🔥 Reddit - blackjack - Basic Strategy not helping?

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Some people are roulette hitting 0 is a martingale to the strategy but it really isnt.. Reddit 8 losses in a row you are at over losses at a starting base bet of 10 dollars.. But outside of card counting for Blackjack my suggestion would be to play ...

Reddit - blackjack - Basic strategy
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Reddit - blackjack - How do I still get wiped out with basic strategy?
Blackjack Genius [Part 1] - Learning Basic Strategy (S17 Tables)

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Recently, I've had three BJ dealers tell me “the book was made by the casino” when talking about basic strategy. I have never strayed from basic strategy, but.

Reddit - blackjack - Tips for a Blackjack Novice?
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Reddit - blackjack - Does this blackjack strategy work??
I thought I'd throw down a simple list of "Tips" to get in order for anyone new to serious Blackjack gaming.
I hope this post is seen as a good resource for those looking to getting into playing as an AP Player.
This is simply what I have learned not just here and on other forums and websites; but also from actual play.
Make sure you have Access.
It won't be worth the effort.
If you only live within a close distance of a small time operation, you'll get too much heat even on nickle tables.
You have to find not only a good game.
Before you play a single round at an actual basic strategy blackjack reddit, yes seriously; why practice your game and lose money doing so.
You have to have this down pat.
This App is FANTASTIC for learning Basic Strategy.
All the options mostare there.
Each box is color coded and inside it shows how many times you played it correctly.
Red to Yellow to Green.
This is FANTASTIC, because over time it will show you where your weak spots are.
The box will be yellowish.
You need to get that chart all bright green.
It is a great tool.
People who play only Basic Strategy will always be in negative EV.
Your luck will run out.
Basic Strategy is where you start.
Learn to play the game.
Until you have basic strategy down, don't even bother learning to count.
Because a single mistake per hour of play will likely throw your edge down more than counting raises it.
Learn how to play Chess, what the rules are.
Counting then is Next - and is NECESSARY.
Don't waste time on Apps for this.
Just drill yourself with one deck of cards.
It's really all you need.
Sitting with a single deck of cards face down in your palm, flip them out one at a time and keep a running count in your head.
When the deck is done your count should be 0.
You need to be counting them out accurately, so treat it like learning to play a piano piece.
Slow and accurate at first, speed will naturally increase.
You don't get good at anything by learning to do it poorly in less time.
Ultimately, get to the point where you can count the deck in under 30 Seconds.
But 30 Seconds, accurately, will basically make you able to easily count the rounds dealt while at the same time not look like you are counting and scanning.
Because at this speed, you can count faster than the round is continue reading by a factor of 2:1.
Lastly, when you count, don't move your lips, mouth the numbers.
It must be all inner monologue.
Chew gum if you have to.
GET YOUR BANKROLL TOGETHER RISK OF RUIN: There are a lot of discussions on "how much" you need to play as an AP player to have a low ROR Risk of Ruinand survive the variances and swings of losing streaks which will occur.
My Advice is based on my Playing Style: 2-3 Hour Sessions, of which I'll play on average 200-300 hands.
This is used to buy additional chips if needed to stay in play or double down, or to keep playing after a losing streak but the deck is hot.
Now, people will argue you need X times your Max Bet.
That's 20 trips to the casino.
I go 2-3 times kentucky racing post month.
That's a year of play practically.
So I look at it more along the lines of "action" vs "amount x wager size".
NOW THAT YOU'RE PLAYING WHEN YOU GET TO THE CASINO: Start by just watching a table.
Casually, from the start of a shoe considering Six Deck.
Find a table with 3 or 4 players, who are playing with a good bankroll and placing wagers larger than yours.
Make sure the table you find has room for you to squeeze in, to play ideally 2 hands.
Back count the shoe from the start.
And only sit down when the count goes sun pokerus pokemon positive.
Don't play the start of shoes, just start off watching.
If after 5-6 rounds the deck is playing neutral, casually move on.
If the deck instantly is negative, move on.
You want to find a table where the round you jump in after has moved the TC to +3 or more.
If you want even more security.
The higher the TC the better your edge, however the longer the wait to find that opportunity.
WAGER SIZE: Start with you base wager of your spread even on the +3 or +4 TC.
Treat your +3 as a +1.
If the round you start in on throws out a lot of low cards and the deck goes even more positive in terms of True Count; adjust your wagers up from there in 2x per TC Increments.
Because you are treating a hot deck as an "ok" deck.
You are mitigating loss.
Lower wagers even in fairly warm decks, will put you at a greater advantage.
RIDE THE RIDE: In a high TC deck, you WANT the TC to drop.
That's what you are going for.
You want the ride to go as high as possible and come crashing down.
And then, the ride is over.
