CA 2 and more.
Import games: M'irii 1 Gear SoW on test Platinum budget games: Time Crisis, So you're good at Quake?
Try challenging the legions of Quake-ers waiting on-line.
Plus the best websites and CD-ROM of the Month.
Steering wheels, joysticks, console "holders", add-on gizmos, and plenty of other great ways to rid yourself of all that unwanted cash.
New releases: Caesar ill.
FA Premier League Football Manager '99, The Fifth Element Fighter Pilot, Hedz, Klingon Honor Guard.
Links 15 '99, Magic S Mayhem.
Tomb Raider III and more.
Then take a nice rest in front of Mask of Zorro, The Negotiator, Ronin or the new Elmore Leonard flick, Out of Sight s: 1080", Body Harvest, Fl World Grand Prix, F-Zero X, Gex 64: Enter the Gecko.
Starshot: Space Circus Fever.
Import games: NASCAR '99 screams in.
Game Boy: Includ r.
Cool Hand, Reservoir Rat and Montezuma's Return.
Sega Saturn: Lteter Kj.
Coin-ops: 5ega AM2's ace SpikeOut.
Every issue re Scream 2 or City of Angels worth a rental?
And should you buy Boogie Nights'!
U"-: becomes too inte'ieciudly tai no, why rot relax with a glossy book of, er, game pics?
Like Replay: Ultimate Game Graphics.
This source a mini-TV round-up and Nintendo goodies.
We'll tell you where to get one.
Man can't live on reviews alone.
Legacy of Kaiir io'ji c compete guide to Spyro Reaver and Crash 'o 38 Games Insider Four gaming experts: one in Japan, one in Cairo mis.
All with something to say.
Citizen Kabuto, as you'll 98 Kick ASS Crsfi blackjack codeworkout q-; tics?
Dragon and expert help with 1080�.
Biofreaks, Colin McRae Rally, Final Fantasy VII, Gex 64, James Bond 007.
Tekken 3, Tenchu, The X-Files and WWF War Zone.
December 1 998 Arcade 1 5 Why ft With MattBiefey, EdftoNrtChief It's the very first issue of a new magazine, and that generally means it's time for a little self - justification.
And who am I to fly in the face of convention?
Here, then, is the general thinking behind Arcade.
Y'see, there are two ways of looking at this magazine.
You can see it as the culmination of years of videogame mags - as the best bits of Your Sinclair and Crash and ACE and Zero and PC Carrier and Official PlayStation holding a party between the same covers.
If you've been around games for more years than you care to count, you'll probably look at it like this.
Or you can see Arcade as something new - the first games magazine to take its cues from the semi-lifestyle specialist men's mags, like Q and Empire and Total Film.
In truth, it's probably a bit of both.
But we also have plenty that should, with a bit of luck, be less familiar - features that go deeper than you might be used to try our T-Rex-si?
Mostly, though, it's in attitude that Arcade is different - we look at games and say, "They're no longer some bedroom hobby, but a young and growing slice of mainstream entertainment, just like films and music, and should be treated as such.
You see, Arcade is for experts and novices alike - it's red dead redemption blackjack profit anyone who's ever had fun with a game.
It covers all the bases chiefly PlayStation, PC and N64, for now at least in enough depth to tell you what you need to know, but not enough to bore you.
It gives you lots of pages, hopefully decent writing you'll find many of the best videogame journalists of the last ten years lurking between these covers.
And all at a affordable regular price of just ?2.
All of which is just a long-winded way of saying welcome to what should become the magazine for videogamers.
Please write Jfc ' and let me know what you think.
Rants Raves Packed with hymns, angst and vitriol, ifs the bit we get you write.
The first issue of a new magazine never has any letters, but the pages are still there to be filled.
What do you do?
Well, one solution is to ask all your pals in the videogame business to answer a couple of pressing questions.
Like, "What's been your favourite game of 1998?
Next issue, this page will be home to your comments on Arcade 1, but in the meantime, over to the great and the good of gaming.
Seriously spooky Part of the problem with making your own games is that you have a lot less time to play other people's.
In fact, I've got a stack of games about three feet high sitting next to my PC at home, waiting for Half-Life to be finished.
With I that said, the game I enjoyed the most this year was Resident Evil 2 It's the kind of game I usually hate.
I'm not usually a big fan of inventory- permutation and find-t he-button adventure gameplay.
The player control is pretty frustrating, and the beginning is a lot harder than the rest of it.
But even with those faults stacked against the thing, I couldn't stop playing.
I've finished it as Leon and Claire, and am even thinking about trying to play it through as Tofu next, too.
It's pretty weird, as a game designer, to find yourself playing and enjoying something you thought you would hate.
But it's a good thing, because it forces you to try and understand exactly why it is you've been hooked.
It never got campy, the characters were always consistent, and, Tofu aside, they resisted the temptation to do anything silly.
So even though I was a bit frustrated at times, I really felt like I was in the middle of a George Romero zombie movie - a feeling that kept me hanging on waiting to see what would happen next The game I'm looking forward to the most right now is the US version of Konami's Metal Gear Solid We got hold of a Japanese demo version and a group of about 15 of us all stood around and watched.
There were a ton of impressive things, from both a technological and design point of view.
But when one of the people watching said, "Hey, can you do anything with the cardboard box?
Gabe Newell, Managing Director, Valve Software Valve's Half-Life for PC, already touted as the best3D A shooter yet, is reviewed in Arcade 2, out 14 December.
You choose the sounds, music makes the music.
It's amazing what you can do on your PlayStation.
Rants Raves This year I have spent a lot of time playing Anvil of Damn, even though it has been out for a while, lam most looking forward to the release of Indiana Jones.
I'm always up for a new adventure.
Roberta Williams, Designer King's Quest', Sierra It's impossible for me to choose between my two favourite games of last year.
Fallout and Twinsun's Odyssey.
Fallout, in particular, kept me guessing right up to the end both times I piayed it!
Unsurprisingly, I'm most looking forward to Fallout 2.
Alex Garden, CEO, Relic Entertainment From the opening cinematic all the way through to the exciting final battle, Descent; Freespace was a top notch game with high quality production values.
Zelda 64 is the one I'm looking forward to.
Miyamoto consistently has the magic touch, Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Level Designer UnrealEpic MegaGames My favourite game of '98 was Dungeon Keeper.
I'm looking forward to playing Zelda because Game blackjack 21 know how much time Miyamoto-san has spent on it.
This could be his magnum opus.
Will Wright, Designer, Maxis I'm going with Total Annihilation, a game loaded with so many innovations it made 2D real-time strategy games obsolete.
I'm looking forward to Half-Life.
Here's a game that plays like a 3D movie, and it's fun just walking around and seeing ail the stuff that happens.
Scott Miller, President, Apogee Life - a first person game with a decent plot clever cinematics and a bit of bleedin' thought behind it.
Games are the new films.
Brown is the new black, Simon Le8on is a New Romantic But watch your back, Half-Life - you may be looking great now, but Indestructibles is coming to get ya!
James Leach, Head of scripting.
Bullfrog James was once editor of Super Play, the much mourned Super Nintendo mag.
Glittering gem I've played some cracking good games, but one gem that stands out for me in the glittering necklace of the games industry is Metal Gear Solid W- easily Konami's finest hour!
It's always great having access to import games, but few are as stunning as this classic espi on a ge-cum -stealth romp.
The thing that attracted me to it is the whole stealth thing.
In a world of endless beat-'em-ups and car games, it's refreshing to play a new type of game that really delivers the goods.
Even if all the language is in Japanese, everything about MGS oozes quality.
From its super-slick 3D engine, right through to its beautifully orchestrated soundtrack, it's superb.
There's incredible attention to detail in evidence just about everywhere you look the maggots in the cell are particularly fine.
As for the game I can't wait for, it's got to be Square's FinalFantasy VIII.
From what little I've played of the demo that came free with Brave Fencer, it seems like it'll look and feel even better than its predecessor And this time round they've moved the graphics up a gear.
Roll on the long evenings!
Christian Russell, Graphic Artist, Core Design Christian has worked on Normality, Hardcore 4x4 and Reloaded.
Damn expensive After a bard day doing Bullfrog-type things, there's nothing like kicking back with a spot of multi-player Quake II.
It's fast and furious and few survive - the all-night tequila session of the gaming world.
Then, for a more chilled bit of gaming fun, there's always StarCraft.
The three sides are so well-balanced, argument surges back and forth about which actually is the best.
Okay, okay, I know it's the Protoss.
If only they weren't so damn expensive.
The real craze for us, though, is our own Populous: The Beginning We've had hell of an intense time getting this one to play exactly right, and it's nict be able to step back from the tweaking and just Net-play the demo with other humans, both guys in the office and people in America at night But what'll be the next thing to keep us here in the office, propped up next to empty beer bottles and cooling, half -eaten pizzas night after night?
I 'n-ckon it'll be Valve Software's great Half- 8 Arcade December 19 Mum trouble I've enjoyed Rare's GoldenEye 007 the most this year.
I started playing it just before Christmas lunch and was immediately captivated - so much so that I missed the first course and got in trouble with my Mum.
GoldenEye is so impressive because it uses that old stand-by, a film license, in a way that no other game ever has before.
It has a solid 3D engine, great level design and the balance is just perfect.
As for '99, I'm probably looking forward to Bullfrog's Populous III the most but partially because all other games I'm keen on have slipped!
This is ell a bit nepotistic, because I know the people working on it, but it'll be so weird to play someone else's what is a surrender on Populous.
Weird, but click the following article, too - from what I have seen of it, the game looks just amazing.
Peter Molyneux, Director, Lionhead Studios Peter's God Sims, like the Populous series and Powermonger, built Bullfrog and created a whole new game genre.
Life in the old girl This last year I've been heavily involved with the design of Federation, Klingon and Romulan ground units for our own upcoming 5tar Trek: New Worlds.
As a more deeply versed in Trek lore than is permitted under EU law.
But I've still found time to play games.
My favourite of the year was Unreal.
It looked great, played well and featured a ildenEye 007 sniper-rifle.
Sim on Cox, Jonathan Da n East Dean Evans, Simon Game Goldsmith.
Jr,natha Smith, Travis, Camilla Way, Gle i Weston.
Simon Dodd, Jude Edginton, Illustration Chris s A:ivYT':iv.
All material C Future PuOlishing 1998 Next issue on sale 14th December.
Mobile Rrmor Division NIGHT i I M i C R T D S I Link />CaM Rants Raves Arcade Sounds daft I haven't really played many games this year.
I know that sounds daft for a game developer, but the development of Championship Manager 3 has been eating up a good, oh, 200% of my time.
In fact, the last game 1 played for any real stretch was GT Interactive's Duke Nuketn 3D - totally brilliant, of course.
In fact, I liked it so much that my most anticipated game for '99 has to be Duke Nuketn 4ever, if they ever bloody get round to releasing it!
That's why we keep delaying Championship Manager 3 - we don't want to be outdone!
