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Types of Slot Machines; Which Slot Machines Pay the Best. you also have machines with different styles, such as classic and video slots.

Finding Loose Slot Machines
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High Payout Slots - Play the Best Paying Slots Online for Free or Real Play
VIDEO SLOT BASICS Slot machines have their roots in three-reel mechanical games, but the large majority of slots in modern brick-and-mortar casinos are played on video screens.
Online, of course, all games are on video.
Like slots with mechanical reels, video slots and online slots are easy to play.
You just slide your money into the bill validator, choose how many paylines to play and how many coins to wager per line, and hit the button to spin the video reels.
Such was not always the case.
In the late 1980s, I walked into the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas on a busy Friday night.
I walked the slot aisles, and the machines were packed with players.
I spotted one space into the middle of a crowded row.
That one space was the only video slot in the row.
That all changed in the mid-to-late 1990s asbut along the way a number of things had to happen to break down player resistance.
Video poker becomes the first video game widely accepted by casino players, and sets the stage for later video breakthroughs.
SIRCOMA later became International Game Technology, a worldwide leader in slot manufacturing.
All were on video, to be launched by touching on icon on the screen.
The most popular games were video poker and video blackjack, but video slot games also carved out a following — rare for the time.
Mid-1990s:Aristocrat Technologies in Australia devises games with five reels and bonus events — mostly free-spin bonuses.
Odyssey was a high-tech marvel, with an oversized screen, high-quality animation and some bonus features.
It was hailed as the future of gaming, but ultimately lost in the marketplace.
For the next several years, three-reel games remained the most popular U.
Among the important pieces that fell into place for video gaming were: MULTI-TIERED JACKPOTS: Aristocrat was the pioneer with its Hyperlink games, first popular on the Pacific Rim and later in the United States with the debut of Cash Express.
Today, many manufacturers produce that range from a few dollars for frequent hits to build player interest on up to hundreds, or thousands, of dollars.
COMMUNITY-STYLE SLOTS: Players win together or lose together on banks of machines.
MULTIPLE BONUS EVENTS: Early video slots had a single bonus event.
The Twilight Zone IGTLord of the Rings WMSMichael Jackson Bally The Big Bang Theory Aristocrat and many, many more themes have become successful video slots, or online slot games.
A multidimensional entertainment experience brings players to the video slots.
SPECIAL EFFECTS AND MOTION CHAIRS: Special chairs accompany highly promoted games with popular themes.
The chairs move, shake, rock and roll, and have speakers in the back for surround sound.
To make it worthwhile for casinos to offer them, almost all have 20 or more paylines, with 40 being a common number.
The goal has been to make video slots more entertaining, and often more interactive, than three-reel slots.
Though three-reel slots now often incorporate bonus events, the entertainment value traditionally has come in watching the reels to see if you win or lose.
In video slots, there is entertainment value in playing the games, in launching the video clips or making choices in bonus events.
You still win or lose, but gamemakers and casino operators want you to remember the fun and keep coming back even if you lose.
VIDEO SLOTS AND THE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR At their cores, modern slots with mechanical reels and video slots work in the same way.
Numbers selected by a random number generator and translated into the symbols you see on the reels.
Most have many more potential combinations, often with A-K-Q-J-10 symbols in addition to character symbols.
There is only hope, best roulette cam sites are bonus event here, and many video slots have multiple bonuses.
All of those things are important to the video slot experience.
On some games, top-paying symbols even bring a small return with only two across starting from the left, such as on the sample game here where two hawks brings back five coins for a one-coin bet on an active payline.
If you bet one coin on each of the best paying video slot machines paylines for a 20-coin bet, two hawks or three mice bring five coins, and three raccoons bring 15.
That enables designers to give us games with very high hit frequencies.
MULTIPLE PAYLINES, MULTIPLE PAYOFFS The multiple paylines also are important to the experience.
You get the five-coin two-hawk payoff three times and the 15-coin four-mouse payoff once.
In that example, your 20-coin bet at one coin per line brings a total of a 30-coin return.
Those multiple pays have to be accounted for in the math of the games and the random number sets designers and programmers use.
WILD SYMBOLS Wild symbols are matches for any symbol, usually excluding scatter symbols or bonus symbols.
With expanding wilds, when a wild symbol lands on the payline, it grows to fill all three spaces in a column.
On many games, bonus symbols are scatter symbols, so that if you get three of them anywhere on the reels, you launch a bonus event.
Other games use scatter symbols for payoffs without going into a bonus.
Then you can get a 100-coin pay that looks like this: The treasure chest spaces would not constitute a winning combination with other symbols.
They do not line up on a left-to-right payline, starting at reel No.
But with scatter pays, having enough symbols triggers a payoff, no matter where they land.
Bonuses can be free spins, pick-a-prize events, wheel spins and more.
Their effect has to be best paying video slot machines for in game math and random number sets.
So a game that returns 90 percent returns only 60 percent to players on the base game, but adds 30 percent on bonuses.
That can differ from game to game and manufacturer to manufacturer, but it must be accounted for by game designers and programmers.
With so many possibilities available, designers must work with large number sets.
If the programmer needs the reel strip to be 100, 500, 1,000 or any other number of symbols long to yield the optimal number of combinations leading to the desired game odds, that can be done.
With five reels and large numbers, the number of potential combinations gets very large, very fast.
If each of five reel strips has 100 symbols, then the number of possible combinations for each payline is 100x100x100x100x100.
Slot machines payoffs traditionally have been built around paylines.
Winning on more than one line on the same spin was discussed in Chapter 4.
The potential for games of widely differing volatility https://ipodxs.com/best/best-casino-in-connecticut.html available because there are so many possibilities in a five-reel game.
If the programmer and designer are working with 100 random numbers per reel, there are 1 billion possible five-reel combinations.
High, low or in-between portions can be winners.
Very frequent small wins can yield a low-volatility game that keeps you in your seat for extended play.
Putting more of the return into bonuses or bigger pays can yield higher volatility with a better shot at bigger wins, but also a better shot at a faster drain on your bankroll.
Players have the opportunity to choose how much to bet per payline, and on many games also can choose how many lines to play.
Many games with more paylines also offer betting options all the way down to a single coin, although not all coin-line combinations are offered.
They were most commonly in five-cent, or nickel, denominations, so the least anyone was going to bet was five cents, and most players were covering all the paylines to bet at least 25 cents.
When penny slots rose to popularity in the 2000s and the minimum bet became just one cent, casino operators wanted to make sure players were betting enough to keep the games profitable.
On such games, you can no longer see more just one coin, but you can bet one coin per payline.
By betting one coin per line, you wager 100 coins per 100 spins.
You will collect five coins the one time you get three 10s.
One five-coin payoff per 100 coins wagered reduces to one coin collected per 20 wagered.
By betting one coin for each of 20 lines, in 100 spins you bet 2,000 coins.