If the TC drops drastically; it means a LOT of 10s basic strategy blackjack reddit Aces have just come out.
After a fast or steady down to under +3 TC, the ride has come to an end.
Go for a smoke break, even if you don't smoke.
Come back, then play a few rounds at your minimum bet only.
Don't play ANY shoe's you aren't 100% of the current count, except to wong out without looking like you're wonging out mentioned right before this.
PLAY SIDE BETS: Play Side Bets to Tip the Dealer During Play.
NEVER PLAY SIDE BETS: Do Not Play Side Bets.
TIPPING: If you lose, tip.
If you win, tip more.
If you win a lot, tip well.
You can also place Small Side Bets for the Dealer during play.
The Pit Boss wont see that if it loses.
If they win, the Dealer will call it out to the floor.
The Pit Boss might not even take notice.
NOW: Try to learn to count Aces as a side count, or at least try to keep a rough count.
You will see rounds where with 4 players and only 23 cards dealt 8 or 9 or even 10 Aces show up.
This gives you a better idea of what's next.
And knowing that a huge amount of the percentage of Aces are now gone and played out, allows you to adjust your strategy.
If you're going to master the Illustrious 18, make it your own version, the Illustrious 17 and Never Split 10s.
Even if the count is +12.
blackjack texas holdem just a red flag and it's not worth the "one hand" you may or may not win.
SURRENDER LIKE A PRO: Surrender is one hell of a tool when available.
Personally for me, Surrender is one of the best rules to look for.
Use Surrender like crazy if the Casino Allows.
I don't care what indices say based off 1 Billion Simulations.
Just keep it simple.
The simulations my say otherwise, but the edge loss is seriously negligible.
If a deck is TC +8.
I will likely bust on a 14.
ETIQUETTE: If asked to wait by other players until the shoe is finished, pay no attention.
Have chips ready, already purchased, keep a bankroll so you don't have to buy in at the table.
Ratholing to have a ready bankroll discussed below.
Do not however enter a shoe where there is only 1-2 rounds left in the actual shoe.
Its a waste of time.
CHA-CHING: If you 3x your session bankroll, leave.
Only cash out 80-90% of your chips.
Keep some chips stocked up.
It makes getting in on a shoe easy and fast when you arrive as you don't have to buy in or get rated.
PLAY RATED: While others might disagree.
They know who you are.
The technology Casinos use these days is insane.
They know when you arrive.
License plates are read.
They know who you are based on ID checks.
They have facial recognition at all casinos.
They match you to your player basic strategy blackjack reddit right away.
They have RFIDs in all chips, they know all the moves by all the people and who they are.
The RFID scanners built into the tables can read roughly 600 chips every 2-3 seconds.
They know where every chip goes.
Every wager is tracked.
Just play rated, it makes you appear more like a patron rather than someone who's trying to appear unnoticed and "covert".
Secondly, if you're going to hit the same Casino often.
You'll likely become friendly with some of the staff.
The movies like 21 depict highly covert and OPSEC procedures.
Just play rated and act normal.
EMOTIONS: Never stray from strategy or let emotions take over.
Just lost 4 hands in a row in high TC?
Can't believe the dealer just got 3 - yes THREE BJs in a row?
It's not your turn to win.
More than once in a row.
But if you do the above.
RATHOLING: Not like check this out but keep a decent amount of quarters or nickels every time you leave in terms of your profit, it reduces your cash out However the casino knows you have the chipsbut the real reason, it makes your next visit a breeze.
When you find that first perfect hot shoe, you can sit down and bet.
Not have to buy in, have the money pen tested, have the dealer call color out.
That slows the game and annoys people.
You rathole chips just to have a bankroll of chips to play with next time.
Coffee and nothing else.
You don't want click here sugar crash.
You wan't the caffeine kick for added attention and increased mood- which caffeine helps with.
Do not drink ANY alcohol.
Would you have a Vodka Tonic before your Calculus Test?
It's timed by the way.
I play in jeans, chucks, and a t-shirt.
Don't invest in any fake noses, wigs, or even sun glasses as most casinos don't allow even the shades except in the Poker Room.
I agree, there are some.
BUT with that said, this poster clearly took a lot of effort in doing this post.
There is a lot of good info for folks in there.
Good post, I can tell you spent some times on this, and it should be helpful for newbies.
That being said, I have a few dissenting opinions here.
I've played in some with no live surveillance operators, just cameras recording the game.
Not everybody is playing the Vegas strip.
This also depends on how close to you the casino is, some place you probably won't return to for a while?
Who cares about the comps?
If it's local or you plan on making frequent visits, may as well play rated and milk the comps too.
This is also subject to who is a database participant and who isn't, you don't want to get yourself put in OSN for playing rated.
However, this is a personal choice that must be made by the player.
I'll also toke to encourage good behavior dealing deep, dealing fast and asking other patrons to wait while I finish a shoe or not toking to discourage bad behavior poor cuts, slow pace, inviting others to hop in my game.
Entry and exit point should be lower to fully exploit the game for back counters.
Of course, I personally prefer to play all on pitch games, but that's just me.