Oliver Collyer, Co-designer "Championship Manager,', EIDOS Oliver is currently knuckling down to beat Duke Sorry, fiat 500 blackjack prix idea 3D's tricky last level.
Hollywood great For me, for sheer size and the quality of ideas, my pick of the year blackjack chart 1 deck to be Square's Final Fantasy VII Its intriguing plot, great video sequences and top-notch music are woven together in a way to rival some of Hollywood's greats.
Sure, the story's cliched and moralistic, but like Spielberg's feel-good movies, that's what makes it so entertaining.
And it's such a big game.
But, like all good classics, at the end Iwas gutted because I realised I'd have to find something else to fill the void.
The game I'm looking forward to most is Zelda 64.
Everything I've seen about it excites me.
I had a chance to play it at the European Computer Trade Show, but I don't think I even scratched the surface {probably because a Nintendo babe was breathing down my neck and hinting for me to move over and let this other guy play.
Again, it's the sheer quality and variety which makes it hard to resist.
And, of course, it's the brainchild of good old Shigeru Miyamoto.
I saw him at a trade show once - not as tall as you'd think.
Nick Harper, Game Designer, Psygnosis Nick's last game was Overboard, but he won't tell us what his next project is.
Groovy ambush Last year my favourite game was Myth from Bungie - 1 poured quite a bit of time into it.
It's the first 3D strategy game to give me that Command 3 Conquer buzz again.
That said, it had its problems.
My main bitch is that I would sometimes spend ages setting up a groovy ambush and then, at the vital moment when I threw in my bomb, instead of setting off a chain reaction to wipe out the enemy, it would just fizzle and fail.
I would be left with nothing but a giant group of enemies kicking my ass, I hope this immensely annoying as pea of the gameplay gets fixed in Myth II, which I intend to buy the day it appears.
The dark side of my job is that I work long hours.
This means that I mostly get to play games when I'm on vacation or on a plane.
As I write this, for instance.
I'm sitting in a hotel room in Thailand, all I have with me is my laptop, and I fancy playing a good game.
Except so many of them require 3D cards these days that they're totally non- laptop friendly.
So please read this, Bungie - and make Myth II work on my laptop!
Dave Perry, President, Shiny Entertainment Dave lives in sunny Laguna Beach, just south of LA, and we're dead jcilous.
Very polished I haven't had much time to play games this year - Tomb Raider III has taken up most of my time - but the one game that did grab me was Epic MegaGames' Unreal Okay, so it wasn't quite the revelation I was expecting, but it was very polished.
For '99 I'm really looking forward to Outcast by Infogrames and the excellent- looking Trespasser from Dreamworks.
Richard Morten, Designer, Core Design Richard is has spent more time staring at Lara Croft's arse than any man alive.
Instantly intrigued For me it's a toss-up between Blizzard's SrarCraft and Microsoft's Age of Empires.
In the end I put more hours into StarCraft.
Blizzard really gets the interface and entertainment value right - their games are simple to use and endless blackjack reddit strategy basic />I instantly pre-ordered a copy at my local store.
I'm most looking forward to Half-Life, Metal Gear Solid.
John Kavanagh, Publishing Director, EIDOS Neil West once overheard John A.
Plus, I've been surprised to find that, in the first game at least, her breasts really aren't that big at all.
At best I'd say they're 36C It's really only with the artwork for Tomb Haider II.
Game of the moment: Defender on the PC's Williams Arcade Classics: "I'm trying to get over 100.
Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64: "It's going to be the best thing ever.
But rarely has a new boy shown quite such an extensive, nay, encyclopedic nay, tragically comprehensive knowledge of virtually every game system under the sun.
And rarely has one been brave or foolish enough to admit to some of the most unfashionable viewpoints this side of Ian Paisley - "I don't act jaliy like Star Wars much", he says, and "I'm allergic to choc-ices'.
Don't worry though, his take on new games generally makes more sense.
Game of the moment: F-Zero X on N64: "It's like Speedy Gonzales on speed.
Occasionally a faint cry drifts towards Mart's end of the office: "Haven't you gone yet?
She does have a softer, friendlier side - she claims - but it's not always easy to spot "I hate animals, I'm not particularly fond of nuclear submarines" - Emma once chased down the British Trident fleet in a rubber boat near Faslane, Scotland - "and cakes make me retch.
After all, it knows that Dreamcast could be the company's last chance to recapture a significant share of the videogame console market.
There, Sega President Mr.
Iramajiri revealed that Dreamcast will sell for ?29,800 around ?150 in Japan, and that five games will be immediately available {Godzilla Generations, Sega Rally 2.
Virtua Fighter 3tb, Pen Pen Trikelon, and July.
He promised a "steady flow" to follow in the months ahead.
The disappointing news that the machine's most important early game.
Sonic Adventure see Coming Soon, page 22has been delayed until 17 December was countered with the nice surprise that Capcom has signed up as a Dreamcast developer.
A special version of Resident Evil, to be named Biohazard: Code Veronica in Japan, will be released "some time after April of 1999.
Something original seems likely.
It was all exciting news - enough to visibly excite the crowd, and the mood remained buoyant throughout the rest of the presentation.
Even the less interesting unveiling of Sega's Dream Passport online network unlikely to appear in the UK was met with enthusiasm.
So Dreamcast has received a provisional thumbs up from the world's press, most of whom went on to the Tokyo Games Show held the weekend after to see what the game playing public would make of it see the story on software blackjack calculator 14 for more.
Of course, Sega's return to the home console arena is far from a guaranteed success, but at least Dreamcast has negotiated its fir couple of hurdles in some style.
Neil West is one of the first UK journalists to play Dreamcast M you played F-Zero The rules had been 12 Do jmbei 1998 Fast Lady �.
?SV wm the a cade e console, delivering night kings https://ipodxs.com/blackjack/blackjack-polo-shop.html the PlayStation highway.
But other developers quickly caught up, and when Gran Turismo roared in with its hundreds of cars and "it's just like TV!
But now it's back, with R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, and it's looking to whup ass.
The game features eight tracks, over 300 car variations and a new Grand Prix mode in which you have to compete with other drivers in your team for the best tars.
But it's the graphics that will amaze.
Check out the glare trails from the cars' headlights and tail-lights during night levels.
Take your eyes off the road to appreciate the colours and textures of the scenery, i your eyes to the road and notice how the multi-vehicular collisions have been beefed up.
Basically, marvel at the return to form of Namco.
This om is going to be a classic.
If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss something.
With this in mind, a band of videogame journalists, eager publicists, scruffy developers, firm- handshaking CEOs, and others with a stake in the booms and busts of Sony, Sega, Nintendo et a I, spend a surprising amount of their working lives at trade shows.
There's almost an established circuit, each year taking in London's ECTS European Computer Trade ShowAmerica's E3 Electronic Entertainment ExpositionNintendo's Space World extravaganza and Japan's leading event, the over- sized, biannual Tokyo Games Show.
The first public unveiling of Sega's Dreamcast headed the bill at this October's TGS.
Although demonstrated to the press at Sega's own New Challenge conference over the days preceding the show see Strangest success of the show was Taito's Go 2, a well loved train driving sim pages 12 and 18 for more on this, and Dreamcast in general the TGS was the 128-bit superconsole's first test under the eyes of the toughest critics of them all - the Japanese game playing public.
Sega has enjoyed mixed fortunes on its home turf over the years, but continued success in the arcades, and the perennial appeal of Sonic the Hedgehog, has kept the company a place in the hearts of Japan's gamers.
Going into TGS, it was clear that most wanted to give Sega the benefit of the doubt one more time.
They wanted Sonic Adventure to be like nothing they'd played before.
They wanted Dreamcast to be a success.
But were their hopes realised?
In a word, yes - the buzz surrounding the banks of Dreamcast systems available for hands-on testing remained "up" throughout.
Despite the absence of the eagerly awaited Dreamcast take on Biohazard aka Resident Evih or playable versions of the stunninq-lco-dna Sega Rally 2.
Sega's new baby was met with almost universal approval.
On the Saturday of the show, enrhi, sialic gamers typically, but not always, schoolchildren queued in lines ten deep to grab a five minute demo of Sonic Adventure, while the scrum surrounding the ten machines running Virtua Fighter 3tb the tb stands for Tournament Battle often completely eclipsed the on-screen action.
On the periphery, executives from both Nintendo and Sony cast a wary eye over their new competitor, I occasionally even swapping ni ' But despite all this, Dreamcast wasn't necessarily the undisputed star of the show.
But then they would say that.
Like this: 5an of Argonaut "Of yo 'Dreamcast is clearly course, Sonic was the for themselves.
But an exact conversion of ig a show-goer then he would say that the model 3 coin-op, loint He also thinks it's more or less.
And Sega fw is kinda great that, "Crash RaflyZ looked good too!
Elsewhere, the unveiling of Namco's Ridge Racer Type 4 a worthy challenger to Gran Turismo's racing crown.
Square's Final Fantasy Vill the blockbuster follow-up to, you guessed it, FFVIFi, and SunSoft's surprise hit Hard Edge a Resident Fw'J-inspired action game all served as reminders that any talk of PlayStation's successor may be more than a tad premature.
Indeed, Sony's business is booming - and continues to gain momentum.
After the demise of Saturn, and with Nintendo 64's continued failure to impress the Japanese public PlayStation is the undisputed champion of the Japanese games scene, Prior to the show there had been speculation that Dream cast's launch would force Sony to show its hand regarding PlayStation 2 - but it didn't happen.
Instead, Sony seemed content to allow Dreamcast to enjoy its 15 minutes in the spotlight "It takes more than an ageing blue hedgehog and a two year old coin-op seemed to be saying.
Instead, PocketStation and games such as Warped, IQ Final and Crash Bandicoot 3 were the focus of Sony's enormous stand.
Disappointingly, there was no sign of either PaRappa the Rapper 2 or Gran Turismo 2, but there was plenty else to wow the crowds.
Square, the undisputed king of Japanese computer graphics animation, once again cemented its reputation with a world-class display of its art.
Produced especially for the show, a trailer for Final Fantasy Vlll featured snippets taken from the game's many cut scenes, including a one- on-one sword duel between Squall and Sypher from the game's intrastunning scenes of a speeding train and the game's bad-girl.
Capcom, another giant of the Japanese clayton homes blackjack model scene, proved that you can't keep a great game down with Street Fighter Zero Alpha!
Perhaps the strangest success of the show was Taito's Go 2 - a faithful PlayStation conversion of the well loved train driving game.
Yes, soon you too will be able to enjoy at home the nerve-jangling tension and gut-wrenching excitement that is applying the brakes to a slow-moving train so that it stops in line with a mark on a platform.
No, we don't get it either.
But the Japanese love it.
So who were the big winners and losers?
Well, Sega has to be pleased with Dreamcast's first outing.
While not exactly rocking the Makahuri Messe convention centre to its foundations, it certainly sent out a few shock waves.
And PlayStation gamers have both PocketStation and a slew of great new games to look forward to.