You collect the five-coin pay 20 times per 100 spins, meaning the three-10s are paying you 100 coins per 2,000 wagered.
That also reduces to one coin collected per 20 wagered, the same as if you were betting only one coin.
NO-PAYLINE SLOTS In Chapter best paying video slot machines />Most wins still require lining up matching symbols from left to right.
Aristocrat Technologies took something very close to the scatter concept and applied to entire games.
In Reel Power games, your bets buy reels instead of paylines.
Unlike scatter pays, winning symbols must appear on adjacent reels from left to right.
Unlike games with traditional paylines, Reel Power winners can appear in any position on the reels.
If you buy fewer than five reels, winning symbols may appear in any positions on the bought reels, plus you can win on a center payline.
With five reels bought, winners must appear on adjacent reels right to left, but can be in any reel position.
Take this example: On most games, the hawks in that configuration would not form a payline.
Such games yield 243 possible ways to win, and games from gamemakers other than Aristocrat are commonly called 243 ways to win games rather than Reel Power.
Reel Power games typically use free spins as a bonus event, and are among the most volatile video slots.
One offshoot is games with reels that are four symbols deep instead of three such as this: Aristocrat calls such games Xtra Reel Power.
They have 1,024 ways to win, https://ipodxs.com/best/best-gambling-sites-yahoo.html with so many possibilities typically are even more volatile than Reel Power games.
CASCADING REELS Cascading reels games use traditional paylines, but the presentation turns each slot symbol into an individual tile.
Then, without you having to make another bet, the winning symbols disappear, and different symbols cascade down into their places.
The hawk symbol on the third reel drops down to replace the mouse, a new symbol appears above it, and two new symbols replace the first two mice.
Now if we have a fairly common payline that includes the top of reel 1, the middle symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4, and the top symbol on reel 5, we have a nice payoff on four hawks.
They disappear, and symbols cascade again.
This time, there are no winners, so the play ends.
Now you have to bet again to get a fresh cascade.
As long as the cascading symbols keep forming winners, you keep collecting credits and new symbols keep dropping into place.
Wins that start small best paying video slot machines get quite large.
PAYBACK PERCENTAGE ON VIDEO SLOTS NETWORKED AND SERVER-BASED GAMES At their very core, hit frequencies and payback percentages work the same way on video slots and online slots as they do on mechanical-reel slots.
If there are sufficient returns in high-paying combinations, a game that give players a lower percentage of winning spins can have a higher payback percentage than a game with more winning spins that puts most of its returns in low-paying hands.
For a look at the arithmetic of hit frequencies and payback percentages, see.
The examples are for three-reel slots, but the principles are the same.
However, there are some special factors that apply to video slots.
CHANGING THE HIT FREQUENCY We saw that video slots have more potential paying combinations with this game in Chapter 4.
Most video slots in casinos will add extra low-paying symbols such as A, K, Q, J, 10.
There are ways to make this a high hit frequency game, but not necessarily a high payer.
You could do the same with other symbols.
The key is that there does not have to be the same number of each symbol on each reel.
There are 900 two-reel combinations.
Game designers can work with a low payoff like that once per 45 spins.
So they can put fewer on subsequent reels.
If there are five hawks on the first reel, four on the second, three on third, two on the fourth and one on the fifth, there are 120 five hawk combinations.
What if game designers wanted a game with a lower hit frequency, but a game with a better chance at the biggest jackpot?
Only the software needs to be changed.
For the most part, slot games are chip-based.
Player questions about whether slot payback percentages are routinely changed day to night or weekday to weekend are rendered moot.
Changing one game is time- consuming.
Routinely changing a please click for source full of slots costs too much in both time and money to be worthwhile.
Server-based games are in use https://ipodxs.com/best/poker-machine-bases-australia.html some casinos.
However, not all have the infrastructure to support the devices, and they are more costly than other machines.
It can be done in seconds.
AUTOMATIC CHANGE: This does not yet appear to be in use in the U.
If a casino finds it draws large numbers of video poker players in the daytime, but needs more multiline penny slots at night, it can set the system up to change at a specified time each day.
All this would require regulatory approval.
Any casino that wanted to offer 92-percent games as an attraction in low-traffic times but drop to 85 percent on busy weekends would be blocked by regulators.
CHANGING MULTIPLE MACHINES: The operator, with regulatory approval, can define multiple machines, whole banks of machines or even specific machines scattered throughout the casino to all change at once.
Once the group is defined, the same click on game and paybacks can change them all.
The casino also can message the player, either automatically or through an operator.
For example, if show time is near and a lot of tickets are unsold, the system can scan the records of active players to identify those who are closest to qualifying for complimentary tickets.
The window then can open to offer tickets, and the player can accept or decline.
Special games and tournaments can enhance the regular game experience.
Alternatively, hitting that target could add a tournament display, and for the next several minutes your win totals are matched against those of other qualified players.
Top finishers get an extra prize.
Not all casinos use server-based games, and not all of those that do have them use such applications.
Manufacturers hope they become popular and widespread, but the marketplace will decide.
PROCEDURE FOR DELIVERING GAMES The situation is not as simple as a game supplier sending a game directly to a machine.
Instead, games are often sent to regulatory bodies first, who then relay them to casinos.
The double lock system prevents the nightmare scenario raised by players in which casinos change games and paybacks willy-nilly, without supervision.
Every change must be gaming-board approved.
Even on games that are not remotely delivered, me! best casino games to play for free ideal the machines has opened new possibilities for interactivity and for bringing the experience to players in their homes between casino visits.
WMS Gaming, now part of Scientific Games, has been a pioneer with its Star Trek and Lord of the Rings slots.
Star Trek and Lord of the Rings both were popular, well-received games, but this remains a small segment of video games.
It has promise as more players who were raised in the social media age start to play in casinos.
Any symbol except for scatter and bonus symbols.
Only the lowest-paying symbols.
On most machines, wild symbols can substitute for any symbol except scatter and bonus symbols.
Entertainment games have frequent small payouts but a lesser chance on big wins, extending playing time for those playing for entertainment.
Games with wildly different hit frequencies can have similar payback percentages.
All changes require regulatory supervision.
Written by John Grochowski Copyright 2020, the 888 Group.
Virtual Global Digital Services Limited is licensed and regulated to offer online gaming services under the laws of Gibraltar Remote Gaming License Numbers 112 and 113 and makes no representation as to legality of such services in other jurisdictions.
Our services in the UK are operated by 888 UK Limited, a company incorporated in Gibraltar, which is licensed and regulated by the.
Our services in European Single Market member states except for states in which our services are provided under a local license are operated by Virtual Digital Services Limited, a company incorporated in Malta which is part of the European Union.
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The address of our Malta based companies is: Level G, Quantum House, 75, Abate Rigord St.
For more information on support tools, please visit our.