Yes, there are joints you should avoid that in for longevity, yes it can be a red flag for the pit or surveillance.
It also an outstanding EV maximizer, in some cases it's the opposite of a red flag and not to mention it's one of the most fun and exciting index plays in the book.
Know your locale, some places it's a common ploppie mistake, others it's not.
Some places you're not going to return to anyways, so why leave EV on the felt?
Others are either too local or too good to lose and you'd best not do that if you want to last.
Again, I appreciate the post and the effort put into this, basic strategy blackjack reddit I think your advice will help a lot of people get started.
Just had to share another angle on these things.
WAGER SIZE: Start with you base wager of your spread even on the +3 or +4 TC.
Treat your +3 as a +1.
Sounds like you'd be barely playing any hands, and then not capitalizing on the edge at high TCs.
I mean come on ; It's a big place.
They exist basic strategy blackjack reddit over the world.
It's simply not a small basic strategy blackjack reddit />Any big house https://ipodxs.com/blackjack/mgm-national-harbor-blackjack-minimum.html have tables like this.
They don't build casinos like that unless the local economy will support it.
Vegas is a gambling destination.
No one flies to "Somewhere USA" to play a few hours of Blackjack.
Hopefully a casino like this exists near you.
In fact, I think their high limit room is the only place with mid-show restrictions.
Also where are you getting this 2x TC increment from?
I don't rathole chips in terms of trying to palm them off the table.
Just when I color up and out I typically keep a set aside.
They never make any mention of it.
I'll get back either 10 balcks or two lavenders.
Pit Boss comes over.
The Pit Boss will approve.
In front of the Pit Boss.
Thank them, chat for a second, the Pit Boss then marks my rating in the computer.
I don't wong in and out of tables a whole lot.
On any given session I typically will only play at 2-3 tables max.
My sessions are typically 2-3 hours max, 40% of which is play time.
When I wong out.
I always take a break first.
I go for a "smoke break" or hit the bathroom.
I leave my chips on the table and they marker my spot.
I disappear for 10-20 minutes.
When I come back.
I play 2-4 rounds at minimum bet wager.
I treat the 2-4 rounds as if I am playing in a negative TC as I no longer know the count.
As for game dynamic.
My STRONG stance on And how to learn card counting blackjack can />Blackjack is a strategy game.
It is not a team sport.
I am not there hoping the table will win.
I am there for me to win.
My goal is to find the best way to do so.
Furthermore on that subject; there is no basis for "superstitious" gamblers objecting to me entering a game, which is my right, and which they can't enforce.
I've taken shit from players when I have a 15 v D10 or a 16 v D9 and I surrender.
I've had players say "you never surrender".
Their argument that that was supposed to be "my card" and I gave them the 10 is ridiculous.
And last, back-counting does not work at empty tables.
To close, I don't enter a game that has only 1-2 rounds left on a shoe.
I look for good opportunities for a high TC with at least enough cards left in the shoe for the TC to either go higher, and then drop, or drop.
Because THAT is what you are looking for.
You want to ride the TC back to TC 0 to +1 at which point you stop.
You want to be in on the rounds where the 10s and As come out.
Which will push the TC down.
Those are the rounds you want to play, nothing else.
Lastly, regarding my wager size.
I don't follow the charts even though I know them ; in terms of wager size vs TC.
I treat a TC of +3 as my +1 initial wager count.
At +4, it's now +2.
I am perceived as a small fish.
I've been playing fairly regularly for almost a year there.
But I live in an affluent area, and a lot of young I'd include myself in that demographicguys with money to blow come in and play and online blackjack multiplayer a lot of cash.
I had played maybe 15 rounds with him.
Just me and him and a woman who left early.
But I got in when it was good.
He played even for those 15 rounds.
I then wonged out on my "smoke break".
I come back, he has stacks of quarters.
Me leaving was a good thing I guess ; But anyways I left.
An hour later on my way out I bumped into him, asked how he did, he was pissed, drunk.
So I don't feel heat.
I am sure they click to see more in terms of my "Player Profile" in the "Back Room".
I am what in Downtown LV, would be a Nickle Player.
They just don't care.
It's not worth the hassle or the risk of me making a thing about "rude" the casino was to a long term patron.
Back in the day, the casinos had all the muscle.
They don't want that.
And the internet is a VERY powerful tool that we have which those before us didn't.
Our generation has a real and very loud voice.
They are watching them more closely than me.
My favorite place to play in Vegas is at the whiskey bar in the MGM.
It was really strange to see that kind of action out in the open.
Way better than sitting in hostility among each other and being scrutinized for my play.
This is exactly what I mean by the dynamic and how it affects my game.
I guess that's exactly the difference in my strategy.
Playing Long would mean you're sitting through a lot of rounds playing real money in a neutral or negative count deck.
But I do hear what you are saying.
I thought you meant ratholing as in purples and yellows, because that gets pit critters antsy REAL fast.