All that was missing was Nintendo, but then its got its own show to look forward to later in November.
It costs about games.
Slap in a copy o ?20.
It's inspired by the final Fantasy VIII.
And can walk off with a littl FFVIII sub-game to play.
The latest coin-op craze to hit Tokyo is Konami's Dance Dance Revolution.
No, really - it's huge.
Businessmen, kids, policemen, it seems no one can resist the unique experience of making an utter tit of oneself in front of an arcade full of giggling spectators.
Pre iic plays, moves are creen "Right!
If you're keeping up with the steps to song you're told, "You're a dancing machine!
At 4am one morning, your Arcade reporter witnessed queues five deep at one particular machine in the sleazy Ropongi area of Tokyo.
The music was blaring.
Two Japar businessmen complete with suits, briefcases were duelling it out for supremacy.
Both were on expert level.
Both were sweating buckets.
Both refused to quit.
Dance Dance Revolution is highly addictive.
And it's coming to an arcade near you soon.
This news would seem to suggest that Gran Turismo 2, due for PlayStation in Autumn '99 or thereabout, may use a modified version of the existing game engine, with all the hot new tricks being saved for PlayStation 2.
Codemasters expect the machine to be ready for the arcades by Autumn 1999, but will have to fight history if the thing is to succeed.
After all, both EA with Madden Football and, famously, MicroProse with F-1 Strike Eagle have lost ions trying to pull off Carmageddon: censors see red "Secretive" ratings board challenged Child psychologists consulted That slow- more info evergreen that is the videogame censorship issue flamed again this month as SCi's painfully punned Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now was finally released - but with zombies instead of humans providing the roadkill.
This move was taken in order to appease rating chiefs from the British Board of Film Classification, who awarded the game with a 15 rating after some last- changes to the colour palette had turned humans into green-blooded living dead.
The original version of the game would have struggled to gain even an 18 certificate, and had encouraged the BBFC to hire child psychologists in a bid to assess it.
They can also take forever to rate a game, and don't let the publishers know what's going on.
To tie in with the release of Tomb Raider III on PC and PlayStation, El DOS Interactive has announced a new range of Lara clothing manufactured by Animal Promotions, each item featuring rubberised badges, stitched-on fabric labels, embossed logos and embroidery.
There are Polo shirts, sweat shirts, t's, fleeces, jackets, rucksacks, baseball caps, towels, watches and the like, not to mention mousemats, calendars, Lara figurines and 5' free-standing cut- outs.
No rubberised green t-shirts or cargo shorts then, unfortunately.
Our money's on the Marvel Super Heroes.
You know, for kids.
Makes watching your mate in the rear view mirror hilarious.
This follows a couple of distribution deals struck with the Hollywood giants Disney and LucasArts - home, of course, of Star Wars � which will see some of the biggest games of '99 wearing the until -recently near- dead Acti vision label.
The Star Trek, deal is most significant, as it means all Trek games will be brought under the wing of a single publishing house for the first time.
By the time the last games from existing licensees MicroPro 5e and Interplay are with us, Activision should be ready with its first Trek game, probably a multiformat title to tie-in with the new movie Star Trek: Insurrection.
All material featuring characters from the first three films is to be repackaged Star Wars Classic in the run-up to May '99's new movie, with a game based on Episode One: The Phantom Menace due pretty soon after.
Your task is to there with that build up Britain's which the sun never awful game from army so she's in a sets.
For each part of Germany where you position to reclaim the map coloured had to shoot all the her old empire pink you get revenue Turkish immigrants territory.
Will you - money you can use begin with a small- to finance further scale attack on land-grabs, or to Sorry, but there's no somewhere puny.
The only one man - handled "Billox" place: the world-famous London - was left standing, and Thresh nightclub, Ministry of Sound, The awaited.
To the winner, not proportions.
May we ell hang only a trip to Mew York to play in our heads in shame.
After weeks of heats played games, and now has its sights setonthePCmarket-a considering th between Dreamcast and PC architecture.
The first fruits of this move are likely to be vo of the very best PlayStation gar Metal Gear Solid and ISS Pro.
As a result, we're going to miss out on scenes of violent mutilation, not to mention the female character who appears to orgasm after a kill.
A Dixons spokesperson told us that the first shops will open before Christmas at Thurrock and Brighton, but could shed no light on the stupid name.
Most famous for wearing shades and looking "cool" they also made graphically stunning Amiga games in the '80s, notably the Speedball and Xenon series.
The Brothers are keeping pretty quiet about their new title, but when asked if they might follow it with further Xenon or Speedball sequels, they had this cheery reply for us: "No.
Impressive 128-bit superconsole Arrives Japan now, UK Autumn '99 1 But can it really beat Sony?
These have been hard times for 5ega.
Only five years ago it was the acceptable face of gaming, the assertive brand leader confidently defining what videogaming could mean to the man in the street.
Sonic the Hedgehog was a universally recognised icon, while the swoopily designed, aggressively marketed Mega Drive console gave gaming sex appeal for perhaps the first time.
Early '90s Sega did tons to bring videogames out of the bedroom and into the living room, and for that we should all salute it.
But then it went wrong.
Mega Drive got old.
Add-ons such as the ill- national harbor minimum mgm blackjack 32X and Mega CD systems got nowhere.
Worst of all, Sega's Mega 18 I Arcade I December 1 1998 Drive replacement, Saturn, was utterly trounced by PlayStation.
In no time at all, the brand became synonymous with arrogance and short-sightedness.
To be this bad took Sega just four years.
But now the company has another chance.
In This web page, where Sega's about to launch Dreamcast - its latest and most powerful games system - the pre-launch hype has worked desperately to put things right.
The new machine hits Tokyo stores on 27 November, and Sega's promotional push is already in full swing.
Bizarrely enough, the TV ad campaigns caesars blackjack shown Yukawa Hidekazu, the company's executive director, wandering around Tokyo and realising that his worst fears have come true - Sega simply isn't cool anymore.
But of course, soon it will be.
Dreamcast is something different, Sega's saying - a fact driven home by the conspicuous absence of the company's logo on the console itself.
You see, with Dreamcast, everything is new.
Where previous Sega machines were black and flash, Dreamcast is an understated dull silver.
The Japanese marketing works hard to build an impression of Apple- like quirky sophistication, while the name alludes not just to some vague "realisation of your dreams" motif, but to Sega's very own dream team of top-notch technology partners that includes MEC graphics!
By targeting the rather older, more affluent demographic - which Sony has done much to cultivate in recent years with PlayStation - Sega is hoping to leave the "kid's toy" image completely behind.
But what's so impressive about Dreamcast itself?
Well, you have to say that technically this is a smart response to the increasing importance of the PC in the videogame market - basically, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
PC graphics card performance now eclipses what '5 possible on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64, so it would seems smart to incorporate that technology into a dedicated console.
So that's what Sega's done.
Since Dreamcast only has to run game graphics, and can be mass produced in vast numbers, Sega is effectively able to deliver considerably more power than a 400 MHz state of the art Pentium PC costing up to Q000 for a mere ?29,800 about ?150.
Not only that, games will just plug-in-and- play - there won't be any conflict between your sound chip and your joypad port, or any of that nonsense PC owners still put up with.
It's a console, after all.
And there are further techie innovations too.
A built-in modem is available as standard in Japan - allowing the exciting prospect of head-to-head 5ega Rally 2 racing by direct dial I mod em -to -modem - but will likely be an accessory in the UK, where local phone calls are still prohibitively expensive.
Dreamcast's Visual Memory System VMS is one innovation that will come as standard on our machines, however - a mini Game Boy-like unit that plugs into the joypad and will allow many games to provide you with additional features such as the Tamagotchi- style development of characters in a portable fashion.
But all this will count for nothing, of course, if Sega's new baby doesn't become the home of great games.
No console outfit - except, maybe, Atari - would be so dumb as to underestimate the importance of excellent software at launch, and this is one area where Sega should excel.
Having just about recovered from W.
How powerful is Dreamcast?
How Dreamcast outperforms high-end Pentium PCs - and all for ?150.
This is something n the PC- this graphically accomplished start appearing.
Ih'-istjie of P Xth.
The The graphical prowes Dreamcast also plays host to a highly advanted new Sega machine's central processing unit CPU is down to the expertise of sound processor courtesy of Yamaha providing 64 designed by Hitachi and is not only a faster chip than card manufacturer VideoL git.
Via parent torn p any voices, and sophisticated effectsas well as a 12- a Pentium 2.
While thooreti tally this should mathematical calculations needed in 3D games.
The result is a syst em approaching or even also more space to fill.
The makers o countless It's all starting to sound very notoriously difficult to program, while it's questionable how many landmark games ov r the years - promising.
Step through the horde estricted developer support, a of these have it within themselves parlcjlarly in the cc n-op field - of rose-tinted Sega evangelists, dearth of worthy titlesSega has to create truly great games, there Sega's creative side has had a however, and it becomes clear made sure it's got the creative will be lots of good stuff about.
Developers best chance possible.
Windows CE makes it easy to port PC code to Dreamcast, y'see, and the fear is that this may encourage lazy development.
One prospective developer, who asked not to be named, https://ipodxs.com/blackjack/blackjack-deck-shuffle.html, "There'll be a ton of turds dropping on that machine in no time, and they'll all be under-programmed ports of dodgy PC games - games that probably wouldn't have made it across without Windows CE".
It's a valid fear.
The best of the Dreamcast programmers, on the other hand, are ignoring Windows CE completely, and "writing to the metal", thus producing results that are already some way ahead of what's possible on even a high- end PC.
But for those too impatient to wart a whole year, ipeoalisL gaming stores will be bringing Japanese systems over to the UK by the start of December at a vastly inflated rate - expect to pay around ?400 initially.
You'll also need an NTSC compatible TV to get your import Dreamcast running.
So what's it add up to?
Well, Dreamcast is clearly an exciting machine, and one we'll watch closely over the coming months.
Sony's PlayStation, in particular, was a monumental step over the 2D displays of previous consoles, providing a rich and immersive 3D that's now become de rigeur.
In technical terms Dreamcast is way ahead of PSX, but it still looks like an incremental step, or intermediate technology - a giant leap for Sega but a small one for videogaming, perhaps.
This isn't necessarily a fatal flaw, but it means Dreamcast will need some imaginative software to become a mass-market must-buy.
More worrying is the fact that ail eyes are now turned towards its aggest rival, Sony - a company that now boasts Godzilla-like stature in its click here market How much time will it give Sega to get D'eamcast established before leaping in with PSX 2?
Hedging its extending the scope of Bets, it uses an analogue game files.
Boasting a 48x32 pixel screen, an cross-pad.
However, with 8-bit processor and 128K.
As the LCD serpen services over there.
In insertion of both the the UK, however, it's VMS data unit anda plugged into thejoypad, unlikely that Dreamcast Nintendo- style vibrating will get the modem - at could be for displaying least initially.
We detail the front runners.
M Despite an economy f spiralling out of control.