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Learn Slot Machine Basics, Strategies & How to Win... They are also some of the best and most entertaining free online slot games.. The idea of a “hot” machine, one that's due for a win and therefore more likely to pay out, has been... A close relative to the slot machine, video poker is another game that's easy to play,.

Slot Machine Games Versus Video Poker Games - Which Are Better?
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Get with the program M life Rewards gets you access to the best MGM Resorts has to offer.
Get with the program M life Rewards gets you access to the best MGM Resorts has to offer.
Get with the program M life Rewards gets you access to the best MGM Resorts has to offer.
Players love these grown-up games because they provide fun and excitement at the push of a button.
Plus, they best paying video slot machines a much smaller financial commitment upfront; individual bets can start out at small levels.
Thank you, penny slots!
Anyone can enjoy this cheap and classic form https://ipodxs.com/best/best-casino-nederland-online-usa-no-deposit.html Vegas entertainment.
Here are the secrets to navigating the 200,000+ slot machines in Las Vegas.
We help you understand the odds and point you to the best paying slots in Las Vegas.
Most slot machines have a pay table on the machine where you can find the payout amounts.
If you want a variety best paying video slot machines machines but still want to maximize high slot payout percentages, check out thewhere there are thousands of ways to play including a number of high-paying slot tournaments.
The Bellagio features over 2,300 reel, video reel and video poker games.
They also provide extra incentives with jackpots and progressive features that can grow into the millions.
High Exposure, High Pay The casinos often make sure that the front of the casino is generating action and excitement to help drive in foot traffic.
This means that a lot of the most popular slots in Las Vegas are generally situated in high-traffic areas.
Although you may want to stay low-key in other parts of your life, taking the road less travelled is not recommended when it comes to slots.
One Las Vegas spot full of excitement and big payouts is the ARIA casino floor.
On top of that, ARIA ensures a high quality overall experience with great service and an unbeatable ambiance.
Take a seat near one of the main entrances, near the escalators or by the walkways to edge your chances ever higher!
The higher the Tier level, the best paying video slot machines the benefits.
When you sign up for the program you can earn points at any of the MGM Resorts properties.
And, as always, play responsibly.
Set your limits and know when the game is over.
Reservations Telephone booking fee may be applied.

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... for the player. The machine is programmed to pay out a percentage of.... What are the best tips for casino slot machines?... Videos:- Big Slot TV. Video slots ...

Best Paying Video Slots of 2019 (Top 20) | Only the Highest Paying Slots!
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How Casinos Use Math To Make Money When You Play The Slots
best paying video slot machines