No I never leave with blacks or anything higher.
But all chips are tracked regardless.
They know when they leave, and when they come back.
It costs nothing these days to implement that technology when doing so on a large scale.
On any given session I typically will only play at 2-3 tables max.
My sessions are typically 2-3 hours max, 40% of which is play time.
Sorry, but there's no way you're wonging in only at TC3 and higher and playing 40% of your time there.
Unless you are counting 6-7 tables at the same time, even while playing, in which case that is super impressive.
Actually playing by yourself would be ideal.
Everyone leaves when the count is good and you get more rounds with a positive count.
If there is room, and the TC goes up.
I typically will provided a spot is open next to me play 2 hands at +5 and 3 hands at +8.
So I guess another piece of advice I'd offer is: Playing 2 or 3 hands at a time even in true counts that are positive.
And to close- I agree, there is no flow of cards.
People entering, exiting, affects the game as much as a player deciding to hit or stand or surrender or split.
You have to take the cards dealt to you and accept that with blackjack bangkok store the other players are playing their own game.
We have to share the deck.
I've been searching for optimal strategy on how many hands to play based on the count and at what spread.
Can you recommend any links?
I've really never experienced any real heat.
There are a ton of wealthy young mostly Asian guys in the area that play large bets and large side bets.
I argued with him jokingly.
So I took it.
This casino is filled with young drunk rich kids, when after they lose 10 or 20k in 2 hours they get angry and security comes in.
This isn't even the high limit room which I have played.
LOL sounds like you would be the odd one out and targeted for counting the most.
What do you escalate your bet to when the TC is high?
When you start escalating at the end of a shoe over and over is when the heat can arrive.
I disagree with pretty much everything you said.
Any advantage play will create heat.
You have to do it in a non obvious way.
If the count tanks, you leave.
They lose money if people wait until shuffle.
Though I wish basic strategy blackjack reddit would happen more often.
To each there own.
My makes sense for the ones I tend to go to.
He's right, ignore them and their superstitious beliefs.
I agree, it is bad ediquate, BUT any other AP's at that table will know the TC and understand why you are doing what you are.
Screw the ploppies who might leave.
LOL I have the exact opposite feeling about scaring away all the players and having a hot shoe all to myself.
Also as an AP don't most of the players you meet annoy you?
I find almost every last one of em will eventually try sharing some bullshit voodoo way of playing.
They are rubes going broke and won't be there that long anyways.
Any unnecessary talk at the table annoys me as it tests my precision and patience.
Hehe so you would prefer the table to your self but hate the confrontational moment where everyone complains in a huff and leaves.
Some of my best win streaks have come from head to head with the dealer.
Also some of my worst.
In sum: my priority is to make money, and I will manipulate all aspects of the table to be able to keep coming back and playing in the long run.
Yea, the dynamic threw me.
I'm not there to make friends.
Most of the people I play next to leave after all their chips disappear.
I literally don't understand why they even play if they don't know how.
Just buy Keno tickets if you wan't to Gamble, save yourself the time and pain of losing in front of everyone and walking away feeling beat up.
If a player doesnt like me surrendering because I'm throwing off the dynamic, or doing a mid-entry shoe start.
I'm doing it for a reason.
Entering mid shoe and backcounting and only entering when you are +3 or +4 and starting your spread at 1 unit from that point gives you a noticable edge.
If you get shitty hands on your first 1-2 rounds it means you've likely treaded into +5 - +7 territory.
Because to get from +8 to +1 a lot of 10s and As have to come out.
I'll put article source money there and enter and leave when I please.
Hey, SugarCoatFree, just a quick heads-up: noticable is actually spelled noticeable.
You can remember it by remember the middle e.
Have a nice day!
The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.
Not very much money IMHO.
So you're like the guy in 21.
Except he had financiers with millions in backing bankroll and played on the MIT team consisting of a number of great players.
Not very much money IMHO.
Play around with CVCX a little and you'll quickly find that your math here on per hour basic strategy blackjack reddit and bankroll requirements is off.
Buying in for 12 to 24 units is STANDARD.
There is no reason to buy in for more.
FIRST, the dealer will likely not have enough quarters in their rack to even fill the buy in.
If she does, theyre not going to want to give you 100 Greens.
They will insist on giving you blacks and a few lavenders.
And that means you'll just end up likely having to color change down during play.
Buying in more just brings attention to you.
Keep your money in your pocket, if you run low on chips and need to buy more even mid-hand say to double or split, you can do so.
There is ZERO reason to buy more blackjack codeworkout that.
But I got a good seat at one of the low seat tables.
I only played two shoes and left.
I think the dealer at one point broke 6 or 7 hands in a row.
And I cut the deck, so the table loved me.