Japan's level of disposable enough that sales of the have not been hit at ail- A Dream cast will sell to the hardcore in its week of release whether one great game is available, or 20.
What happens next is what matters, and Sega learned enough from the launch of Saturn four years ago to Is much stronger this time 1 around.
We have afceout-styfe Naomi bi IVirtua Fighter RPG I Resident Evil ,Cf A WDRLD DF GAMING MERE MONTHS AWAY L AUVtl UK He's back.
And he's been on more than Oil of Ulay while he was away.
As a showcase game for the new 128-bit Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure simply has to be stunning.
But can Sega's superstar recapture the thrills of his early '90s glory years?
Although Sega continued to enjoy success throughout the 16-bit era, successive hardware disasters soon dragged the company back to the arcades from whence it came.
Sure, Saturn fans will tell you Sega's 32-bit answer to PlayStation wasn't in the same dire league as the Mega CD or 32X travesties, but this is true only in the way some parts of the Titanic are slightly less underwater than others.
Sega's home console business was sunk, and Sonic went down with the ship.
The good news is that Sega's back with a brand new console for more, see page 18} and hopes are pinned on Sonic Adventure doing for Dreamcast what the original Sonic the Hedgehog did for the Mega Drive back in 1991.
Arcade played a demo version at the Tokyo Games Show 22 Arcade December 19 and can offer an eye-witness glimpse of what we have in store.
First Sonic Adventure looks great.
Sega claims "hat DrearrojiT s 12S-bii graph e:.
Smillion polygons per second compare to PlayStation's measly 120,000.
Certainly, the intricate detail of Sonic's new 3D persona and game world is leaps and bounds ahead of what Mega Drive gamers will remember.
It's not, however, the quantum leap -rii-vvard that the hype printed elsewhere may lead you to believe.
Take our word for it, in places the graphics of Sonic Adventure really don't look that much more fancy and sophisticated than the best PlayStatoi or Nintendo 64 games.
Look closely and you'll notice that the gold rings and long tunnels aren't so much circular as octagonal.
A lot of the backgrounds are simply flat 2D pictures, as opposed to dynamic 3D models.
And there's an uncomfortable degree of blackjack codeworkout up" large objects appearing from nowhere, instead of gradually enlarging from the horizon.
On face value, these quirks could point you toward the conclusion that Dreamcast's graphics technology is not as powerful as we'd hoped.
Ox, it could be that Sega's Sonic Team hasn't got it's head fully around how Dreamcast works yet.
Either way, the game isn't quite finished, and Yuji Naka's Sonic Team have opinion blackjack gift set very December 17th for tweaking and tuning.
And they've been known to pull off some pretty impressive feats in the past.
Of course, graphics are only part of the story.
The real question should be is it fun to play?
And yes, it most definitely is.
There's no arguing with running down the side of a skyscraper for delivering an adrenaline rush.
Control is generally solid but at times feels loose.
The analogue pad is going to take a little getting used to, just as Nintendo 64's did.
There'll be plenty of time to do so, though, Dfjca-jK 1 it's clear that the game boasts plenty of replay value.
The fun of coming back to previously completed levels - to find all the rings and secret bits or beat a previous fastest time - is what made the link Sora'c more than just a five minute thrill.
And while Sonic Adventure is still no Mario, it's getting there.
Sonic Adventure is going to be a great videogame.
Whether it's enough tc Dreamcast's future is another question entirely.
Rogue 'le arcade-action flighf levels from impire and builds a game around 'em.
Furry midgets, walking carpets and Danish pastry haircuts.
It can only be the new Star Wars game.
There are some films that touch a nerve inside all of us, that make us want to forget our boring, predictable lives and be someone else - who, after Top Gun, didn't want to don a furry-collared jacket and take to the skies, for instance?
And who hasn't fancied being Luke Sky walker, saving the galaxy from black-cloaked, wheezing tyranny?
Indeed, such is the appeal of Star Wars it gives the LucasArts games based on it an almost unfair advantage over just about everything else - even when a Star Wars game is less than fantastic like the overly video-reliant Rebel Assault games on PC it'll still manage to do okay.
The most recent Star rt'iifs- licensed reincarnation was Shadows of the Empire for N64 and PC, which started well but fell to pieces after Its exhilarating first level.
And now we have Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, set in the time between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back 24 I Arcade I Jccember I 1 9 and loosely based on the series of Wedge Antilles- starring Rogue Squadron books, in which Wedge leads a sort of Dirty Dozen of top X-wing pilots on dangerous and challenging missions.
The game, in which you play Luke Skywalker on secondment to Rogue Squadron, centres on your climbing into as many different vwce vehicles as possible for 16 levels across familiar and unfamiliar Star Wars locations.
Missions are of an escort -and- then-rescue.
But the emphasis here is really on flying around and having fun, pulling off manoeuvres like rolls and loop-t he-loops.
Quake 11 offers both.
This violent first-person shooter, follow-up to Quake and Doom, offered the quite irresistible combination of a convincing land-of-Satan environment and assorted blood-thirsty nasties which you had to remove in a variety of unpleasant ways.
Though they've teased us with glimpses of the PlayStation version a couple of times now, Activision is remaining extremely tight-lipped over exactly how the project's going The fact is.
Sony's gamebox just ain't equipped to cope with the huge, jrchi'.
For starters, pragmatic about how handles the that while the team clearly has to do its best of the allowed to make for the PSX to cope by chopping them into smaller, much more manageable :: ts.
Next use the guts of an ex sting graph cse:igme.
They may never match those of their handsome PC big brother, but they should do the job.
Naturally, id - famed developer of the original PC games - is keeping a beady eye on proceedings to ensure that the profile of its ultra-profitable offspring isn't tarnished by a sub- standard conversion.
To that end the id guys have helpfully donated the Al routines from the original to make sure that the Grunts and demons act the way creatures spawned from the depths of Hell should.
While PSX Quake II will never be able to offer the intense.
Net -based multi-player bloodbath that made the PC model so popular, two-player and four- player split-screen death matches promised, with a link-up also a possibility.
And now he's back.
The first two Crash Bandicoot games are real love 'em or hate 'em affairs.
Though they're the best-looking 3D platformers available on the PlayStation, were generally well received, and are definite by -t he-bucket- load sellers, there's always been something is not quite right with the gameplay - and for most, this rather spoils the games.
The problems aren't with Crash himself, who's full of comic animation.
Nor is there anything wrong with the relentless pace, or the 3D levels which, in both exisiting cases, are large and beg exploration.
It's to do with how frustrating the damn things are: the strict screen-wide routes which are full of timed jumps and probably too many baddies; the constant stumbles across deadly gaps sure to kill you and bounce you back to a restart point.
The early levels still remain hemmed in, but some of the later ones 26 1 Arcade December 1998 NINTENDO G4 JET FDRCE GEMINI Overloaded colour palettes and a bazooka- toting pup in Rare's latest lunatic spawn.
Both recent N64 hits, and the handiwork of sly and secretive UK developer, Rare.
In normal mode you have to switch between the three characters in order to progress in an extension of the Banjo-Kazooie- style gameplay, but there is a fat more violence to this game - along the way you have to beat the crap out of a menagerie of ugly opponents ~:ne mull -pliiyer mode heralds a return to the days 0" two player coin-ops.
Jet Force Gemini is the kind of non-taxing nonsensefest for which the N64 was invented.
Signs point to yes.
There's another character too - your sister Cocoa who rides a tiger.
With bits set thoughout history, there's plenty of diversity too, as you visit ancient China, the Jurassic period, the medieval era and Atlantis.
It's more sophisticated than the previous two games.
For example, when Crash stands in dark water, he reflects from the point where his body hits the water.
These sort of things have never been done DETAII Ko blackjack THE 3D BACKGROUNDS IS QUITE INCREDIBLE, BUT YOU CANT RDAM AS MUCH AS YOU MIGHT LIKE in 3D before.
Crash 3 looks beautiful, if pretty similar to the previous two incarnations.
The detail in the 3D backgrounds is quite blackjack games mobile, but you can't roam as much as you might like.
And we did find the instant-death routines annoying as before.
But this said, Crash 3 is one that requires some playina A.
We'll tell you more next issue.
Join us for a walk in the Dark.
With the James Bond licence wrestled from its grasp, developer Rare mas left with the excellent GoldenEye game engine and the freedom to use it click here whatever way it chose.
After a collective brain racking, the guys came up with a game based around a sexy gun-toting young lady and alien conspiracies.
Quality, however, is very much alive.
The Perfect Dark team comprises the original GoldenEye 007 programmers, plus a couple of new artists.
Rare claims real-lime ray-tracing can be thanked for the reflections, shadows, glares and transparency effects that add depth and realism to the game's futuristic sets, and there's dearly dever stuff going on here.
After all, it looks fantastic and stilt manages to knock out a slinkily improved frame rate.
The game's 20 levels see heroine Joanna Dark on a mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist from the heart of ll G A HOST DF NEW GUNS AND GADGETS IHCLUDE A HEAT-SEEHIHG PISTDL AND MINES IHAT DESTROY WALLS the sinister dataDyne Corporation - an outfit suspected of harbouring secret alien equipment.
Each houses a decent amount of fodder for your big gun, though the emphasis on stealth that made GoldenEye a heart- pounding scare- f est will remain.
Perfect Dark's improved Al should make the experience even mere convincing than GoldenEye.
Many of your enemies will act with scary intelligence, basing their actions on what you're up to.
Depending on the circumstance, they'll either hide, run away, get some friends to help, or simply start shooting at you.
Until, that is, you make a few holes in them with weapons of your own.
Rare promises a host of new guns and gadgets, including a heat- seeking pistol and mines that you can use to destroy walls.
And if you liked GoldenEye's multi-player extravaganza, you'll simply love the new two-player co-operative experience.
Rare is striving to ensure that Perfect Dark tops Acclaim's fantastic Turok 2.
Even those who've seen off Resident Evil 2's monstrous "licker" will get the Fear at this one.
Run around a corner on the first playable level of Konami's new horror-based action adventure and you find your character surrounded by naked, knife-wielding babies screaming in the midst of a deserted school.
Silent Hill has a tacky-palmed feeling of horror that's all please click for source own.
Rather than the pre-rendered and essentially flat backdrops of both Resident Evil games, it features proper 3D polygon-built locations for you to explore, often by the beam of an X-Files torch or frantic peering through dense, anything-hiding fog.
Silent Hill wears it's gory cinematic influences twitching on its damp sleeve.
If the stunning cut scenes weren't enough to give it a real silver screen feel, then the flesh-eating subject matter and roving camera, which swoops down over the player or skims across the ground Sam Raimi- style, is bound to ring a few bells.
Make no mistake 5-iicr.
Oh my God, you killed Kenny!
Coarse language, cross dressing, fart jokes and explosive diarrhoea.
Probably not the original elements that were envisioned when the phrase "interactive cartoon" was first dreamt up.
But get your hands on the South Park game and publisher Acclaim Entertainment reckons it'll be like taking part in your own episode, gay dogs included.