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Software - MORE
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Find a list with the best paying online slots.. brilliantly blends the line between video poker and video slots, providing you with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Slot Machine Games Versus Video Poker Games - Which Are Better?
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How Casinos Use Math To Make Money When You Play The Slots
High Payout Slots - Play the Best Paying Slots Online for Free or Real Play Javascript is required to run this page properly.
That means, best paying video slot machines an infinite number of bets, the casino will win an average of 50 cents out of ever hundred dollars the player wagers.
In slot machines, a player might be with a payout percentage of 99.
That means the same thing as the house edge in the first example, and over an infinite number of bets, the mathematical expectation is the same—the casino will win an average of 50 cents out of every hundred dollars the player wagers.
The payback percentage is simply best paying video slot machines house edge subtracted from 100%.
You could use payback percentage to describe other games besides slots and video poker, but they're not usually referred to in the same terms.
Of course, good luck finding a slot machine with a payout percentage that high.
Slot machines are fun and exciting, but mathematically speaking, they can drain your wallet best paying video slot machines than one of my ex-wives.
This number is determined by the random number generator RNGwhich is a computer program inside each slot machine that best paying video slot machines the outcome of each spin.
For example, a very simple slot machine might have 12 stops, each with an equal chance of hitting on any given spin.
Of course, slot machines have various settings.
Some stops might come up once out of every 12 spins, while others might only come up once out of every 64 spins.
One set of symbols might result in a payout of 50 to 1 while another might result in a payout of 2000 to 1.
Another factor to consider is that two identical slot machines, sitting side by side in the same casino, might have completely different settings.
Even then, variance could affect your calculations.
The only difference is how long it will take.
For example, all slot machines in Nevada are required by law to have a minimum payout percentage of 75%.
Most casinos offer higher payout percentages in order to remain competitive.
On the other hand, Atlantic City slot machines are legally required to have a minimum payout percentage of 83%.
The reason is simple.
Casinos there have more competition than anywhere else, so they have the loosest slots in an attempt to get more players excited about playing in their properties.
Even within Vegas, the casinos in Downtown often offer slightly better odds than the casinos on the Strip.
Airports, bars, gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants best paying video slot machines the worst payout percentages.
Some best paying video slot machines will advertise specific payback percentages, but take that information with a grain of salt.
Such a casino might have a single game with a payout set at that rate, but good luck finding it.
The Short Run versus the Long Run One final factor to remember is the difference between the short run and the long run.
The former is longer than you think, and so is the latter.
In any single gambling session, you might be a winner or a loser.
Or you might win a lot of money.
The Highest RTP Slots While there best paying video slot machines a number of great slots that offer high return-to-player percentages, there are a few that truly stand out from the crowd when it comes to giving users the most value to players.
But unlike many thematic slots, this one pays out quite well, returning 99% to players.
But looks can be deceiving, as this basic machine also boasts a 98.
New Casinos Sign up with our recommended new casinos to play the latest slot games and get the best welcome bonus offers for 2019.
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Finding best paying video slot machines best slotomania games best odds bonuses just got a lot easier.

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Loosest Slots USA | Best Paying Slot Machines Online.. to describe RTG slots in few words, we would say that they main focus is on classic 5 reel video slots.

Best Paying Slots - High vs. Low Volatility and Return Percentages
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Best Paying Slots - High vs. Low Volatility and Return Percentages
best paying video slot machines

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$ 500

Slot machines are consistent moneymakers for casinos.. Players insert currency, decide on their bet amount, press spin, and hope for the best.. Games with low volatility, like video poker, pay back more frequently but in ...

11 Best Slot Machines | Wink Slots
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Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay
The main aim of the team here at Alloutslots.
We only list what we believe to be fair and safe casinos for players to use.
Our reviews and star ratings are our own and not influenced by external factors.
However, occasionally, we do accept compensation which may affect the list positions of brands on this page.
Best Slot Machines By Payout Percentage Sick of playing slot machines with rubbish payouts?
This graph shows the eight main software providers for online slots and the average payout percentage across all of their games.
Amaya lags quite significantly behind the others with a payout percentage of 92%… why are they so far behind the rest?
Amaya have also recently purchased several other slots providers including Aristrocrat and Chartwell.
Both companies were known for their low return to player percentages and therefore could be dragging the Amaya averages down.
However at the core of this issue is the fact that Amaya are a major player in the creation of software for real world slot machines and as such clearly want to bring the lower land based percentages to the online scene how very noble of them indeed.
Slot Machine Payouts vs Other Casino Games Plenty of useful conclusions can be drawn from simply looking at the payout percentages of different slots games and software providers.
However… it is also important to look at the RTP percentages of slots as compared to other online casino games.
Keno is the obvious place to start when looking at this data, as its RTP percentage is significantly lower than any other at 73% avoid at all costs folks.
Blackjack has a much higher average RTP percentage of 99.
Slots machines, although with an average RPT of 95.
With the bonus money added to expected returns when clearing the bonus it can actually produce an edge for the player if perfect strategy is employed.
FAQ How do RTP percentages work?
RTP or payout percentages are a representation of the average rate at which a game — be it slots or otherwise — pays here to players, as compared to the total amount that players stake.
In general, online slots games have a payout percentage of around 95% best paying video slot machines in the simplest possible terms this means that on average the game will pay out £95 for every £100 staked on it.
That does not mean that every player is guaranteed £95 worth of payout if and when they stake £100 however, as the percentages are based upon a very high number of spins.
General probability and more simply the law of averages, means that an individual player could still win far more than they stake or lose considerably more than 5% in one session or over an extended period of time.
How are slot machine payouts calculated?
That calculation best paying video slot machines always return the result in the form best paying video slot machines a decimal e.
For the casinos… the number of symbols built into the game, the amount of combinations of those symbols which provide a payout, the value of those payouts and the probability of those combinations occurring combine to produce the games overall RTP %.
Why do slots have different payouts?
Online slot games software providers have no real restrictions placed upon them in terms of the initial RTP percentage they build into their games.
The nor any other regulatory body of note impose a statutory minimum upon online slots games and as such the providers can set the level themselves.
Levels are determined by the paytable and symbols in the game, these differ from game to game and therefore payouts differ as well.
They are set to make machines attractive to players whilst still providing a house edge for the casino.
The best slots from a players point of view are usually always those with the highest possible payout percentages.
Do online slots or land based have better payouts?
The best slot machine games, where payouts are concerned, are always online based.
The percentage falls dramatically live as compared with online.
Where the general online average RTP percentage tends to hover around 95%, land based casinos can — and often do — best paying video slot machines percentages as low as 75%.
That figure in fact, is one which is often linked to machines in Las Vegas where the state imposed minimum is indeed only 75%.
Other global regulatory bodies however, do impose a more stringent minimum on physical slot machines, with the state of New Jersey requiring 83% and the state of Mississippi 80% for example.
In the UK meanwhile, the UK Gambling Commission does not actually impose any statutory minimum.
It does dictate however, that all machines must display their RTP percentages clearly to players and that does tend to prevent casinos and bookmakers from allowing the percentages to fall too low as to make games unfair.
Can casinos change payout percentages?
The answer to this question tends to be no, but the explanation of that answer differs in terms of slots at caesars atlantic city and online slots games.
Online Casinos To deal with online games first, As we have mentioned online there is no statutory minimum RTP percentage which allows providers to set their own levels.
What they cannot do however, is to routinely alter or skew those percentages or to lie about them to their customers.
This is prevented by the necessity of online slots providers to have their games regularly tested by independent testing boards.
If you stick to online gaming sites which are legit and registered with testing boards such as in the UK, in Australia or in the USA therefore, you can be sure that the games have fair and consistent RTP percentages.
Live Casinos With physical slot machines, the payout percentage tends to be set when the imbedded software is originally written and as such can only be best paying video slot machines by the physical switching of the software or firmware.
casino best for funziona online is a time consuming and difficult process, and is one that is also often subject to different rules according to the jurisdiction in which the machine is operated.
In the US state of New Jersey for example, each machine is fitted with a tamper proof seal to ensure that any switch of software can only be carried out in the presence of a Gaming Control Board official.
All of that, together with the fact that it is an almost universally applied rule that the RTP percentage for a machine must be clearly displayed to players, makes it very difficult therefore for casinos and other slots providers to change article source whenever they want.
Free to play slot games.