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Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart Reddit. Most people recognize that unlike many casino games, blackjack is a game of strategy. It's immediately obvious when ...

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Reddit - blackjack - Why are there different basic strategy charts?
It just becomes better to stand than hit above the index.
Thanks, I did not know that!
What about soft 18 vs 2?
I've seen some say double some say stand.
Which is more common in casinos?
I'm using the bj aio trainer pro, any suggestions on recommended settings for training on that or other tools to help?
I'm trying to get everything as close to perfect as i can in my routine before i start programming my head to do this the wrong way.
Someone had posted some good pointers but deleted their comment.
I think I got the changes input.
I moved it over to google spreadsheets and then published it with my other information that I've gathered: With this link you can leave comments and suggestions directly.
If someone would like editing power to add or basic strategy blackjack reddit just message me.
I will know full tilt blackjack rules with more information with tables for the specific rules as I go.
I'm trying to get my a good base strategy to start hammering in my head and practicing as I'm practicing keeping count.
I filled in this 6-Deck Blackjack table with the Illustrious 18 and the Fabulous 4 Deviations included.
I'm posting to check this is correct since I've seen a few variances and conflicting information.
I know that the basic strategy changes a little bit depending on the rules, but how do the rules effect the deviations if at all?
Is there a good generator that can calculate the deviations for the different rules?
Any other tips or tricks?
Wizard of odds does all this.
Different bs tables for different rules, and will give the house edge for any set of rules.
The biggest changes in bs are for european no hole card type games.
I think what I'm going to do is survey the tables in my area, make custom tables for each and use the most common table for my specific base strategy.
There are a few s17 basic strategy blackjack reddit have better odds but most are h17.
I'm guessing the ones with better odds s17 are watched more closely so a bit of a trade off it seems on which I choose.