When a film or TV show occupies as importer", a place in world culture as South Park does, a game based on it is only ever going to be matter of time.
Acclaim won this particular biro -to -cheque race, and by all accounts has come up with a very promising take on Comedy CenWs i.
The thing to get really excited about is that Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny aie running about in full 3D for the first time, thanks to the Turok 2 engine - easily oris of the most sophisticated palygor 5hiftcs yet developed, and used to stunning effect in the d in os a ur- hunting shooter of 30 I Arcade I December I KYLE, STAN.
CARTMAN AND KENNY ARE RUNNING ABOUT IN FULL 3D FDR THE FIRST TIME tne same name reviewed for N64 on page 140 this issue.
South Park the game is simple - it's ail to do with our heroes facing mayhem when a comet is revealed to be on collision course, Armageddon- style.
In the meantime, Cartman's mum has been kidnapped by aliens, and there's a rrcihle-n with turkeys.
Vr Garnson, Big Gay Al and Mephisto.
Chef's almost certain to be around somewhere, though his horny appearance has yet to be confirmed.
One-player mode enables you play as Kenny.
S:an, Cartman or Kyle in six eDlicde-basecl adventures that take their cue from the TV series.
Stopping Kenny getting killed is likely to be a h oh pr ority.
Rut it's :hc- mult -player options that have got us smirking.
JHk Put WipEout on steroids, give it ten pints of strong lager, then stand well back to see the future of racing go apeshit.
This Uric with wheels.
Now if anyone really knows futuristic racers, it's Psygnosis.
With the original WipEout and its 2097sequel, the 'pool- based outfit chucked away all the wheels, cat's eyes and sensible road markings of your average racing game in favour of a madly-paced vision of high- velocity hover cars, missiles and pumping techno.
Rollcage is along much the same lines, but with the tyres reinstated - this is less f'iction-free than WipEout.
Set in a future wiinout traffic jams, it stars big-wheeled super- buggies that bear more than passing resemblance to control jobs that flip over when you drive into walls.
So Rollcage shares a great deal with WipEout, including a groovy soundtrack this one featuring the likes of Fatboy Slim.
Where it differs is in the behaviour of the cars.
Rather than just clunking into the sides and blowing up, this bunch bounce off walls, flip over and keep coir-;.
But thaf s not all.
Weapons have been thrown in to up the carnage eve.
Missiles are only to be expected, but there are also pick-ups that enable you to freeze the track in front of you, then watch as your opponents skid off, and warps, which actually enable you to slow the driver in front by altering the very passage of time, "four armoury isn't just there for car-to-car exchanges either - blast a building on the horizon the poo uo free graph;;; help and you go here send chunks of masonry down on a rival or cause an explos on hat ' : os acoss he hick.
Vicious opponent Al sees your competitors race like : jIl.
Add in split-screen two- player races, a six-player PC network game and different gravity and weather on later tracks, and Rolkage looks like it might A.
Rival publishers are gutted- I ieense to print money, sub section d "Football game endorsed by Michael Owen.
But, of course, his name the box doesn't guarantee that the WIS '99 itself will beany good.
One should never judge a game by it's packaging, right Trevor?
That said, it actually played very solid football and was hailed in some quarters as the fan's choice of football game last year.
The emphasis was on a skilled passing game, which took some getting to grips with, rather than giving you instant out-of-the-box payability and a flashy great front end.
The biggest change in this year's version, apart from the name on the box, is in the graphics, with the PlayStation version now running in hi-res.
The players look more lifelike, and sport the same patented brand of smooth- skin technology as Lara Croft.
The criticised as too complicated by casual players last time around, have been changed a tad to smooth-out WLS's learning curve to a gentler slope.
Basic passing, shooting and tackling are on the PlayStation controller buttons but, used in combination with the shoulder buttons, enable shimmies, step overs and drag backs.
The defence- splitting through balls and one -twos that were iL.
Fittingly, for the universal appeal of the new license, WL5 '99 isn't as uncompromising to play as the ongira.
Shots now head swiftly goal wards even if you're not perfectly lined up, and while you don't get FIFA- style 15-14 goal bonanzas, a 1-1 draw's just as unlikely.
Judging by the latest version we've played at Arcade, developer Silicon Dreams shouldn't take the cup to the engravers quite yet, but the license alone should ensure more people get to experience iQk a well-crafted game of football.
Explore under the sea the easy way, just you and a PlayStation.
Known as Dolphin's Dream in Japan, and G- Shock in the US, Konami's latest is nothing if not original.
It's a diving game offering a number of underwater missions, such as hunt down and kill an evil Great White in its waterlogged cave lair, or search level after level of Gigantic Matilda, a crazily named liner wreck, for trapped divers and sunken treasure.
It also introduces just about every kind of fish you can think of, from barracuda to puffer fish, jellyfish to manta rays, some of which we'll leave you to guess damage your health bar should you bump into them.
There article source puzzles to solve, caves to explore, rock-falls to avoid and stuff to find, each level being driven by a strict how-much-air-have-you-got?
Lobsters grow to giant sizes and the dolphins who on early I?
For the UK version things are being rejigged slightly.
The large and empty first level is being turned into a training area, for instance.
The cheesy US intro voiceover is also being kicked into touch.
But can these alterations ensure a UK success?
We're not quite sure what that means either, but he's probably saying that while Deep Blue won't be to everyone's taste, there's always room for something just that little bit different.
And Arcade agrees JK with him wholeheartedly.
Unfortunately, developer Relic Entertainment has also described it as a cross between yes!
Star Wars and Commands, Conquer, forcing the hype machine to naturally flick on to automatic.
A brief look swiftly reveals what all the excitement is about.
The plot echoes that of ageing TV space epic Battlestar Galactica, concentrating on our heroes' struggles to construct a gigantic mothership for use in their search for their lost Tomewcr a", the planet they were turfed off centuries before by nasty aliens.
Your job is to take control of the ship and her accompanying fleet, before embarking on a series of missions in deep space, testing all your resource-building, exploration and combat skills.
Despite this real-time strategy basis, Homeworld differs wildly horn feel - after all, it's set in space, which that both "goodie" and "baddie" ships can now roam about freely in three dimensions.
Relic promises that its player- controlled camera makes viewing the action from any angle simplicity itself, while the use of a bunch of pre-defined attack and defence formations should make 3D tactics more manageable than they perhaps sound.
Ah yes, the baddies.
No Cylons, but you're ranged against feisty pirates and aliens, both of which are always ready for a fight.
Your vast array of sh os.
Best of all, the game boasts an impressive eight-player option, through Cendants free on-line gaming internet site.
It's been a while since a real-time strategy game has generated quite as much widespread excitement as Homeworld.
Given the perennial popularity of the genre, you could be looking at the first PC Jjfc smash-hit of '99.
J� 4 TEGACY DF KAIN: SDUL REAVER Do Anne Rice novels get your pulse racing?
Then try this 3D vampire title.
Black is the new black, and always will be," the intricate gothic world of Legacy of Kain will feel like coming home.
It's a place occupied almost entirely by vampires - at least 10 different types at last count, including ones specifically adapted to life underwater.
In this world humans have largely become domesticated cattle, and the ruling vampire court houses intrigues and back-stabbings to rival any European monarchy.
If you never played the original Legacy game, Blood Omen - a top- down viewed action RPG from a couple of years back, but set 1000 years before Soul Reaver - the first thing that may surprise you is that you don't play Kain himself.
Instead he's the vampire Lord who established :he status quo, and thus has become your enemy.
You can already glide but not quite fly - kind of like a flying squirrel on bat- like wings the mutation that got Kain so hacked at you, apparentlybut killing an unde'vvate' vamp wi.
The game may look kinda Tomb Raidery.
Slipping into shops barely this side of New Year it near-enough justifies its "98" tag and will be afforded a warm welcome from Nintendo 64 gamers itching for something to drive.
This, F-T World Grand Prix and F-Zero are all needed to fill gaps in Nintendo's software line-up lingering from of the bad old "quality not quantity" days when its philosophy appeared to be never to release any games.
Mario Kart and lookalike Diddy Kong Racing have offered cartoon-style thrills, but what the system has needed is a ha If- decent, serious ish driving game.
The good news is that it looks like it may now have got one.
V-Rally S8 is is one of the best around.
It boasts 12 real rally cars - including radical Class A types like the Subaru Impreza and milder Class B Peugeots and Renaults - plus a There are 39 tracks in eight countries taking in nearly everything from rainy England to rocky Corsica.
There are four game modes Arcade, Time Trail, Championship and Rallyplus a choice of horizontal or vs- ".
Just the fact that Infogrames has bothered to improve upon the PlayStation version with better car dynamics suggests a new commitment from the French giant to the N64 too: another plus.
In fact, Nintendo players are clearly benefiting from the game's testing in the PlayStation market.
It's got a well- thought-out game structure, fine controls, night, mist, dust, snow and every other weather condition you can think of, and a real ieelirg mat you're in a different car each time - especially when you switch from a tail-happy real-driver to a scrabbling front-wheel-drive to a beautifully balanced 4x4.
I he news that Psygnosis is releasing a sequel to its ambitious 3D flying-and- shooting adventure will probably excite fewer https://ipodxs.com/blackjack/blackjack-promotions.html than it should.
The original - imagine some kind of futuristic version of a helicopter gun ship blaster and you won't be far off - garnered frothing reviews on its release in December last year, but still sold damn poorly.
It remains unclear why.
Perhaps it was because previous PlayStation flight titles had almost always been turds in a trunk, so gamers were unwilling to take a risk.
Or perhaps it's because G-Police offered such an aggressive lean-no, curve people got quickly bored and frustrated with il.
I y nportant points, but more than balanced out by the gorgeous opening FMV sequence, the storyline and the many and varied missions.
All good stuff, so it's great to see the same team back for a second bite at the cherry.
G-Police 2 makes a series of very important changes.
Handling the complexities of flying - a vital part of the game - is far more intuitive than it was befo'e.
Psygnosis making the most of the PlayStation joypad's limited abilities as a flight game controller You'll still start out in charge of a Havoc Vector Thrust g unship, but once you're proficient the new game offers the opportunity to instead fly the trickier, but ultimately more satisfying.
Psygnosis also promises a further three new vehicles and.
The missions will again take place under the dark skies of the moon Callisto, but all 16 domed areas are bingo: and Vioas: a wider var e.
IN A NUTSHELL: Shoot the dinosaurs, sure.
Show 'em who's the daddy.
But cock up their ecosystem and you could be extinct he Jurassic Park saga f rumbles steadily onward.
The disappointing Lost World movie sequel was I accompanied by a fantastic nop shooter which bore little resemblance to its cinematic cousin save for the inclusion of T I m dinosaurs, naturallyand r Trespasser grasps the fraying ends of the story's thread.
Hapless Anne voiced by Minnie Driver is stranded on the nasty Site B island, and it's your job to get her outta there in one piece.
However, blasting your way through the reptilian population is not an option.