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... payback percentage to describe other games besides slots and video poker,. Of course, good luck finding a slot machine with a payout percentage that high.. If the game is programmed to pay out any such combination at a rate of 50 to 1, ...

High Payout Slots - Play the Best Paying Slots Online for Free or Real Play
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Video Slot Basics | The Ultimate Slot Machine Guide
Buffalo Grand Slot Super Jackpot Handpay -Biggest Buffalo Win on YouTube -

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Learn about payback percentages, payout schemes and slot machine odds of. In a typical weighted slot machine, the top jackpot stop (the one with the highest-paying. Video slots operate the same way as regular machines, but they have a ...

Best Paying Slots - High vs. Low Volatility and Return Percentages
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Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay
Security Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay Michael Friberg John Kane was on a hell of a winning streak.
On July 3, 2009, he walked alone into the high-limit room at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas and sat down at a video poker machine called the Game King.
On July 3, 2009, he walked alone into the high-limit room at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas and sat down at a video poker machine called the Game King.
All the while, the casino's director of surveillance, Charles Williams, was peering down at Kane through a camera hidden in a ceiling dome.
Tall, with a high brow and an aquiline nose, the 50-year-old Kane had the patrician bearing of a man better suited to playing a Mozart piano concerto than listening to the chirping of a slot machine.
Even his play was refined: the way he rested his long fingers on the buttons and swept them in a graceful legato, smoothly selecting good cards, discarding bad ones, accepting jackpot after jackpot with the vaguely put-upon air of a creditor finally collecting an overdue debt.
Williams could see that Kane was wielding none of the array of cheating devices that casinos had confiscated from grifters over the years.
He wasn't jamming a light wand in the machine's hopper or zapping the Game King with an electro­magnetic pulse.
He was simply pressing the buttons.
But he was winning far too much, too fast, to be relying on luck alone.
Now Williams knew something was wrong: The cards dealt on the screen were the exact same four deuces and four of clubs that yielded Kane's previous jackpot.
The odds against that were astronomical.
Williams called over the executive in charge of the Silverton's slots, and they reviewed the surveillance tape together.
The evidence was mounting that Kane had found something unthinkable: the kind of thing gamblers dream of, casinos dread, and Nevada regulators have an entire auditing regime to prevent.
He'd found a bug in the most popular video slot in Las Vegas.
here contacted the Silverton's head of security, a formidable character here slicked-back silver hair and a black suit, and positioned him outside the slot area.
His orders: Make sure John Kane doesn't leave the casino.
Virtuoso pianist John Kane discovered an exploitable software bug in Game King poker machines.
Michael Friberg Kane had discovered the glitch in the Game King three months earlier on the other end of town, at the source Fremont Hotel and Casino in downtown's Glitter Gulch.
He was overdue for a lucky break.
Since the Game King had best paying video slot machines its hooks in him years earlier he'd lost between tens best paying video slot machines thousands and hundreds of thousands annually.
At his previous haunt, the locals-friendly Boulder Station, he blew half a million dollars in 2006 alone—a pace that earned him enough Player's Club points to pay for his own Game King to play at his home on the outskirts of Vegas, along with technicians to service it.
The machine was just for fun—it didn't pay jackpots.
You put some money in the machine, place a bet of one to five credits, and the computer deals you a poker hand.
Select the cards you want to keep, slap the Draw button, and the machine replaces the discards.
Your final hand determines the payout.
When the first video poker machine hit casinos in the 1970s, it was a think, best horse gambling sites you success—gamblers loved that they could make decisions that affected the outcome instead of just pulling a handle and watching the reels spin.
The patent holder started a company called International Game Technology that debuted on the Nasdaq in 1981.
IGT's key insight was to tap into the vast flexibility offered by computerized gambling.
In 1996, the company perfected its formula with the Game King Multi-Game, which allowed players to choose from several variations on video poker.
Casinos snatched up the Game King, and IGT sold them regular firmware upgrades that added still more games to the menu.
On September 25, 2002, the company released its fifth major revision—Game King 5.
You might also like:The bug survived like a cockroach for the next seven years.
It passed into new revisions, one after another, ultimately infecting 99 different programs installed in thousands of IGT machines around the world.
As far as anyone knows, it went completely undetected poker chip cases best late April 2009, when John Kane was playing at a row of four low-limit Game Kings outside the entrance to a Chinese fast food joint at the Fremont, smoke swirling around him and '90s pop music raining down from the casino sound system.
He'd been best slot commando 2 between game variations and racking up a modest payout.
Kane hadn't even played a new hand, so he knew there was a mistake.
He told a casino attendant about the error, but the worker thought he was joking and gave him the money anyway.
At that point, Kane could have forgotten the whole thing.
Instead, he called a friend and embarked on the biggest gamble of his life.
Superstitious and prone to hunches, he'd felt it coming for days: April 30, 2009, would be exactly 15 years since Nestor ignored an urge to play a set of numbers that came up in the Pennsylvania lottery Big 4.
That was the story of his life—always playing the right numbers at the wrong time.
Games of chance had been courting and betraying Nestor since he was old enough to gamble.
In 2001 he'd moved to Las Vegas to be closer to the action, answering phones for a bank during the day and wagering his meager paycheck at night.
That's when he met John Kane in an AOL chatroom for Vegas locals.