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I'm playing some online blackjack and I'm going by the book of basic strategy, I literally have the card guide in my hand and playing exactly how it says. I've read ...

Reddit - blackjack - What’s are some beginner tips for playing blackjack?
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Reddit - blackjack - Why are there different basic strategy charts?
Simple and Easy Blackjack Basic Strategy -- Memorize in 1 Day

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Experienced blackjack players understand that the mathematically correct decision in every situation is called basic strategy. All those articles ...

Reddit - blackjack - Basic strategy
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Reddit - blackjack - What’s are some beginner tips for playing blackjack?
I have never strayed from basic strategy, but they all got me thinking.
What are all of your thoughts?
My experience is that most dealers have a basic understanding of BS but don't really know it--even for the specific game they deal.
In the game I play--6D, H17, NS, DAS--the correct blackjack dealer andy is to split 9s against dealer 2-6, 8, and stand against dealer's 7, 10, A.
The "book" they are likely referring to is Ed Thorp's 1966 basic strategy blackjack reddit, "Beat the dealer" that shows the statistical advantages of playing Basic Strategy and introduces card counting to the word as a way to turn the house edge upside down towards the players favor.
It seems that dealers fall into a couple of categories.
On one end is the dealer who can count and understands the AP world, on the other end there are dealers who blindly push the side bet as being "good" because they simply don't understand the math.
The later type would likely say this because they heard some idiot say it, and it sounds believable.
I don't trust the cards the casino sells - but enough smart people have done the math, and basic strategy seems to work.
They clearly don't understand the math.
Depending on how fast the dealer is, how many other players basic strategy blackjack reddit other factors, on average a player will play somewhere between 50-70 hands an hour if they are playing one hand.
Sure, basic strategy blackjack reddit could hit a Longshot, but you could also play a number streight up on Roulette and hope for the best.
You could buy a Keno ticket and hope for the best, too.
The point is, none of these are good bets.
I notice this too.
I try to tell them, yeah but if you add many dollars together that ends up being a lot of money.
Usually people just shrug it off and try not to think of it that way.
So I would have spent 30 bucks for a 10 to 1 payout.
People are funny sometimes.
Another thing I hate about the side bets is that they seem to really slow down the pace of the game.
Dealers are not a reliable source of information.
Basic strategy is the right decision from the standpoint of expected value, deviating from basic strategy will work out worse in the long run.
They will also tell you not to hit a soft 18 against a ten.
Plug in the particular ruleset you're playing into a BS engine and there's your book.
This line of thinking is amazing cover if you're an AP and looking to cover your index plays.
Talking like a DB schmuck gambler is an easy way to look like a dumb schmuck gambler.
If you're not an AP, stick to basic strategy.
One side note: Basic Strategy is not a winning strategy for the game of BJ.
It was never intended to be such.
It is, a lose less strategy and a strategy that will tell you your best play option in any given situation.
Coupled with counting or another AP method, it can then and only then give you a this web page edge over the house.
Edward Thorp was a professor of mathematics and because he had an interest in blackjack, during his free time, he devised a basic strategy based on the mathematics basic strategy blackjack reddit the game.
So that's where "The Book" came from.
If you want more information about the blackjack strategy guide, I created a video on the subject.

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r/blackjack: A subreddit dedicated to the card game Blackjack for counters and. People will occasionally flip out if you deviate from basic strategy but I would ...

Reddit - blackjack - Does this blackjack strategy work??
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Reddit - blackjack - Why are there different basic strategy charts?
basic strategy blackjack reddit

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r/blackjack: A subreddit dedicated to the card game Blackjack for counters and casual players alike!

Reddit - blackjack - What’s the most efficient way to memorize the basic strategy table?
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Reddit - blackjack - What’s are some beginner tips for playing blackjack?
How to Play (and Win) at Blackjack: The Expert's Guide

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Stadium gambling is now a thing in Las Vegas casinos, and we figured it was time to check out Stadium Blackjack at Venetian.

