How to Miniaturize Banner Notifications
Category: Tweaks
Published: Aug 07, 2012
Apple extends lead in tablet market
Category: Misc
Published: Aug 03, 2012
ManualCorrect Makes Autocorrect More Intuitive
Category: Tweaks
Published: Aug 03, 2012
Bypass iPad jailbreak detection on Amazon vid...
Category: Tweaks
Published: Aug 02, 2012
Gmail iOS App Updated

Category: Apps
Published: Aug 02, 2012

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The process of unlocking free iPod games and applications is commonly referred to as "jailbreaking" your iPod. Jailbreaking an iPod will take most users under 10 minutes to complete, and ends up saving them hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent purchasing apps from Apple. All of the software used to jailbreak an iPod and the games and applications unlocked are open source, meaning they are both free and legal. iPod Touch Games can also be used on the iPhone platform.

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