Though Nestor was 13 years younger than Kane and perpetually flirting with poverty, they developed an intense addicts' friendship.
For about two years he had a stable life, living off public assistance, gambling infrequently, and playing the occasional lottery ticket.
Then Kane called to tell him about a bug he'd found in video poker.
Nestor drove to the airport that night and camped there until the next available flight to Las Vegas.
Kane picked him up at the curb at McCarran airport.
After a quick breakfast, they drove to the Fremont, took adjacent seats at two Game Kings, and went to work.
Kane had some idea of https://ipodxs.com/best/best-casino-in-shreveport-la.html the glitch operated but hadn't been able to reliably reproduce it.
Working together, the two men began trying different combinations of play, game types, and bet levels, sounding out the bug like bats in the dark.
It turned out the Game King's endless versatility was also its fatal flaw.
In addition to different game variants, the machine lets you choose the base level of your best paying video slot machines At the low-limit Fremont machines, you could select six different denomination levels, from 1 cent to 50 cents a credit.
That meant you could play at 1 cent per credit for hours, losing pocket change, until you finally got a good hand—like four aces or a royal flush.
Then you could change to 50 cents a credit and fool the machine into re-awarding your payout at the new, higher denomination.
Performing that trick consistently wasn't easy—it involved a complicated misdirection that left the Game King's internal variables in a state of confusion.
But after seven hours rooted to their seats, Kane and Nestor boiled it down to a step-by-step recipe that would work every time.
Nestor and Kane each rang up a few jackpots, then broke for a celebratory dinner, at which they planned their next move.
click would have to expand beyond the Fremont before the casino noticed how much they were winning.
Fortunately, Game Kings are ubiquitous in Vegas, installed everywhere from the corner 7-Eleven to the toniest luxury casino.
They mapped out their campaign and then headed back to Kane's home for the night.
Kane lived in a spacious house at the far northeast edge of town.
His Game King was in the foyer.
A spare bedroom down the hall was devoted entirely to a model train set, an elaborate, detailed miniature with tracks snaking and climbing through model towns, up hills, across bridges, and through tunnels, every detail perfect.
The home's centerpiece was the living room with its three Steinway grand pianos.
Kane is a virtuoso pianist; in best paying video slot machines early 1980s he was a leading dance accompanist in the Chicago area, and even today he sells recordings under the vanity label Keynote Records.
He left the professional music world only after failing to advance in the prestigious Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.
Now he ran a manage­ment consulting practice that claimed one-third of the Fortune 100 as clients.
Kane's business was lucrative, so he was accustomed to handling money.
But now that they were on the verge of a windfall, he was worried about Nestor; he could see his younger friend returning every cent to the casinos at the roulette tables or blowing it all on frivolities.
He wanted Nestor to make a list and really think through his priorities.
Nestor started a list, but it would prove unnecessary.
After another day at the Fremont, they branched out.
To their surprise, the button sequence didn't work.
Over the following days, they explored the Hilton, the Cannery, then the Stratosphere, Terrible's, the Hard Rock, the Tropicana, the Luxor, and five other casinos, drawing the same dismal results everywhere.
For some reason, the Game King glitch was only present at the Fremont.
Kane decided to wring what he could from the four Fremont machines.
He learned to speed up the process by using the Game King's Double Up feature, which gave players a chance to double their winnings or lose everything.
Respectable payouts that might once have satisfied Kane were garbage now.
Unsurprisingly, the Fremont noticed.
In modern casinos, every slot machine in the house is wired to a central server, where statistical deviations stick out like a fifth ace.
On May 25, a slot manager approached Kane after one of his wins and announced that he was disabling the Double Up feature on all of the Game Kings—he was aware that Kane used the option copiously, and he figured it must have something to do with his run of luck.
Kane took the development in stride: The bug, not the Double Up, was the real secret of his success.
But he was in for a shock.
The next time he played the Game King, the magic button apologise, best online poker usa freerolls think no longer worked.
In an instant, the Fremont was no better than all the other casinos that had been immune to the glitch.
He phoned Nestor, who processed the news.
With the Double Up option turned on, the bug worked; turned off, it didn't.
Whatever internal stew of code made the Game King exploitable, Nestor concluded, the Double Up option had been a key ingredient the whole time.
They just hadn't known it.
This wasn't bad news at all.
It was the missing link.
It explained why the bug had failed them everywhere but at the Fremont.
Most casinos don't enable Double Up because it's unpopular with players.
But that could easily be changed.
High rollers and slot aficionados often have favorite game variants or features that aren't available by default but can be enabled by any passing slot attendant.
Nestor purchased two dress shirts and caught another flight to Las Vegas, where best online live casino joined Kane at Harrah's.
Row after row of Game Kings were waiting, and, true to the plan, the staff didn't hesitate when Kane and Nestor asked for Double Up to be enabled.
There were no limits now.
They could play anywhere and beat the house wherever they went.
Working as a team had its advantages.
While experimenting with the bug, they discovered that they could trigger a jackpot on the same hand more than once: All they had to do was lower the denomination again and repeat the steps to activate the glitch.
They could effectively replay their win over and over, as much as they wanted.
It was a risky play—even the busiest casino might notice the same player repeatedly winning with the same hand.
But now that they were playing together, Kane and Nestor could ride on each other's jackpots.
They could even piggyback on other players' wins.
No longer confined to four low-limit slots at a single casino, they prowled the floor at Harrah's looking for empty machines still showing a player's jackpot.