Reddit - blackjack - Tips for a Blackjack Novice?
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Reddit - blackjack - What’s the most efficient way to memorize the basic strategy table?
Could you not just do this over and over again?
And I guess you could lose 5 hands straight, it just seems very unlikely!
Is there a name for this type of gambling?
Any advice would be great!
It seems that many people come up with the Check this out system on their own but this is quite a well-known fallacy.
I've lost way more than 5 hands in a row way too many times.
Some days no wins, only pushes.
I basic strategy blackjack reddit something similar with decent results.
Then I do this for three iterations: Ie.
If I win again, I basic strategy blackjack reddit, but then I go back down to the table min + 1.
Then I go back down to where I started and repeat the process, as long as the TC is higher than zero.
Otherwise I might raise my bet not to draw suspicion occasionally, but basic strategy blackjack reddit significantly.
I don't know if this strategy has a name, but it's pretty safe and relatively risk averse.
What do you mean by the TC being higher than zero?
Do you think you are at a net profit playing black jack?
Well, to be more accurate, it works great until it doesn't.
You will eventually either run out of money or hit the table max.
So, if you had an unlimited bankroll and found a game that didn't have a limit, this would work.
But, both of those conditions don't exist in basic strategy blackjack reddit />If the game is negative EV which it is without counting cards, then no.
Long run you will lose.
All progressive betting strategies fail based on the simple fact that in a negative EV playing scenario where the house has an edge on every single hand played.
You can easily lose 5 hands in a row.
You can also win 5 hands in a row.
But the longer the streak the less likely it occurs.
Counting is the only way to gain the edge and turn it into a positive EV game.
Blackjack, like poker, is not random like slot machines, rolling dice, or spinning a roulette wheel.
If you are playing a shoe game or hand dealt game; the deck while shuffled, is not random in the sense that "any hand" can be dealt at any time.
Rolling Dice at Craps.
Any outcome is possible.
And this is why casinos frown on card counters.
Because casinos do not like to lose money.
A shoe of 6 decks is is a shoe of six decks.
Counting gives you the edge because you are able to make decisions on wager sizes, as well as how to play a hand, based on your actual knowledge of the odds that specific cards are more or basic strategy blackjack reddit likely to be dealt.
This is why Blackjack is not a random game of gambling if you play as an AP player.
Example: I count HiLo and Side Count Aces.
I played last night.
It was just all Aces.
First Base had AA, 2nd had a Soft 15, I had a soft 14, third player had a hard 7, dealer show card was an A with no BJ.
Another Ace on hand one.
Dealt a 3 sitting at soft 15.
Those Aces can never be re-dealt.
They have been played.
So by counting, and side counting Aces, Basic strategy blackjack reddit know the deck has just been ravaged of the "expected average" of aces which should remain.
I actually laughed and said well there go all the Aces.
In 23ish cards, you should only draw 1.
So by counting, and ONLY by counting while playing with perfect basic strategy, the AP Player can turn the game from negative Basic strategy blackjack reddit to positive EV.
And while it's not illegal, in any state, the casino has the right to ask you to leave, or flat bet you, or say you have to play the basic strategy blackjack reddit wager from now on.
Well it's their house.
They make the rules.
But they don't want you counting.
This is why I backcount on every start.
Only enter high TC games.
I am friendly with the dealers.
I am chatty with the Pit Bosses.
I am VERY specific about when I play.
I don't smoke, but I say I'm going for one, and go out to the smoking area, drink some coffee.
The charts will tell you the best you can expect in terms of edge is roughly 1.
But that number doesnt take into account playing only high TC shoes, and shifting your spread down the line.
Where TC of 3 is actually 1.
By shifting your base wager amount to a higher TC number, you mitigate a huge amount of risk and have a much greater edge.
By greater I mean 1-2%.
But think about that.
Having a 3% edge in a coin toss game.
You KNOW you will average out at a 3% edge - averaged on EVERY hand.
Now factor in what I talked about- selectivity.
Factor you will only be playing 40% of the time.
But you're only read article when it's "ideal", 40% of the time, to gain that extra edge.
I now track my sessions in a notebook.
I only play a few hours.
Yes sometimes I do lose.
I got some great streaks.
This isn't a full time job for me.
A few times a month earns me a few thousand a month.
Why did you double a soft 14 v dealer Ace?
This seems incredibly just click for source.

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