Two years in creation, Trespasser is presented in the first-person, with you as Anne running about, grabbing weapons and solving lots of puzzles.
With every object in the 3D environment promising interactivity, cause- and- effect becomes a serious issue.
What's certain is that you can expect tasks to be intricate and varied, from lipu latin g logs rivet, to weighing specific quantities of chemicals.
But perhaps Trespassed most interesting feature is that an understanding of the island's dino ecosystem is needed to finish the game.
Although this could sound a tad pretentious, this also promises to be fascinating.
sheet cheat, the use of ground-breaking Al and physics modelling now mean the game's dinosaurs react to their environment both physically and emotionally, behaving more like sophisticated animals than one-dimensional monsters.
Mess about with the food chain, then, and you could be in '.
In ar ironic echo of the original film plot, apocryphal stories have the game's designers supposedly expressing surprise at the actions of their i on-screen dinosaurs.
We're keeping a pinch of salt handy for that one, but it certainly sounds interesting.
Chances are Trespasser isn't going to appeal to everyone.
Edge-of-seat thrills are largely replaced by cerebral deliberation - this is much more complex that your average JP game.
And creeping around - Metal Gear Solid style - is as much a part of the game as blasting.
It's so complex, in fact, that there are fears over the level of hardware required to run the thing satisfactorily.
But these guys, they realy know games.
And when they taK about games- Wei, if s worth Estenthg.
Neil Jackson Ever waited in desperation for a game to arrive?
And I was working on it.
In my industry days, e managed to fit in job titles including game I producer, software manager and even a long time ago games magazine hack, so I know how it looks from every single angle.
At the moment, for instance, I'm co-designing Star Trek: New Worlds for Binary Asylum, eventually to be published by Interplay.
But right here, right now I've got a different job - to try and give you some straight answers to the questions that continually dumbfound those of us in the real world.
About games, that is; I don't do plumbing or DIY tips.
So what's the biggest - and frequently most frustrating - mystery kicked up by the games industry?
Easy; why does so much software come out so late?
Mc'ioc:-,- ;: ivs ic ::ut b'.
A screwed up game can't be shipped unless you want it to be your last.
If a deal comes really late, teams sometimes "two-time" their publishers, working on two different games simultaneously, delaying both.
It's the oldest vicious circle in the business.
And losing your top coder is similar to losing a vital organ - a person's programming tricks are as individual as their lovemaking style, and it can take days to figure out why someone else's methods work better than yours.
Documentation is like washing-up - it only gets done by flunkies.
It's like wallpapering the living room only to find that the missus now wants "marbling", like Mr and Mrs Jones next door.
Heal thy- looking accounts mean happy shareholders, so people often get fired or moved, budgets get cut and offices closed for reasons that have nothing to do with the game.
It can ruin continuity and scare key people into jumping like rats off what they fear is soon to be a sinking ship.
Then, of course, it sinks.
Three-quarters in, and they turn into knicker-f lashing cheerleaders.
Then they get like jealous lovers if they discover a sexy-looking rival will be running head-to-head with their offering.
If they can't release earlier, they'll move your project back - often after they've already started the game's pre-release hype.
Strings are always attached.
The licensor holds the right of approval, and may force redesigns at any stage.
A licensor may even withhold final approval because the dumb computer- illiterate fools simply can't load or play the finished product.
A tightwad publisher may sit on the completed betting works in blackjack how of a project and launch them both together for the same marketing cost 10 The developer runs into technical trouble When an inexperienced team is hired solely on the strength of a demo, it may find expanding a neat, one-trick demo into a fully- fledged game turns it into a ball :; : v -lJc.
Well that's this issue's mystery demystified, but if you have a question about the article source biz, or want to know the reasons behind some of the seemingly daft decisions that get made, send your hard-hitting questions to backscreen tech no.
Ever since Pong, indeed.
I was one of those idiots who used to play arcade machines all day for lOp, and I'm always first to buy the latest console.
I'm a hardcore gamer.
But as the years have gone by, I've found fewer and fewer games get me really excited.
At times I've been as jaded as buggery.
But ' every time I think that I'm finally going to hang up my joypad and quit, from out of nowhere a stonking game comes along and reminds me why I got into this business in the first place.
It's because videogames are great.
The latest sheaf of wheat to get me all lathered up has been Unreal.
It's a truly excellent game, and even though it's not really original, it has something that just keeps me playing.
What is that "something"?
Let's take a look.
First of all, the environments are superb - for the first time ever while playing a game, I actually stopped to look around and marvel at the view.
Unreal genuinely feels like it's transported you to someplace you've never been before.
A lot of games try and do this, but few succeed.
Unread parents, Doom and Quake, were pretty good at it though, and Unreal takes it to new heights.
There's a kind of cohesion to the environment that makes it highly convincing - it feels lived-in.
And, in a way it is.
Basically, the planet you crash land on at the start of the game is occupied by a horde of ruthless aliens who are slowly killing the peace-loving indigenous populace.
But you don't know this at first, instead slowly discovering the grizzly truth as you wander around the environment, happening upon torn bodies hanging from rafters, 38 1 Arcade December 1 1998 roasting over hot fires or just lying in bloody bits at every turn.
You soon realise who the good guys are, who the baddies are, and that you're in a world where something "big" is going down.
You don't know what, but you want to find out And it's this plot construction, on top of the luscious graphics, that makes the action compelling from the off.
To really get my motor running, a game has to offer depth, evolving interest and lots of things to do.
Unreal provides plenty of great examples of this.
Occasionally, for instance, you'll stumble into a situation where there might be two or three bad guys about to execute a good guy.
If you're quick enough, you can save the good guy.
If you're too slow, or if you are seen, the baddies quickly kill off the good guys and then come after you.
It doesn't necessarily matter to your completion of the game whether or not you get there in time, it just makes the whole experience feel a bit more real, it makes you feel like there's stuff happening all around you, whether you stumble across it or not.
M:u're actually somewhere else, getting involved in something where maybe you can make a difference.
Other games have done this in the past, but not to Unreats degree.
So even though there are plenty of holes in the game; even though, when you get down to it, the plot and scenario are still fairly simplistic Unreal still marks a step forward.
Not a great one, but just enough to offer a decent glimpse of how games can continue to evolve if they're to make sure :hey stay entertaining.
Bottom line: making a great game is not just about upping the audio-visuals and supplying us "more" of what we played last year.
It's about challenging the player with new ideas, ideals and situations.
It's about delivering something that will make even a jaded old hack like me stop and think: "If I shoot this guy, what's going to happen?
Or will Here be a reward that makes things easier?
Just ask anyone who's been around for a while.
Dancing coin-ops are monopolising the time of arcade goers Introducing a brand new genre: the "rhythm action" game.
Few know this better than Hideo Kojima, designer of one of 1998's biggest PlayStation titles, Metal Gear Solid.
Sitting in a restaurant with Arcade staff after the Tokyo Games Show, he accepts a napkin from a passing waiter - not to wipe his mouth, but for scribbling his autograph on.
The man about to take his order, you see, is also an awestruck fan.
Forget Mario, Sonic and Crash Bandicoot - Japan has real-life videogaming stars.
Despite an economy that has the b-iilil:':- ayicing ji tie door, Japan is still unmistakably the epicentre of the videogaming world.
Indeed, by 1990 one in four households in Japan owned a Nintendo console - back then, an unassuming box called the Famicom in terms of brand consciousness, this was the Hoover of videogameswhich later became known as the NES in the west.
Now, just eight years later, the company that took videogaming into the Japanese home and built a multi-billion Yen industry, has been relegated to third position in the living room console stakes behind relative newcomer Sony and longer-term rival Sega Saturn having been a much bigger deal in Japan than anywhere else, while Nintendo 64 conspicuously failed to take off in its homeland Only the imminent and wonderful Zelda looks set to revitalise the N64's fortunes.
Nintendo's misfortune has been Sony's gain, however, and the changes in Japan's gaming landscape since Sony entered the market, in December 1994, have been remarkable.
Sony tapped into the have ganar blackjack online matchless well beyond the established videogaming demographics kids and hardcore gamers and opened up its appeal to an older, more casual onlooker.
While Sony has been criticised for allowing too many games to come into the Japanese market - and one look in a typically packed games store will confirm there's a problem - the company has also been commended for investing software.
A successful example is the gloriously "kawai" cutel PaRappa the Rapper, which has not only incited a wave of rival products a genre in Japan dubbed by some magazines as "rhythm action" gamesbut has also provided a bankable blueprint to be used by exploitative coin-op manufacturers.
As a result, both DJ beat mixing and dancing coin -ops are monopolising the time of japan's millions of arcade goers.
The best - Konami's Dance Dance Revolution, covered in detail in Game On this issue page 12 - is a real crowd puller.
Sony's influence on the games market can also be seen in the release and marketing of western- developed games in Japan.
In this notoriously tough-to- crack market, games often bomb, irrespective of quality, so a clever marketing job spent "educating" PlayStation owners about new software while bestowing foreign games with a modicum of kudos, has helped - particularly with Gasri Bandicoot.
H hat ever happened to Esperanto?
You remember, the international language that some boffin figured would unite the world, prevent wars over mispronunciations and enable the Americans to understand street signs in countries they were about to invade.
The Sinclair C5 of languages, it had a silly name, a high concept and, in the end, no one bought it.
Attempting anything on such a grand proposition.
But wait - it seems that videogames could be working where Esperanto failed.
It would be stretching the point to say that videogames are a truly international language.
But you could probably get away with arguing mat great videogames - no matter where conceived - cross borders at least as well as any other cultural export.
The joy of fragging that last Grunt with just 2% health left is exactly the same in any language.
Americans are waiting with baited breath for Quake III, and so are you.
Americans are dying to sneak about wearing a dress instead of a tux in the GoldenEye "sequel" Perfect Dark - just like you.
And they're going to rush out in their millions to buy Zelda when it eventually ships just, in fact, like you.
And although it required a lot of reading something marginally less appealing to Americans than a bone marrow transplantSquare's Final Fantasy VII made just as big an impression in the leafy suburbs of New England as it did In, well, old England.
Okay, so FIFA '99 isn't going to sell more than Madden 99.
And if Bullfrog wants to shift Populous: The Beginning over here it may need to add some tanks to the mix.
But all in all, the markets are converging.
Hits are hits, after all.
Now, this may be great in a "Why can't we all just get along?
But it also buggers up this column.
What's the point of me going on about US gamers if they're just like you?
Have I just talked my way out of a job?
And that 1% says so much.
Every now and then there's a great but quirky European game that fails to raise the Yanks from their chips and salsa.
There are the UK marketing campaigns that meet nothing but blank stares from perplexed American gamers {"yeah, but can I shoot it?
And there's the worrying tendency for PC gamers over here to spend hours simulating nutter sports.
So even though, mainly, they have the same gaming DNA as us, in some ways they're very, very different Over the coming months I'll be celebrating this difference, and in the process trying to explain how much you're missing out on by inroring things.
I'll try and get to the bottom of the success of the Madden gridiron franchise.