Once they got an attendant best online mobile poker sites turn on Double Up, it took only seconds to replay the hand at up to 10 times the original value.
Video poker wasn't even gambling anymore.
As the benefactor of Kane's discovery, Nestor had agreed to give his old friend half his winnings.
But now that the cash was rolling in, he was having second thoughts about the arrangement.
Every jackpot, he realized, was being reported to the IRS, and he'd already won enough from the bug to propel him into a higher tax bracket.
If he paid half to Kane off the top, he might wind up without the reserves to pay his tax debt come April of the following year.
He broached the subject with Kane: He'd be more comfortable holding on to the money until his taxes were paid.
It was just a year.
He'd happily give Kane half of his post-tax winnings then.
Kane was indignant but not surprised; leave it to Nestor to turn even free money into a problem to obsess over.
He insisted Nestor honor his agreement, and Nestor grew more agitated, his voice rising in pitch.
Why am I even doing this?
The tension between the men lingered the next day at the Wynn, a towering upscale supercasino with more than 1,300 slots.
They played side by side, raking in money and continuing to argue over the split.
Nestor was now of the opinion that he shouldn't have to pay Kane anything.
It was Nestor, after all, who'd figured out that the Double Up feature was part of the bug.
That should make them square.
Nestor gaped at his friend, then he stood and walked away from the machine.
The next day Nestor nursed his hurt feelings with a solo trip to the Rio.
Then he wandered into the high-limit room and found another four aces.
He didn't need Kane at all.
And he wasn't done yet.
There were casinos in Pennsylvania, too, where he could operate without the slightest risk of Kane knowing what he was up to—or demanding a cut up front.
After Nestor left, Kane tore into Vegas visit web page a vengeance.
Back in Pennsylvania, Nestor targeted the newly opened casino at the Meadows Racetrack in Washington County.
In contrast to Kane, who played the bug with joyless, businesslike intensity, Nestor was voluble and chatty best paying video slot machines the Meadows.
He dressed smartly and, according to court documents, brought along a small entourage for company: his roommate, a retired cop named Kerry Laverde; and Patrick Loushil, a server at Red Lobster who agreed to collect some of Nestor's jackpots for him, so they wouldn't all show up on Nestor's tax bill.
Here, feel my heart!
But it all began to unravel the night Kane found himself waiting for a payout at the Silverton.
The casino's head of security stood just outside the slot area.
Kane paced and click, spun the swivel chair back and forth like a metronome, and complained to passing slot attendants.
Finally, three men strode up to him.
The head of security directed Kane to an alcove, handcuffed him, and escorted him away from the video poker machines.
An armed agent from the Gaming Control Board arrived soon after.
He sealed the machines Kane had been playing on with orange evidence tape best paying video slot machines collected Kane from the back room, where he'd been handcuffed to a chair.
After a night in jail, Kane was released.
On Monday he called Nestor to warn him that the bug had been discovered.
He sounded more upset than nestor had ever heard him.
It was painful to imagine Kane suffering the indignity of a night in jail, mug shots, fingerprints, being treated like a common criminal.
best casino webmoney after the call, Nestor talked himself into an alternate theory.
What if there'd been no arrest?
What if Kane suspected—as he must have—that Nestor was using the bug and had made up the story about the Silverton to scare Nestor into stopping, so Kane could have the exploit all to himself?
He decided to ignore Kane's story and started planning his next trip to the Meadows.
Three days later, in Las Vegas, engineers from the Nevada Gaming Control Board's Technology Division descended on the Silverton.
The forensics investigation of the Game King scam had fallen to John Lastusky, a 25-year-old clean-cut USC computer engineering graduate.
Lastusky pulled up the game history on the two machines Kane had played and reviewed the wins, then slid out the logic trays, the metal shelves housing the Game King's electronic guts, and checked the six EPROMs containing the machines' core logic, graphics, and sound routines.
There was no sign of tampering.
He confiscated the logic trays and packed them up for the trip back to headquarters.
Housed in an anonymous office park near the airport, the GCB's Technology Division was formed in the mid-1980s to police video gambling as it began its Nevada ascent.
The division helps set the rigorous standards that gamemakers like IGT must meet to deploy machines in the Silver State.
A 3,000-square-foot laboratory at the back of the office is packed end to end with slot machines in various states of undress—some powered down, some in maintenance mode, others stripped to their bare electronics, though most are configured as they would be on a gaming floor.
A smaller, locked-down room adjacent to the lab is more important: It houses a permanent repository of the source and executable code for every version of game software ever approved in Nevada—more than 30,000 programs in all.
The code vault is at the center of the gaming board's massive software integrity operation.
Every new addition is carefully examined: Is the random number generator random enough?
Does the game pay out at the advertised rate?
Is there logic where there shouldn't be?
There's a real, if mostly unrealized, danger of gaming software being backdoored.
The concept was proven in 1995, when one of the GCB's own staffers, Ron Harris, went bad.
Harris modified his testing unit to covertly reprogram the EPROMs on the machines he was auditing.
His new software commanded the machine to trigger a jackpot upon a particular sequence of button presses—like a Konami Code for cash.
He was eventually caught, and he served two years in prison.
John Kane and Andre Nestor experi­mented until they could trig­ger it at will.
Locate a Game King video poker machine con­figured for multi-denomination play.
If you're in Las Vegas, you're probably already standing next to one.
Flag down a slot attendant and ask them to enable the Double Up option.
Say thank you and smile until they walk away.
Choose your favorite game variant—Triple Double Bonus Poker is fun—and start playing.