And, somehow, I'll find a cultural and sociological reason for the existence of titles like Deer Hunter.
Other, obviously, than pointing at this country's rare talent for producing psychotic gun-toting Republican loonies by the 16-wheeler truck-load.
The game is already available in Japan, where it has been dubbed "the best And how to count cards in blackjack book removed game of all time" by several magazines.
It's selling by the bucketload too, and Kojima-san is enjoying something approaching rock star status in his native Tokyo.
Arcade caught up with him at the Tokyo Games Show to talk about his ground-breaking sneak-'em-up, and its hero.
You've become pretty famous in Tokyo.
Are you enjoying it?
Now that Metal Gear's been out for a month, I can relax - 1 can walk around and see stuff.
When my own games first go on sale I worry about what other people think of them.
I get very nervous.
But now I can walk around making other people r Have you been stalked by any crazy Japanese fans?
There was this one guy who used to work in the Japanese Self Defence Army.
He sent me a whole bunch of pictures of himself without a shirt posing with a model gun in his hand.
These were crazy photos.
In his letter he wrote "Use me as Snake!
Luckily, not all gamers are fortune teller blackjack dragons den update this.
How involved are you in the UK version of Metal Gear Solid?
Mainly it's just a case of translating the language and moving from NTSC to Opinion how many decks in blackjack casino are We haven't added any major features, it's just little things.
Japanese and Western gamers have slightly different tastes in terms of difficulty level, for example.
Are you calling Western gamers poofs?
No - I meant the other way round.
We actually have to make it easier for the Japanese gamers.
They're used to being able to finish everything they play.
You see, I think you get used to games like you get used to cars: if you're used to a heavy-steering car, then you might not feel comfortable driving a car with light steering.
So US and European gamers would be dissatisfied with the difficulty level of the Japanese version.
Plenty of English gamers are so keen to play Metal Gear Solid, they've bought Japanese versions on import.
Assuming they can't speak Japanese, how much are they missing out on?
They won't understand the storyline and the in-game dialogue.
But the real fun of the game is sneaking around, hiding and creeping up on enemies, and all this is the same, regardless of language.
And the message of the game - anti-war, anti-nuclear weapons - is quite simple and pretty obvious.
But Snake is so incredibly violent.
If I was to meet him in a bar, do you think he'd be friendly?
It's hard to say.
We tried not to give him too much character because we want players to be able to take on his role.
Snake isn't like a movie star.
He's not someone you watch, he's someone you can step into the shoes of.
Playing Snake gives gamers the chance to be a hero.
OK, so he's mysterious.
But let's try to add a little colour.
What would he choose to sing at a karaoke party?
If he had to, I think he'd probably pick something like "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" by Burt Bacharach.
With the BJ Thomas vocal - from the 1969 movie Butch Cassldy and the Sundance Kid.
He'd probably sing in a whispering, mumbling kind of way.
Snake likes songs with positive lyrics more than love songs.
There may be times on the battlefield when he sings while reloading his gun.
Does he get invited to many parties?
Snake is not the sociable type, but he does want to go to parties.
He gets invited often and goes to the venue.
But he stands outside and stares through the window at the people inside, envying all the fun they're having.
But to rapturous acdain quiet.
Kojima busiei KonamisuchasSna But no- Kojima was justaren't possible w Metal Gear Solid 2.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Was it hard getting � cigarettes in the game?
Some publishers get funny about it.
Konami didn't have a problem with it because we let the player know that cigarettes are bad for them.
Snake's life bar goes down when he's smoking.
It seems that smoking a pack of Snake's cigs equates to taking a bullet in the head!
Those are pretty serious fags he's got.
It's not that bad.
And he can't die from smoking.
If you were down to your last little bit of health, and lit a cigarette, it wouldn't kill you.
We were planning to include more of the cigarettes in the gameplay.
At one point you would be stuck in a cell with no way out The trick would be to befriend the guard by giving him a cigarette, but this idea didn't make it to the final game.
What games first made you catch the videogame bug?
Super Mario Bros, Murder in the Portal, which is a text adventure game, and the shoot-'em-up Xevious.
And have those early experiences shaped the way you approach your own games?
I am influenced by many things but, yes, these early games did make a big impact on me.
Super Mario Bros taught me what an action game should aspire to be.
Murder in the Portal taught me that it's possible to mix great gameplay with blackjack codeworkout strong story line.
From Xevious I learned that you can create an entire universe in which a game can take place.
I've Jjfc tried to do all that for Solid Snake.
And I might use that move on the next person I play.
The day before the Ministry of Sound's "Quakeadelica" event in October see Game On, page 12we cornered him in a London cybercafe, to find out what it takes to become one of the world's greatest gamers.
Let's get this out of the way first, then: why Thresh?
I used to use the name "Threshold" back in my old role playing days, because I wanted my opponents to be on "the threshold of fear".
But one day I logged on to a new gaming server, the name wouldn't fit, so I shortened it.
I didn't know it was a real word until I looked it up and saw it meant "to hit repeatedly".
I thought that was pretty cool.
Here in the UK, we're not used to these big game tournaments that you take part in.
How do they work?
They generally start off with a massive free-for-all game of Quake, until about 128 players are left, and then it's one-on- one until you get a winner.
I started on the road, to becoming a champion when I won a Doom deathmatch tournament back in 1995, which got me on to the local news back home in Los Altos, California.
It all spiralled from there, until I became official Quake champion at this big videogame show that we had in Atlanta last year.
What did your friends say?
They were like, "What the hell were you doing in the news?
Was that really you?
Before then I'd just been a normal teenager in an average high school.
I'd been waiting til midnight to play Doom at home, because that's when there's much less traffic on the Internet, so no-one really had any idea how good I was.
What's the secret of your success?
I approach the game a bit differently to most people If someone uses a good move on me, I'll be one step ahead the next time he tries it on.
And I might use that move on the next person I play.
But there are lots of great players out there, and any one of them could trash me on any particular day.
Like Reptile did at the Professional Gamers' League contest recently.
Yeah, I got over-confident that day, because I knew I could beat him.
I got up to 10-0, relaxed, and got whupped.
I came back and won after that, though, which showed the people who thought Source panic and lose the whole match.
Why do you think that Doom and Quake are so popular?
I've played them at night with the lights off, and fallen off the chair with fright.
These games have people trying to peek around their monitor to see what's round the next corner.
Do you ever worry that the violence in games like Quake might be a little too realistic for comfort?
Anyway, the graphics in computer games are still quite cartoony.
Seeing severed heads rolling about just makes me laugh.
So is the head-rolling your favourite bit in Quake IP.
No, most of my favourite bits are from Quake.
If Quake II had Quake physics, you could bounce guys around by hitting them with rockets.
Recently, manufacturer AMD's Professional Gamers' League tournament In Seattle, despite losing a game publicly for the first time.
It's actually set multi- i player gaming back somewhat But you play-tested Quake II - why � didn't you tell creator id all this?
I'm in contact with id, and even level designer John Romero now admits the guys made a mistake.
Quake III will be faster-paced.
I'm really excited about continue reading />When id said it was going to concentrate on multi-player.
If anyone's going to do it properly, it's going to be id.
The guys know what they're doing this time.
And John Carmack's a genius.
What other games do you play?
I've won a few Warcraft II tournaments, and I play Riven sometimes.
I've seen screenshots of that, and it's like - "Wow!
Outside of id, you have to be the expert on 3D shoot-'em-ups.
What do you think is the next big step forward for Quake-style games?
Once on-line gaming really takes off, we'll see professional gaming enter the big time.
The next generation of just click for source games are already building towards that, putting camera modes in that'll turn Quake into a proper spectator sport.
If the company can do this and make the games less violent, then we might see sponsors like Coke or Pepsi get involved.
You can probably expect to see a whole lot more Threshes in the future.
A So you prefer the original, eh?
Is John Carmack happy about that?
People have criticised me for complaining about Quake II, but I just say that for December 1998 SL P ON THE RUCKSACK.
J She's not real, you know.
Despite the interviews and pin- ups.
Despite the glossy fashion spreads and the newspaper features.
Despite the sackloads of shakily -handwritten fan mail from desperate boys.
He gets her on posters and on television: on stage with the right bands and associated with the right products.
He looks after her.
If Lara was real - and.
continue reading called me the day before yesterday, because they've got a new crane coming out.
Lara Croft certainly gets around a bit.
That's going to be huge.
And - oh yes.
Santa will be stuffing copies of the third game into stockings across the world this winter - and you can read a review of it on page 128 this issue.
But how did a computer game character become a celebrity?
And why "It's a constant battle with the press, particularly the European press, who always want her posed in as little clothing as possible" David Burton.
Lara's "agent" lis character in particular?
There are more than 100 Lara Croft Internet fan sites, and each carries the same mini-biography culled from the game manuals.
Ms Croft, they tell us.
She was born In Wimbledon, went to Gordonstoun boarding school, and was destined to marry "The Earl of Farringdon".
But a character-building two weeks spent trekking solo across the Himalayas after a plane crash turned Lara into a new woman.
She spurned the aristocratic life and her chinless fiance, and decided instead to jet around the world, leaping improbable gaps and shooting endangered animals.
Lara's eyes are brown.
She's 5 feet 9 inches tall, and weighs just over 9 stone.
Her birthday is February 14th.
Her blood group, apparently, is AB negative.
But that's pretty much all there is to know.
Beyond that barest of an outline, everything gets a bit hazy.
Does she ever dream of settling down and having children?
What makes her laugh?
How did she vote In the last election?
Does she ever regret killing so many animals?
We article source can't tell.
All we have is her blood group - the most trivial piece of information imaginable.
Think ol all the people you know, friends and family.
Do you know anyone's blood group?
She's nothing ore than a collection of polygons.
It's all a scam.
And yet, she is adored.
Have tried so hard to protect her on her adventures?
Over to Dr Mark Griffiths of Nottingham Trent University's Psychology department.
With her gravity- defying breasts, she's the first real sex -symbol of the digital age most players claim that, were she real, they would definitely like to meet her and a symbol of change- vvithin the industry As here you're going to sit in front of a computer for 80 hours, you'll want something pleasant to look at" But is that enough to popularity?
While the that sex sells - you don't need a psychologist to tell you that - there's more to Lara than sex.
After all, we've sec female characters of stardom.
The truth is that many - maybe most- Tomb players are neither lusting or lustful adolescents.
Psychologists such as myself are interested in what players think about as they play a game.
Is their prime motivation the character, the game, or an intc-rsaion of the two?
And might there be something about Lara herself that creates some kind of psychological holdover the players?
There's her untouchable aris':ocr '.
I've asked Tomb Raider players about all of these in my research into the game - and generally drawn a blank.
The truth is simply this: no-one I've ever interviewed as part of my research agree, belterra casino blackjack rules for mentioned any of tara's personal attributes except the basic anatomical ones.
Psychologically, Lara Croft is pretty much a tabula Some themes do crop up regularly, however, as I discovered when I questioned a group of players and asked them exactly why Tomb Raider is such a good game.