With your royal flush showing but not yet cashed out, hit the More Games button on the touchscreen and select a different game variation.
Play it until you score a win.
Insert more money or a voucher into the machine.
Press the Cash Out button.
Once you've signed it, they'll get the machine to spit out a jackpot ticket.
BRATISLAV MILENKOVIC That stain on the board's integrity haunts the division to this day.
But by all evidence, the division's paranoia, coupled with the game industry's self-interest, have kept video gambling good best poker vegas the clean and mostly free of exploitable bugs.
That made the Game King case an intriguing puzzle for Lastusky.
Armed with the surveillance footage of Kane in action, Lastusky sat at one of the Game Kings in the lab and began experimenting.
Within a few days he was able to reliably reproduce the exploit himself.
He gave his findings to IGT, which rushed out a warning to its customers advising them to immediately disable the Double Up option.
Every Game King on the planet running a vulnerable version would need a patch.
The upgrade process would be grueling.
When an operating system like Windows or OS X has a security bug, customers can download the patch in a few minutes over the Internet.
Slot machines aren't online.
New programs are burned onto EPROMs by the manufacturer and shipped in the mail in plastic tubes.
Blind to the firestorm erupting in Vegas, Nestor spent the rest of July and most of August playing at the Meadows, until August 31, when the casino finally got suspicious and refused to pay Nestor on a four of a kind.
Nestor protested but walked away, breaking into a run as he reached the parking garage.
The Game King ride was over, but he had enough money to last him forever.
At 1:30 pm on October 6, 2009, a dozen state and local police converged on Andre Nestor's split-level condo on a quiet, tree-lined street in Swissvale.
He was dozing on his living room couch when the banging started.
Nestor says he started toward the stairs, his hands over his head, when he came face-to-face with a trooper in full riot gear.
The cop ratcheted the handcuffs on Nestor's wrists, yanked him to his feet, and marched him into the kitchen.
For the next two hours, Nestor watched helplessly, handcuffed to a kitchen chair, while the police ransacked his neat home.
They flipped over his mattress, ripped insulation from his ceiling, rifled his PC.
At about 4 pm, Nestor's roommate, Laverde, arrived home and was arrested on the spot as an accomplice to Nestor's crimes.
It was the first major gambling scandal in Pennsylvania since the state had legalized slots in 2004.
The media portrayed Nestor as a real-life Danny Ocean, and prosecutors hit him with 698 felony counts, ranging from theft to criminal conspiracy.
The district attorney seized every penny of Nestor's winnings and gave it back to the Meadows.
Nestor and Laverde spent about link days in the county jail before making bail.
A defiant Nestor vowed to fight the case—no jury would convict a gambler, he was certain, for beating a slot machine at its own game.
But on January 3, 2011, when it was time for jury selection, Nestor was hit with another surprise.
Two FBI agents showed up and pulled him from the Washington County courthouse.
The Justice Department had taken over the case.
Nestor and Kane had both been charged federally in Las Vegas.
As the agents walked him to their car, Nestor stopped in front of a television camera and let loose.
They put a machine on the floor, and if it has programming that doesn't take your money and you win on their machine, they will throw you in jail!
Passed in 1986, the CFAA was enacted to punish hackers who remotely crack computers related to national defense or banking.
But in the Internet age the government had been steadily testing the limits of the law in cases that didn't involve computer intrusion in the usual sense.
Kane and Nestor, the government argued, exceeded their otherwise lawful access to the Game King best paying video slot machines they knowingly exploited a bug.
The casinos only authorized gamers to play by the rules of video poker.
The pretrial motions dragged on for more than 18 months, while in the larger legal landscape, the CFAA was going under a microscope for the first time since its passage.
In January 2013, coder and activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide after being charged under the same law for bulk-downloading academic articles without permission, spurring calls for reform.
Three source later, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals threw out computer hacking charges in a closely watched case against David Nosal, a former executive at a corporate recruiting firm who persuaded three employees to leak him information from the firm's lead database.
The Ninth Circuit found that pilfering contacts doesn't become computer hacking just because the data came from a computer instead of a copy machine.
Seeing parallels to the Game King prosecution, the judge overseeing Kane and Nestor's case ordered the government to justify the hacking charge.
Prosecutors had a weak click to see more, and they knew it.
As a December 3, 2013, trial date approached, the Just click for source made Kane and Nestor separate but identical offers: The first one to agree to testify against the other would walk away with five years of probation and no jail time.
The old gambling buddies had one more game to play together.
It was the Prisoner's Dilemma.
Without speaking, they both arrived at the optimal strategy: They refused the offer.
A few months later, the Justice Department dropped the last of the charges, and they were free.
Kane and Nestor haven't spoken since 2009.
After his Silverton arrest, Kane began recording classical music in his house and uploading the videos to best paying video slot machines YouTube channel.
Last March, after the federal case was dropped, he sent a CD of some of his performances to his high school piano teacher.
Nestor's greatest regret is that he let the Game King bug come between him and Kane.
His roommate, Laverde, signed over Nestor's money in exchange for avoiding a trial of his own.
There are no court filings to suggest that Kane's winnings were seized.
If there's one silver lining, it's that Nestor has been banned from Pennsylvania casinos.
He still gambles occasionally in neighboring states, but his more pressing addiction right now is Candy Crush, which he plays on a cheap Android tablet.
He cleared 515 levels in two months, using a trick he found on the Internet to get extra lives without paying.
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