The younger ones tended to the way she crouches and swims "believability" and "realism" are often quoted as important components to the game.
A few players also note that the positions that Lara gets herself into can be "fairly sexual" and, though they distanced themselves from this viewpoint, speculated that for others this might be an important motivational factor in playing the game.
However, what soon nature of the game itself that entraps people.
Treasure hunt games ai rtingtc great numbers of people, and by combining this wit: an action element, a mix of exotic locations and a strong central character, "believability".
But they do see may enjoy the "fairly sexual" positions she occasionally finds herself in.
Tomb Raider seer hit the jackpot So is Lara a good influence?
I would be the first to say that games need strong female icons, if only to bring in the still "airy untapped women's market Lara has-tyoblems doing this - too many women see her as a crudely realised male fantasy figure for her to be completely effective in this role - but she's a step in the right direction.
Until Tomb Raider, female game characters - outside of the limited beat-'em-up genre - of violence as in Night {Mario and Zeldaor simple diversions from the action.
She's fit, independent and completely unreliant on super-human powers again, believability is an important issue with many players.
And she inhabits a series of Croat oiTics.
Ultimately, that is what matters most.
How come MTV wants her to present the channels videos?
Clearly, there's more to Lara than the simple facts.
Jeremy Smith knows Lara Croft better than anyone.
Along with his brother Adrian, he founded Tomb Raider developer Core Design.
He's masterminded Lara's rise to fame ever since he returned from a behind-closed-doors preview of PlayStation, took his entire company out to a hotel, and asked them 10 invent a game which would take Core into the new 32-bit world he had just glimpsed.
The irony of the whole thing.
But the original thing was going to be iltv Egyptian.
Yve visualised pyramids with entire cities beneath them, connected by underground tunnels.
The idea that there could have been a Tomb Raider without Lara now seems ridiculous, but Smith To reflect her toffee-nosed background, Lara "Cruz" � her original name � had to be ditched in favour of the significantly more English "Croft" admits he had no idea at the time how important she would become.
Smith was initially unconvinced.
His immediate reaction was.
Lara "Cruz" -the originally proposed name- had to be ditched, first, with the significantly more English "Croft" introduced to reflect the character's toffee-nosed background.
And then she had to be brought to life.
Although her movements were stylised, they were stylised to look like a normal person.
This was the very dawn of the modern 3D age, don't forget, and the recognisable humanity of Lara Croft was an eye-burstingly giant leap forward for gamers used to cartoony sprites.
Jeremy Smith's claim to have created "the first thirdperson-perspective game" is a little wishful even if we were only talking about 3D titles.
Virtua Fighter was already in the arcades and on Saturn, while Alone in the Dark offered a similar over the- shoulder 3D perspective years agobut Lara still sent jaws plummeting.
Crucially, the fact that she looked like a normal person brought a new depth to player-character interaction, "Because she's recognisably human," says Smith, "you have an affinity with her.
It's difficult to get emotional if Sonic falls off a cliff, but different principles apply when you're playing Lara.
There's a bond between player and character - if you're playing PsV some mad creature, like a big dog or a fox.
Later this issue we discover if Tomb Raider III is a jump too far, but first the original games, both soon to be available at budget prices.
How have they weathered the passage of time?
A couple of previews had commented positively on the 3D graphics, but no one had seen the game running for long.
Bets on Tomb Raider's success were hedged with "crn;ld"5 and "might be"s.
And then everyone played it.
And so was everyone else.
Up to that point, the only ground- breaking game to have come from Core Design, a low-profile British software house, had been Trninderhawk on the ill- fated Mega CD.
An obvious PlayStation sequel and such forgettable titles as BC Racers, Sbellshock and 81am Machinehead had given no indication as to what Core was working on behind the scenes.
And now the company had created "one of those ground-breaking games that changes the way games are made forever," said Official Playstation Magazine.
The concept of a true-3D polygonal engine wasn't revolutionary - Quake was out on PC, and Mario 64 was out in Japan - but Tomb Raider's real brilliance was its excellence as a game, and this is what has assured its continued success through budget re- releases.
Even without the flash graphics, Tomb Raider would have been great fun to play.
Naturally enough, Tomb Raider became the PlayStation's best -selling game - despite a mundane first levasome joypad-hurlingly control stodginess "Jump, damn you!
Tomb Raider II Producer: EIDOS Release date: Christmas 1997 Format: PC, PlayStation Slavering in anticipation.
Lara had become a superstar, and what started out as a game had become a phenomenon.
Movie sequels, it is often observed, are always inferior learn more here the originals.
But things 3 card 16 work the other way round in the gaming industry - the continued evolution of technology usually means that games just keep on getting better.
Tomb Raider II was, as hoped, fantastic Better, even, than the ground-breaking original.
Lara was more responsive to control, had some spectacular new weapons at her disposal, and could climb walls.
In another excellent feature, she could commandeer vehicles, too - most memorably, the superb powerboat on the spectacular Venice levels.
An overhauled 3D engine resulted in fewer graphical glitches, enabled levels to be set outdoors, arid added real-time lighting effects.
Tomb Raider Irs sense of drama was even more developed than in the original, too.
A succession of outstanding set-pieces and coups de theatre intensified the game's movie-like feel, somehow managing to up the "Wow!
Already, however, the first stirrings of a backlash were noticeable.
A number of on-line fans, too, complained that the increased combat-quotient had ruined the atmosphere of the original game.
But punter-land at large cared not a whit.
And Tomb Raider irs chart-toppage created even more Lara Croft fans than the original title, since the PlayStation user base had increased dramatically over the intervening year.
They'd jumped ship from Core in February '97 to found their own company Confounding Factor.
And they're not at all bitter ahout the mountains of Lara -related wealth they spurned by leaving.
December 1998 Arcade 51 0' I difficult to actually connect with that character.
You don't have to be involved in the Internet cult of Lara "fan fiction", glamourising your fantasies in sixth-form prose, to have struck up a personal relationship with the Tomb Raider heroine.
You don't have to believe she's real, like the Net-fan who feels she's "a nice person.
Not harsh in any way.
You simply have to play her.
At the same time, however, the games are more than movies.
You're not just watching Lara - you are her.
Or are you controlling her?
The relationship is difficult to define.
�sking players where they place themselves in relation to Lara elicits a wide variety of responses.
Some project themselves strongly into the game environment, and play very much as themselves.
In other words they become Lara and play from what amounts to a first- person perspective.
Others describe themselves as spectators, or sidekicks, trying to share In Lara's success.
The language used by male players, revealingly.
I don't want bad things to happen to her".
Jeremy Smith believes that Lara's femininity makes click the following article more receptive to her.
At the end of the day, it's far more difficult for a bloke to get emotional about another bloke on screen.
There's a bond between player and C-ll3.
Core Design Which is probably true.
In addition, though, there's the never-overlooked matter of Lara's sex appeal.
Its a constant battle with the press, particularly the European press, who always want her to have on as little clothing as possible.
Then again," he adds, "we don't ever pose her so she's looking unattractive or like a wet blanket.
You'll never see Lara looking frumpy," No.
No bed-messed hair for Ms Croft.
But there's a curious discrepancy between her promotional portrayals outside the game - the swimsuit pics: the come-hither poses: the centre-of-attention bust - and Lara's image within Tomb Raider itself, if you go back and play the original game, for example, https://ipodxs.com/blackjack/blackjack-daily-21-points.html of the first things to strike you is the fact that her chest isn't half as prominent as you remember it from subsequent marketing images.
Rounded out with a higher polygon count.
Tomb Raider IPs heroine is rather more top-heavy, but even then the game's clearly more concerned with big guns than.
So when does "sexy" become "sexism"?
And how much of Lara's mass-market profile is due to her image as cyber-sex object, how much to her in-game role as resourceful puzzle-solver?
A large part of Tomb Raider's cross-over media coverage has to be credited to her random-access mammaries.
And even if we can't blame the marketing men for.
From the vapid nature of his contribution we detect he feels the lure of easy money, too.
David Burton, meanwhile, is keen to assert his appreciation of Lara's unbreastly attributes, and play up her cross-gender appeal.
I think she's a good role model.
People rarely get the advantage over her.
Her games aren't about going around killing everything, either; there's a lot of puzzle solving, which is a type of game that girls traditionally like anyway.
The whole girly power thing was happening at the time, and nobody could have planned for that.
But the timing was also absolutely right for Lara to ride the wave of PlayStation's success into a new game- friendly culture.
Sony's marketing nous broke the console through the "toy" barrier into the grown-up mass market, and Lara fought in the front line of the company's assault.
An icon of what?
Videogaming has matured from being a bunch of geeks who stay up very late at night in their bedrooms, to being an industry.
And I think Lara is an icon for the whole gaming industry.
The Germans like her aggressive side.
I think the English like her aloofness.
David Burton, Lara's "agent" That sounds like a bold claim.
But the fortunes of the game and the industry- rede fining console have certainly been intertwined.
It's difficult to imagine a PC-only Lara gracing the cover of The Face- the world of video card upgrades and DirectX conflicts is hardly hip.
And now the textured temptress is taking on Hollywood, though Smith is philosophical about her trip to Tinseltown.
The fact that it's going to be packaged wilh Lara on it is a bonus to us.
It'll run alongside the game quite comfortably.
But if Tomb Raider fans go and see it and think it sucks, 1 don't think it will affect their view on the videogame side of things, because we're not using anything from the game in the movie, other than the name.
And are there other areas into which Lara's likely to move?
We're cautious of over-exposing her.
We don't want to sell her out.
There's no need to- we're not too bothered about being a sponsor for a thousand different pieces of merchandise.
She doesn't need it.
How long can Tomb Raider maintain its momentum?
Our philosophy is very simple: we will produce Tomb Raider games while people want them.
You've only got to see the buzz on the Net about Lara, or the quantity of letters we get here about the game, to know that people want more.
We'll look at doing something else when it gets to the point that people say.
Lara can't continue to sustain her appeal in the environment she's in currently.
There will come a saturation point.
Take the Mario series 54 December 1998 as an example of the fairly sialic platform game: what did they do next?
They blew Mario into this tremendous 3D world, and off he goes again.
Lara's already in a 3D world - where does she go from there?
Well, lots of places.
There's plenty of room, with new hardware coming through, lo expand on what we've done so far fairly rapidly.
Magazine previews of the new game, in particular, have been generally rather sniffy about a perceived lack of originality.
LIDOS launched a major campaign of "re-education" to showseen-it-all-before hacks the error of their ways.
Was this a conscious move to nip a potential backlash in the bud?
If people buy Tomb Raider III then I'll be very happy - whatever the press say.
I mean, it's a free world, they can say what they like.
Unfortunately, some people are very quick to judge without having a close look please click for source what it's all about.
And now there's a huge swing in the press activity on Tomb Raider HI.
But what about Lara?
She's got some new moves.
But don't expect any character developments.
She's unlikely to show us a whole new side to her personality.

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